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Welcome to the Flaherty Falcon website!  There is a lot of useful information here that may answer any questions you have.  If you have any suggestions of items to add, please let us know.  We want the website to be helpful to our Flaherty families.  

Flaherty Elementary School is home to grades K-4, approximately 300 students.  We are very fortunate to house our district wide programs for students with autism.  All Flaherty students are given either inclusion or reverse inclusion opportunities throughout the week to help integrate all programs with the general education classes. Flaherty staff are highly dedicated and committed to educating all students.  They differentiate to meet each individual’s needs, while holding them to high standards. 

At Flaherty we demonstrate a growth mindset and believe every child can succeed and with some hard work and perseverance they will succeed!  Our favorite word is YET!  We tack that word on any statement saying  we can’t and it makes anything possible!

The curriculum of the Braintree Public Schools is rigorous. With that in mind, we know that everyone must work together to raise intelligent and caring children. Flaherty celebrates core character traits and notice when any Falcon demonstrates them.  We  spotlight one trait a month, but never forget the others.  Respect, Empathy, Citizenship, Kindness, Flexibility, Responsibility, Perseverance, Cooperation, and Integrity are the traits we learn about and expect from all of our Flaherty Falcons. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.  Teachers and I are available via email and will call you when we can.  

Stacey Soto, Principal

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