Drop Off & Pick Up


There are steps we can take to make morning arrival safe and efficient. Please take a minute to review the procedures below and pass on this information to any caregivers who drive your children to school.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!


Despite repeated reminders and warnings, upwards of 50 individuals cross Hayward Street into dangerous traffic each afternoon. We are heading into a season with ice, snow, and snowbanks which impedes the driver’s view of pedestrians. Please consider the safety of yourself and especially your children when exiting our school.

For Your Safety
If you must cross Hayward Street, please use the crosswalk at Hayward and Commercial Street. There are two crossing guards assigned there for your safety. If you are traveling east on Hayward on foot, there is also a crossing guard assigned to Howard and Hayward Street to support pedestrian traffic.
If you are driving to pick up your children, you must enter the Ross driveway before 2:45 p.m. and park in the west lot. Students are dismissed and families proceed to their cars. Once families are safely in their vehicles, crossing guards hold traffic while the lot is emptied.

Parking Information
At dismissal, please be considerate of our neighbors when picking up your children:

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Ross students and families safe.