The science program in the Braintree Public Schools is built on the belief that science is for all students. From pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12, science experiences drawing upon students' natural curiosity build a strong foundation in life, physical, and earth and space science, as well as in technology and engineering. In addition, students develop skill in the practices of science and engineering - the ways through which we have come to know the workings of the natural world and have engineered solutions for our needs within it. Throughout these experiences, students are challenged to think analytically and creatively, preparing them for success in higher education and careers in a technological world. The Braintree science curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Science and Technology/Engineering curriculum frameworks.

Elementary School

Science instruction begins in elementary school, where students learn some life, some earth and space, and some physical science each year. Elementary students also experience the technology/engineering standards. Instruction is hands-on and active, complemented with reading of engaging texts, drawing, and writing. 

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Middle School

In middle school, students continue with integrated instruction that includes technology/engineering, life science, earth and space science, and physical sciences each year. Students collaborate with peers to complete investigations and activities to deepen their understanding of science and engineering. There is a strong emphasis on students collecting and analyzing data, and using this and their observations to make a claim. Students explain phenomena and provide evidence and reasoning to support the claim. Additionally students have an opportunity to develop and use various models throughout science units in middle school. 

Students also take a Digital Literacy course in middle school. This course is aligned to the Massachusetts Digital Literacy and Computer Science Framework. Skills with the Google Suite are reinforced and extended to help students be successful using technology in their classes. Students are also introduced to digital literacy concepts such as safety and security, responsible use of technology, digital tools, research, and computational thinking including an introduction to programming.  

Braintree High School

At Braintree High School students are required to study three years of science, and many students choose to study science for four years. A variety of courses at different levels match individual students' needs for time to master new concepts and skills. To earn a high school diploma, students must demonstrate competency in one science discipline by passing an MCAS exam, generally in biology at the end of freshman year. Courses are rigorous, incorporating both the disciplinary core ideas and the science and engineering practices as they apply to science in our lives and they prepare students for future study of science. Within the core curriculum, all students study biology, chemistry and physics. 

In addition, elective courses, such as anatomy and physiology, forensic science, Project Lead the Way Principles of Engineering, and astronomy/astrophyics, give students an opportunity to pursue more specific areas of interest. 

Advanced Placement (AP)

Finally, five Advanced Placement science courses are offered: 

Equivalent to college courses, these classes challenge students to work at higher levels and may allow them to earn college credit before they have finished high school.