MSBA Grant Process

What is the MSBA?

The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) is a quasi-independent government authority created to reform the process of funding capital improvement projects in the Commonwealth’s public schools. The MSBA strives to work with local communities to create affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient schools across Massachusetts. 

The Legislature created the MSBA in 2004 to replace the former school building assistance program administered by the Department of Education (now the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education). 

The MSBA, which has a dedicated revenue stream of one penny of the state’s 6.25-percent sales tax, is collaborating with municipalities to equitably invest in finding the right-sized, most fiscally responsible and educationally appropriate solutions to create safe, sound, and sustainable learning environments.

MSBA Grant Process

The MSBA funds affordable, sustainable and efficient school building projects across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Town of Braintree and Braintree Public Schools have been awarded funding through MSBA for the East Middle School Project, South Middle School Project and are seeking support for Elementary School Roof replacements, and have submitted a statement of interest (SOI) for upgrading or replacing Braintree High School.

The MSBA’s grant program for school building construction and renovation projects is a non-entitlement competitive program. The MSBA’s Board of Directors approves grants based on need and urgency as expressed by the School District and validated by the MSBA. Once the MSBA Board of Directors invites a District to participate in the MSBA’s grant program, the District and the MSBA work together, in a collaborative process, as outlined here:

MSBA Building Process Steps

Our Current MSBA Initiatives