Drop Off

Hollis School opens at 8:35 A.M.

In order to assure the safety of everyone, please adhere to the following instructions when dropping off your child in the morning. All parents must pull into the large side parking lot, turn around, and pull up to the side walkway where a staff member will be waiting to greet you and let your child out. Please keep cars in a single line  and do not let your child out of the car if you are the second or third car in line. There have been too many near misses of pedestrian accidents with parents unloading their children on the wrong side and allowing them to cross the side driveway with cars entering and exiting.


Parking is allowed only in designated areas. There are two parking lots, one to the side of the school and one in the rear off Webster Road. Do not park in the 'no parking' areas, namely the front circular drive and the side driveway leading to the parking lot. The Braintree Police Department will ticket you.