World Language

The Department of World Languages offers courses in French and Spanish beginning in 7th grade through Advanced Placement (AP). All courses are aligned with the Massachusetts Frameworks in Foreign Language Study and develop proficiency in: 

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First Year

The first year of study is an introduction to the four competencies: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students are taught correct pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and the vocabulary necessary for communication in everyday circumstances. This year is completed through 7th and 8th grades or one year at the high school. Students develop awareness of the culture and civilization in all countries that speak the target language.

Second Year

The second year of study continues immersion in the target language as students move beyond the basics and acquire greater proficiency in the four language competencies.

Third Year

The third year of study enables students to engage more freely in conversation on a wider range of topics and to understand the spoken language in a greater variety of contexts. Readings on topics related to culture and society, and literature are introduced at the different levels.

Fourth Year

During their fourth year of study, students who plan to take the Advanced Placement Exam enroll French and Spanish Word Graphicin advanced honors level language courses. Honors courses are available to those who wish to maintain and deepen their language skills without the rigorous requirements of the AP level.

Fifth Year

The fifth year of study emphasizes improvement of conversational skills and learning about contemporary life in French- and Spanish-speaking countries. Those in Advanced Placement study for the AP exam through their continued development of the four competencies and a comparison of six themes that span English-speaking and French- or Spanish speaking cultures. The themes include: