Morrison PTO

Membership in the Morrison Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is available to all parents or guardians of children attending the Archie T. Morrison School and all teachers, staff and administrators of the school.


There are monthly meetings on the second Tuesdays of the following months:

Meetings generally begin at 7 p.m. and last about one hour.

Request for Payment

A PTO Request for Payment form must be completed and submitted to the PTO treasurer for all transactions.


Show your school spirit by wearing Morrison Apparel. The PTO will also take orders and sell merchandise at some events throughout the year.


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Jennifer Lynn (2018-2020)  

Tara Norton (2019-2021) 


Brendan Concannon (2018-2020) 


Breda Kealey (2018-2020) 

Cultural Arts: 

Lis Mielke (2019-2021) 

OPEN POSITION (2019-2021) 

School Advisory: 

Jennifer Lynn (2017-2019) 


Bake Sale 

Danielle Rodrigues (2019-2021) 

Kelly Encarnacao (2019-2021) 

Box Tops

Carmelita Melton (2018-2020) 

Danielle Rodrigues (2019-2021) 

Dine Out 

Breda Kealey (2019-2021) 

Halloween Ball 

Kelly Encarnacao (2019-2021) 

Kate Monks (2019-2021) 

Maureen Jolls (2019-2021) 

Christina Verney (2019-2021) 

Holiday Fair 

Kendra Burke (2019-2021) 

Deb Driscoll (2018-2020) 

Danielle Rodrigues (2019-2021) 

Sarah Perry (2019) 

Jingle Jaunt 

OPEN POSITION (2019-2021) 

Jane Keefe (2017-2019) 

Sarah Chambers (2017-2019) 

Change for Change

Renee Chisholm (2019-2021) 

Window Art 

Carmelita Melton (2019-2021) 

Half Day Social 

OPEN POSITION (2019-2021) 

OPEN POSITION (2019-2021) 

Family Fun Nights 

OPEN POSITION (2019-2021) 

OPEN POSITION (2019-2021) 

Fourth Grade Committee

Sarah Chambers 

Sarah Perry 

Carmelita Melton 

Michelle Vail 

Fifth Grade Committee

Kerry Piccolo 

Michelle MacKay 

Breda Kealey 

Deb Driscoll