Tips About Nutrition & Physical Exercise

Coke Bottle

Original 8-Ounce Bottle

12-Ounce Can

20-Ounce Bottle


97 Calories

145 Calories

242 Calories

Did you know that the original bottle of coke had 97 calories? Now a bottle has 242 calories. That means there would be 20 teaspoons of sugar in the 20 ounce bottle of coke.


Snack Suggestions

Here are some pre-game snack suggestions:

The Right Foods That Can Improve Your Mood

Recovery Drinks



Right Foods Can Improve Your Moves

Carbohydrates Will Carry You Through

Smart & Simple Snacks


Pre-Game Snacks

If you go home before a game or practice, or have access to a refrigerator or thermos, try some of these smart and simple pre-game snacks:


Post-workout snacks should be consumed within 30 minutes of ending activity and should contain carbs and protein. Examples:

It is best to eat/drink carbohydrates immediately after the exercise and then again during a meal within that 4 hour period. Muscles are most receptive to rebuilding 2 to 4 hours following exhaustive exercise.


What Can Exercise Do For Me?