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Guidance & Supports

Direction: Advice Help Support Tips Guidance AssistanceBraintree Public Schools offers a developmental guidance curriculum encompassing responsive services that enhance the academic, career, personal, and social growth of all students. Counseling services foster independent decision-making skills and a positive self-image for all students to fulfill their future potentials.

Support is available to all students and parents to help in educational, vocational, and personal decisions. Middle school students are assigned to counselors alphabetically by last name and students are assigned to the same counselors for all three years. Continuing that model, each high school student is assigned to the same counselor throughout the student's high school career. Personal conferences, along with small group meetings, are scheduled yearly with each student to discuss student interests, abilities, course selections, educational and vocational opportunities, and personal or social concerns.

A student should feel free to talk with his or her counselor at any time. Parents are also urged to consult with their child's counselor. Individual conferences may be scheduled with a student and his or her parents to develop specific plans for the future.

The Braintree High School Guidance Department also sponsors visits from colleges, military branches, and trade schools.

Braintree High School Guidance Staff

Anthony Garofalo

Director of Guidance

Susan Archdeacon


Margaret McDonald

Administrative Assistant, Guidance

Mary Fordclark

School Psychologist

Susan Brady

School Psychologist

Stephanie Gandolfo

Guidance Counselor

Cynthia Gonsalves

Guidance Counselor

Carrie Kulick-Clark

Guidance Counselor

Thomas Mazza

Guidance Counselor

Marsha Roos

Guidance Counselor

Meghan Thomas

Guidance Counselor

Jennifer Troy

Guidance Counselor

Scholarships/Financial AidSAT/ACT/TOEFL Preparation

  • Collegeboard website to sign up for SAT exams: www.collegeboard.com
  • Sign up for ACT test, use practice tests online: www.act.org
  • If English is your second language, you may need to take the TOEFL. See requirements of colleges you are applying to. To sign up for the TOEFL: www.ets.org
  • Revolution Prep offers a course afternoons at Braintree High, usually in March. Price is between $399-$599. For more information: www.revolutionprep.com
  • Braintree High Adult Ed also offers a 5 week course to prepare more for the SAT. See www.braintreeadulted.com
  • Princeton Review Test Prep courses; online courses starting at $399: www.princetonreview.com
  • Kaplan Test Prep courses: www.kaptest.com/sat (starting at $399 for 5 session online)

Career Planning

College Search

Guidance Calendar


  • Welcome back to school
  • The Guidance Department begins the school year 2-3 days prior to the regular start of school to register new students and get the school year underway.


  • Register new students
  • Complete course schedule changes
  • Meet the freshmen
  • College Workshops for seniors


  • Continue to meet with freshmen
  • Freshmen Parent Night
  • College admission meetings with seniors –emphasis on November 1st application deadlines
  • College Fair at BHS


  • College admissions/post secondary planning
  • Parent conferences
  • Financial Aid workshop for parents


  • College admissions/post-secondary planning


  • Financial Aid forms should be filled out at home/Scholarship applications
  • Naviance Workshop for juniors


  • End of college admissions
  • Academic Planning and course selection for underclassmen
  • Eighth Grade Parent Night: East and South Middle Schools
  • Scholarship search
  • Naviance Workshop for sophomores


  • Academic planning and scheduling for underclassmen
  • Parent conferences


  • Completion of course selection with underclassmen for next year
  • College workshop for juniors
  • College Fair for juniors


  • Course selection adjustments
  • College workshop for juniors
  • Junior Parent Workshop
  • AP Exams
  • Local scholarship selection
  • Academic Awards Night
  • Senior final plan information


  • Course selection adjustments
  • Scholarship Awards Night
  • Graduation
  • Summer school review and home contact
  • Ongoing Events:
  • Special Education Team Meetings
  • Student Interventions
  • School events
  • Student program changes
  • Teacher conferences
  • Parent conferences
  • Monitoring Section 504 Accommodation Plans

Student Progress

Levels of Instruction

  • Levels exist to provide the opportunity for students to learn at a rate and in an environment best suited to them as individuals.
    • Level 1 is for the gifted, superior students. This program is extremely rigorous. It is expected that in the junior/senior years the student will be enrolled in the Advanced Placement courses in various departments
    • Level 2 is an honors level for high ability students. Success in Level 2 demands honor roll grades in Level 1 or 2 at the entry level.
    • Level 3 will prepare the diligent student, of above-average and average ability, for entrance to a majority of American colleges and universities.
    • Level 4 is for the student who needs the assistance of small classes and intensive work in the basic skills of academic areas
  • Level placements are reviewed each year by teachers and counselors to insure that the student is working at a level where he or she can experience both challenge and success. Parents should consult counselor and current teachers before approving any change in level.

Homework Policy

Progress Reports

  • Weekly progress reports are available in the guidance office. It is the student's responsibility to pick up the form, obtain teacher comments and return it to the parent.


  • Students requesting a National Honor Society tutor should see their guidance counselor who will make the request on their behalf.
  • Parents wishing to explore other types of tutoring should contact the respective department director.

Makeup Work Due to Absence

Study Skills Links

Community Resources

These community resources are neither endorsed by Braintree High School nor serve as a comprehensive list; but rather suggestions for further research.

Financial Assistance

  • Department of Transitional Assistance 1-617-847-4600
  • Marge Crispin Center 1-781-848-2124
    Food pantry, fuel assistance, etc.
  • Kids’ Clothes Closet 1-781-848-6724
    Infant thru teen
  • Braintree Community Food Pantry 1-781-356-0161
  • Pine Street Inn 1-617-482-4944
  • Quincy Interfaith Sheltering Coalition 1-617-770-9706
  • WIC (Women, Infant, Children) 1-617-376-4190
  • Good News Garage *Used car donations
  • My Brother’s Keeper 1-508-238-4416
    *Donated household goods

Disability Resources


  • Mass. Department of Social Services Child At-Risk 24-hour hotline 1-800-792-5200
  • Parental Stress Hotline 1-800-632-8188
  • National Runaway Hotline 1-800-621-4000
  • Suicide/Depression:  Bridge Over Troubled Waters 1-617-423-9575 (*Monday-Friday only)
  • Samaritans Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-252-8336
  • Samaritans Adult Hotline 1-617-247-0220

Personal Counseling

  • South Shore Mental Health 1-800-852-2844
  • Bay State Community Health Services 1-617-471-8400
  • Family Counseling & Guidance Center 1-781-848-7840
  • Neponset Health Center 1-617-282-3200
    398 Neponset Ave., Dorchester, MA 02122
  • Bay Shore Counseling Services 1-781-843-2232
    8 Washington Place, Ste. 203, Braintree, MA 02184
  • Braintree Family Resource 1-781-848-5674
  • For a listing of therapists by insurance: www.sscit.org


  • Domestic Violence/Dating Violence:  Jane Doe Inc. 1-800-234-JANE
  • Substance Abuse:  Massachusetts Bureau of Substance Abuse Services 1-800-327-5050
  • Health:  STD Hotline 1-800-227-8922
  • National AIDS/HIV Information 1-800-342-AIDS
  • Smokers Quit Line 1-800-879-8678

Support Networks

  • Alcoholics Anonymous 1-617-426-9444
  • Alateen/Al-Anon 1-781-843-5300
  • Mass. Eating Disorder Association 1-617-558-1881
  • Overeaters Anonymous 1-781-341-4106
  • Peer Listening Line 1-800-399-7337
  • Parent Resources Network Line 1-866-815-8122
    *Information and referral regarding children and adolescent mental health issues.
    Available from 3-7pm.
    Staffed by trained family advocates.

Military Options