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Guiding Principles

Show respect for people and property

Act responsibly

Keep yourself and others safe

Do your best

Drop-off Information

We have avoided any major snow up to the winter break. We do live in New England, our luck is sure to run out soon. We will experience more rain, snow and extreme cold in the months to come. Traffic in the morning has flowed relatively smoothly, as some families continue to walk most days. There are steps we can take to make morning arrival safe and efficient. Please take a minute to review the procedures below and pass on this information to any caregivers who drive your children to school.

  • Vehicles must proceed slowly, in a single lane, through the staff parking lot, as there may be slippery spots, as well as children crossing through the lot.
  • Please be considerate of one another, especially of cars that are waiting to make a left turn into the driveway. If they have to wait too long, the traffic backs up on Hayward and the cars in the driveway cannot pull out, creating a traffic jam.
  • Children should exit the car only when the car is alongside the front or side of the building, where they may access a sidewalk. Please pull up past the front door to the “Drop Off” sign when possible, this moves the car line along quicker.
  • Please remember that school starts at 8:35, but students may be dropped off beginning at 8:25 (no earlier, unless they are coming for breakfast, which begins at 8:20).
  • If there are major traffic delays because of very poor weather conditions, we will hold attendance for a few minutes after the 8:45 bell. Otherwise, students arriving after 8:45 will be marked tardy.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

Important Dismissal/Parking Information

Despite repeated reminders and warnings, upwards of 50 individuals cross Hayward Street into dangerous traffic each afternoon. We are heading into a season with ice, snow and snowbanks which impedes driver’s view of pedestrians. Please consider the safety of yourself and especially your children when exiting our school. If you must cross Hayward Street, please use the crosswalk at Hayward and Commercial Street. There are two crossing guards assigned there for your safety. If you are traveling east on Hayward on foot, there is also a crossing guard assigned to Howard and Hayward Street to support pedestrian traffic.

If you are driving to pick up your children, you must enter the Ross driveway before 2:45 and park in the west lot. Students are dismissed and families proceed to their cars. Once families are safely in their vehicles, crossing guards hold traffic while the lot is emptied.

At dismissal, please be considerate of our neighbors when picking up your children:

  • Do not park in front of driveway entrances.
  • Parking lots at Paul J. Rogan Co. and Hayward Market are not available for Ross parents.
  • Do not park in the lot belonging to the condominiums next to Hayward Market.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping Ross students and families safe.

Monthly Newsletters

December 2018

The Ross Report

The weather seems to change as frequently as wind direction, we will enjoy the warmth and bundle up for the cold snaps.  Winter will arrive in earnest and bring frigid, cold and wet weather New England winters are known for.  In case of extreme weather, we want to remind parents and guardians about school cancellations and emergency dismissals.

When school is cancelled, you will receive a Braintree Schools Alert phone message from Superintendent Hackett, usually by 6:00 am. Also, the school will use an Alert message in the event of an early or emergency dismissal. It is very important that the office is aware of any changes in to contact numbers; please call the school if either your home or cell number has changed since September.  Any work number must be a direct line that does not go through a switchboard.

Finally, please be sure to leave in plenty of time for school if the weather is rainy, snowy, or very cold, because you will have plenty of company on the road to Ross! Remember that students may be dropped off beginning at 8:25 am to line up in the west lot.  Ross students arriving for breakfast may enter at 8:20 am.  Traffic in the driveway is heaviest between 8:35 and 8:45 am, so please plan accordingly. Please review drop off procedures elsewhere in this newsletter.

A student recently told me they were sorry and wanted to apologize for their MCAS results. I was quite taken aback by this interaction.  I responded by asking if the student did their best.  I said “If you do your best your teachers, parents and I are very proud of you. We all care about you, not about your test score.”   

Our expectation is that students should put forth their best effort each and every day. Please do not place any extra pressure on your child regarding MCAS testing.  State assessments are but one part of a student’s educational experience.  Your child’s teacher can share academic progress as well as your child’s social and emotional development.  We aim to support the development of resilient students capable of solving problems and accepting challenges in an ever changing world.

Upcoming Events

¨     Dec 5  – 2:15pm School Share

¨     Dec 5  –7pm – 9pm Ross PTO/Bella Sei Shopping Event

¨     Dec 6 – 12:10pm Early Release for students 

¨     Dec 6 – 8am 5th  Grade Leadership

¨     Dec 7 – All Day Ross Holiday Fair

¨     Dec 7 - Term 1 grades close

¨     Dec 11 – 3:15pm Action Planning Mtg.

¨     Dec 12 –Disney on Ice Event ticket purchase deadline

¨     Dec 14 – GeoBee  Preliminary Round grades 4 & 5

¨     Dec 17 – 7pm School Committee Mtg. @ South Middle School

¨     Dec 19 – 1:30pm Tiger “Brand New Day” Schoolwide

¨     Dec 20– Holiday Book Drive deadline

¨     Dec 21 – Term 1 Report Cards distributed  

¨     Dec 21 – 12:10pm Early Dismissal for students/staff

¨     Dec 24 – Jan 2 – No School Holiday Break


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Frost on windshields and chilly morning temperatures let us know that winter is fast approaching. We ask that parents and guardians ensure their children are dressed appropriately for school. On cold days, a heavy sweatshirt will not be enough to keep a child warm at recess. On very cold days, children will need to wear a winter jacket, a hat or hood, and gloves or mittens. Children will be outside every day, with the exception of rainy days or dangerously cold conditions. Please read about our growing “Lost and Found”, elsewhere in this newsletter.


Thank you for your recent participation in Parent-Teacher conferences, it was gratifying to see so many parents at the school. Your active involvement in your children’s education is crucial to their success, and I encourage you to keep the lines of communication open. You can find email addresses for all Ross teachers on our website,

Enjoy time with family and loved ones during the winter break. Whether you are traveling or spending time at home it is a great time to unplug with your children. Consider books and family centered board games in your holiday gift giving choices.  Be sure to keep your children reading (we recommend a trip the Thayer Public Library at least once over vacation). Do not forget our own Little Free Library as a great source for books for readers of all ages.  Most of all, we wish all Ross families a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy 2019!


Mr. McGourty

Character Trait/Value of the Month

Kindness is the featured Trait/Value for the month of December. This trait is not challenging to explain to children, what is wonderful about kindness is that when kindness is present warmth and happiness tends to exude from all involved. Teachers promote kindness routinely with your children they will again focus on kind deeds during this month.

A Working definition we will use to start the conversations about kindness is:

Kindness is showing concern about the well-being and feelings of others.

Lost and Found

Please consider labeling your child’s sweatshirts and clothing items. Every year we gain a bushel full of clothing which becomes separated from the rightful owners.  Periodically we give this clothing to charity if it remains unclaimed.  If your child’s is missing items, please check the Lost and Found area in the main hallway of our school.  One way to avoid losing clothing items is to label tags with your name. We always check for names before depositing items in a lost and found pile.


Drop Off Procedures

Recent inclement weather provided us a preview of the challenges of drop off at Ross School during rainy or frigid weather. Traffic is often backed up onto Hayward St. In order to avoid serious traffic tie ups, please follow these procedures. These steps are particularly helpful from 8:35 until the final bell, 8:45 when traffic is the heaviest.  When dropping your children off in the morning please pull up as far as you can to the Drop off sign. (See picture below)

Whenever possible please pull up all the way to the sign, this will allow more students to exit safely and limit traffic congestion. Do NOT stop at the front door if you can pull farther forward.  Your children will exit safely onto the sidewalk and then walk to the school entrance. The sign is on a weighted post and can be moved, we will adjust the location based on traffic and weather conditions.  

Please do not have you children exit your car on the street or in the school parking lot. We want our students to be punctual, but not at the cost of their safety.  Please have your child exit from the right side of the car, adults should remain in the driver's seat. Your cooperation will help to keep drop off both safe and efficient.

National Geographic Geobee

The first round of the Ross Geobee was held on December 14, 2018.  Each of our six grade 4 and 5 classrooms will participate. The classroom winners will participate in the Geobee final after the new year to determine the Ross School Championship Round. 

Each classroom winner in the preliminary round will be awarded a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card. The Championship Round will award an Atlas and medal to the winner and books to the first and second place runners up. The school champion, once determined will take an online test with the top 100 scorers invited to the State Final.  We hope this contest sparks an interest in geography, history and informs us all about the world we live in. Thank you to the Ross PTO for sponsorship of the entrance fee and prizes for the Geobee.

Ross Library Collection Fundraiser

Please consider a gift to the Ross School Library this holiday season of giving. We are reaching out to the Ross Community to increase and improve the Ross Library collection. Our goal is to provide our students with greater choices and high interest titles in the Ross Library.

We will seek teacher and staff input to focus on high interest titles and areas of need based on current titles in circulation. We are requesting donation to make these improvements possible.  Individuals or a family donating $20 or more will be recognized with a bookplate to dedicate a book to a person/family.  All titles purchased through collective donations during this initiative will be recognized with a bookplate recognizing the generosity of the “2018 Ross Book Drive”. A flyer will be sent home with students shortly with information about this fundraiser.

Spring 2019 MCAS Testing Dates


Grade 3                 April 23, 24

Grade 4                 April 25, 26

Grade 5                 April 10, 11



Grade 3                 April 30, May 1

Grade 4                 May 2, 3

Grade 5                 May 8, 9


Science Technology & Engineering

Grade 3                 NA

Grade 4                 NA

Grade 5                 May 16, 17


Test Administration Window:

ELA April 1 - May 3

Math April 2 - May 21

Science, Technology and Engineering April 3 - May 21

The dates above are the scheduled dates for MCAS testing grades 3-5.  Should a student be absent they will take makeups tests on the next available date upon their return to school.  All students will take state assessments in digital format utilizing chrome books.


December is a wonderful time of year to read classic holiday stories with your children! Wonderful traditions can be built around these books. Here is a list of popular stories from Reading Rockets :

Keep in mind that books make great gifts! Happy Holidays!

Exciting news!  Mrs. Brady has received a generous grant award from the Norfolk County Teachers’ Association!  The funds will be used to support and expand the popular Ross Reading Buffet.  Watch for updates and announcements in January!

Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Romeo

A Message from Music

Grades K, One, and Two have begun a new curriculum that relies heavily on pitch matching, movement, and repetition to help us learn music accurately and quickly in a fun manner.  This helps us develop our own individual sense of pitch and rhythm.  Every day we are listening to classical music, and performing meaningful movements to match. We are also singing folk songs from around the globe, which usually involve meaningful movements as well.  

Ask your students about these songs:

Kindergarten: Frog in the Meadow

Grade One: Did You Ever See a Turkey?

Grade Two: Kye Kye Kule (Chay Chay Koo-lay)

Grade Three has begun to use instruments to guide us into a unit on counting simple rhythms.  We will be using Orff instruments (wooden xylophones and metal glockenspiels) to accompany the songs we sing in class.

Grade Four has also begun a unit on rhythm, looking intensely at our rhythm cards to help us practice different rhythmic patterns.  We perform meaningful movements to classical music to aid our senses of beat and rhythm.

Grade Five is working very hard at our chorus music for our concert, which will be on Friday, January 11th at 10AM. Please encourage your students to practice with the recordings provided below:






Happy Holidays!

Ms. Callum

Ross Health

I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving.  As we prepare for the next holiday season please remember to promote rest and healthy eating habits so your family will not get run down.

A reminder of when to keep your child home from school: 

1.       When your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or above.

2.       When your child has a contagious illness such as chicken pox, strep throat, or the flu.

3.       If your child has a skin rash, or condition not yet diagnosed by a doctor.

4.       When your child is vomiting or has diarrhea.

5.       When your child has conjunctivitis, with red, itchy, draining eyes.  Please remember to call your child in sick to the absentee line (781-380-0240 option 1).  It is very important to us to know that your child is safe and accounted for.  We are concerned about your child’s safety.

The cold weather has arrived.  Please remember to send your children to school dressed appropriately with a warm jacket, hat and gloves. The cold weather may trigger some children’s asthma.  If your child needs to use their inhaler at school during the winter months, please remember the Braintree Public Schools Medication Policy:  Our school district requires the following forms must be completed before any medication may be administered at school.

1.  Signed Medication Order:  A written medication order from your child’s licensed Prescriber (physician, nurse practitioner, dentist, etc.) should be delivered or faxed to the school nurse.  This order must be renewed with any medication change and at the beginning of each academic year.

The Asthma Action Plan form must be signed by parent/guardian and physician on both the front and back of the form.

2.  Signed Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Medicines must be delivered to the school nurse in a pharmacy or manufacturer labeled container by the parent/guardian.  In extenuating circumstances, the medication may be delivered to the school nurse by a designated adult providing that the parent/guardian notifies the school nurse of this arrangement and the quantity of the medication being delivered.  Please ask your pharmacy to provide separate bottles for school and home.  All medications delivered will be counted and signed for by the school nurse and parents.

We are currently looking for substitute nurses.  Please contact the Director of Nurses, Mrs. Jean Afzali at Braintree High School (781-848-4000 ext. 7840) for further information.

I wish you all a very healthy and happy holiday season!

Nurse Heidi

Grade One

December promises to be a very exciting month in first grade!

In math, we will continue to practice using various addition and subtraction strategies to help us to solve word problems and solve number sentences. Please continue to practice addition and subtraction facts at home with your child.

In reading, we will be learning about text structure, main idea, and cause and effect.  We will be finishing up Unit 1 in Reading Street.  First graders are working hard to become great readers.  We would like to remind parents that in order to do this, students must practice reading at home EVERY day!

In science, we are finishing our sun, moon and star unit. We recently did a really cool experiment outside where we learn how shadows change throughout the day. Ask your child to tell you about what we did and what they learned.

Finally, in social studies, we will be learning about various winter holidays and traditions.  We will be looking for volunteers to help us with holiday activities in the classroom.

Be on the lookout for a notice regarding the Ross School holiday fair.

We are looking forward to this busy month!

Mrs. Gavrailov, Mrs. Monteiro, Mrs. Swanson

Grade Two

December is here and we are hard at work in second grade.  In Reading Street we are finishing up with Unit 2 and will be moving on to Unit 3 where we will work with stories that focus on being creative.  Our science investigations will shift gears to focus on matter and energy.  Our social studies unit will focus on various holidays and celebrations around the world.  This would be a great time to share your family history, country of origin and culture with your child!

Mrs. Malcolmson, Mrs. Joseph, Ms. Hoelscher

Grade Three


In math this month we will work on subtracting using different strategies.  Students will also work on telling time to the nearest minute and complete elapsed time word problems. Finally, we will work on understanding division concepts and practice strategies for solving division problems. We will relate multiplication to division.  Please continue to have students practice their math facts at home.


We will soon be completing our 2nd unit in our Reading Street program and moving onto our 3rd Unit. Our big question will be “How are people and nature connected?” Students will be reading a variety of texts, including expository, fiction, drama, and narrative nonfiction. Our reading skills for the unit include; drawing conclusions, identifying character, setting, and plot, using graphic sources, generalizing, and cause/effect.


Social Studies

We continue to learn about our wonderful state of Massachusetts! Students are learning about the different parts of Massachusetts and the land.  Soon we will learn about the Wampanoags and Pilgrims.


In Science we have learned all about force and motion.  Students went through different stations in the class to learn about push and pull.  Soon, we will begin our unit on electric and magnetic forces!

Ms. Fitzgerald and Mrs. Almada

Grade Four


Our fantasy fiction novel study is in full swing. The students have been discovering how a character’s words and actions help define his or her personality and noticing how a character grows and changes throughout a story.  Visualizing was another focus while reading these novels.  Through the vivid details and sensory images that the authors have included, students have discussed, written about, and illustrated the “movies” that are playing in their heads as they read. Enjoy some time reading aloud to your child or your child reading aloud to you and discuss the images that are created in your mind!


We continue to focus on three forms of writing; informative/expository, persuasive, and narrative. Our students continue to practice clearly introducing a topic. For opinion pieces they will read a text or an article and take a stand, for informative pieces they will examine a topic and introduce their topic, for narrative pieces they will develop a real or imaginary introduction that sets the scene and establishes the narrator based on a technique used by an author.  Writing is linked to various texts that students have read.  Our fourth graders are learning to use texts to provide support or evidence for their writing.


Students have begun learning to find the area of regular and irregular polygons with and without the Area=Length x Width formula.  Next, they will learn how to divide multi-digit numbers using various strategies. Students must be proficient in all of their multiplication facts. Please help your child study their math facts at home. It’s a great game to play on the way to and from sports, activities and playdates. This will be your child’s “strategy for success” in math.


Students will investigate the Motion of Waves, Wavelength and Amplitude in the upcoming investigations. They will discover that waves are regular patterns of motion. A disturbance in a wave transfers energy from point to point. They will examine the height of a wave from highest to lowest, the distance between two points on a wave and the highest point on a wave.

Social Studies

Students are finishing up their study of the Northeast region of the United States.  They have learned about the states, capitals, various landforms, and natural resources found in this area of the country.  The fourth graders are very enthusiastic in regards to learning about their nation, which generates fantastic discussions in class.  We are eager to begin our unit on the Southeast region!

Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Eddy, and Mr. Keaney

Grade Five


Students have worked hard in November learning the area model and partial quotients strategy for division, as well as how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. In December students will be comparing, rounding, and ordering decimals and begin their work discovering the coordinate plane.


Students are continuing to work on their memoir writing piece. We will celebrate the end of this writing assignment with a publishing party before winter break!

Social Studies

Students are learning about a variety of European explorers! They will wrap up this unit by creating a “Facebook” page about an assigned explorer.

Mrs. Connolly, Ms. Kenney, Ms.Reid

Pond Meadow Park – Santa visit and Wreath Sale Ross


Santa visits Pond Meadow Park on Saturday, December 1st from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

Wreaths will be available for purchase and hayrides will be available from 10:30 a.m. until

2:30 p.m., weather permitting.

Come, let your children visit with Santa, bring your own camera for a great picture,

purchase a wreath, take a hayride and enjoy some refreshments.

Call the park at 781-843-7663 if you have any questions.

Early Release Days

The following are early release days, with dismissal at 12:10.

December 6, 2018              March 7, 2018                  

December 21, 2018            March 25, 2018                 

January 29, 2018               May 24, 2018

Ross School Calendar

Please be sure to check out the Ross School Calendar on line at:

Ross breakfast/lunch menu

A copy of the Ross Elementary School breakfast/lunch menu can be found online at:

Ross PTO News

Holiday Fair Raffle Basket Collections: The PTO is collecting donations for the annual Holiday Fair raffle baskets. Collection bins are in the Main Lobby of the school. Please donate an item related to these themes: Grade 1's basket is "Snow Day Fun," Grade 2's basket is "Holiday Fun," Grade 3's basket is "Family Super Bowl Party," Grade 4's basket is "Pamper Mom," and Grade 5's basket is "Lottery Tickets." Kindergarten is welcome to donate to any of the baskets! Any questions? Contact Kelly Lessard or Nicole Gangi

Bella Sei Shopping Night – Wednesday, December 5th from 7-9pm: Don't miss the Ross PTO's Annual Holiday Shopping Event next week at Braintree's fabulous boutique, Bella Sei! Sip on holiday beverages, socialize with Ross friends, shop for special folks, and enjoy Bella Sei's beautiful free gift wrap. A portion of each sale goes directly to the Ross PTO. We hope to see you there! Any questions? Please email Ross PTO at

The Ross Holiday Fair - Friday, December 7: Next Friday is the annual Ross Holiday Fair, where your child can shop for modestly priced gifts for family and friends. There will be gift tables with items for children, adults, and pets, as well as a White Elephant table. All items are priced between $0.50 and $3.00. New Ross Apparel will also be for sale. Parents/guardians are welcome to shop with their children at designated times; class shopping schedules will be sent home soon. Please contact Kelly Lessard or Nicole with any questions.

The Ross Holiday Book Drive: Please consider donating to the Ross Holiday Book Drive this December. Donations will purchase new library-bound books from popular and award winning authors. Our goal is to expand and modernize our collection so Ross Readers have new and exciting books to bring home! Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated. The deadline to contribute is December 20th. Please contact Jess Faoro with any questions.

Ross "Disney on Ice" Social Event - Thursday, February 21st at 3pm: This holiday season the PTO is selling tickets for a February vacation showing of "Disney on Ice: Mickey's Search Party" at the TD Garden in Boston. Come sit in a specially designated Ross section and enjoy the magic of Disney while raising money for Ross School! A portion of each ticket sale goes directly to Ross. Tickets will be available in time to spread holiday cheer, so make sure you send your form in by the December 12th deadline. Please contact Mary with any questions.

PTO Meeting – Thursday, January 10th at 7pm in the gym. Babysitting is provided for school-aged children. We will discuss our 2018 PTO Board and Committee openings, and start planning our exciting spring events. All are welcome!


November 2018

The Ross Report

MCAS Next Generation

The results of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System were recently shared with students and families. MCAS assessments began in Massachusetts almost 20 years ago. Our state has been at the forefront in setting high expectations for students and working to meet the needs of all students. The new assessment focuses on critical thinking abilities, application of knowledge and looks for a student's ability to make connections between reading and writing.

Last year was the second year for the next-generation format. The numbering system for the assessment is different than the traditional MCAS. Scores range from 440-560.

440-469 Not Meeting Expectations   

470-499 Partially Meeting Expectations  

500-529 Meeting Expectations  

530-570 Exceeding Expectations

The new assessment is more rigorous, in some areas scores across the state remain similar in other areas scores were lower. The new categories emphasize readiness for higher-level work at the next grade level.

Students in grade 4 & 5 will have a growth percentile score in ELA and math. This compares the growth in your child’s learning with students with a similar score from the previous year.

Beginning with the spring of 2019 testing will have all students, grades 3-5 complete computer based testing. The tests have been designed to be given by computer.

A student recently told me they were sorry and wanted to apologize for their MCAS results. I was quite taken aback by this interaction.  I responded by asking if the student did their best.  I said “If you do your best your teachers, parents and I are very proud of you. We all care about you, not about your test score.”   

Our expectation is that students should put forth their best effort each and every day. Please do not place any extra pressure on your child regarding MCAS testing.  State assessments are but one part of a student’s educational experience.  Your child’s teacher can share academic progress as well as your child’s social and emotional development.  We aim to support the development of resilient students capable of solving problems and accepting challenges in an ever changing world.

Upcoming Events

¨     Nov.1  – 8am 5th Grade Leadership

¨     Nov 1 – 3rd/5th Rotary Club Distribution of Dictionaries and Thesaurus

¨     Nov 1 – 3:00 – 5:30 Parent/teacher conferences

¨     Nov 2 – 9am Picture Re-take Day

¨     Nov 2 – Meadow Farms & Usborne Cards Order deadline

¨     Nov 5 –7pm School Committee Mtg. Colbert/Admin Bldg.

¨     Nov 6 – No School Teacher Development Day

¨     Nov 6 – PTO Bake Sale  Election Day

¨     Nov 7 – 9am – 11:15 1st Grade NE Aquarium Tide Pools  

¨     Nov 12 – No School Veteran’s Day Observed

¨     Nov. 13 – 3rd grade  Museum of Science - Motion, Forces, Energy

¨     Nov 15. – 8am 5th Grade Leadership

¨     Nov 15 – 8am Student Council

¨     Nov 15 – 7PM PTO Mtg.  Ross Gym

¨     Nov 16 – Montilio”s Pie orders deadline

¨     Nov 20 – Montilio’s Pie order Pick-up

¨     Nov 21  – Early Release 12:10pm


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you for participating in Ross Parent Teacher Conferences, they were held earlier in the calendar year due to the change in marking periods. Elementary students now have three report cards for trimesters this is a change from four quarterly report cards. The conference will allow you to connect with teachers to discuss your child’s progress both academically and socially to this point in the school year. The first trimester report card will go home before the winter break on December 21st. As parents/guardians you should always feel free to reach out to teachers or other school staff to support the needs of your child.  You are the first and most important teacher to your child, insights you share about your child allow us to develop a thorough picture of your child’s strengths and challenges.

Mr. McGourty


Ross students got off to a great start this year in art. Every student worked on a self-portrait.  I thought it would be wonderful to start the year this way as school is all about the students. Older students used mixed media including crayons, tempera paint, and watercolor pencils. We learned about the proportions of the face and how to place the features of the face to make it look realistic. Many of these portraits were/are displayed in our hallways. Fourth and fifth graders then began a paper mask project. This project relates to the self-portrait because a mask is a face which is transformed and decorative.

Third grade students also made a self-portrait and then worked on making silhouettes with a Halloween or autumn theme. Second graders worked very hard on their sunflower drawings using oil pastels. We learned about Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings. Every student’s sunflower drawing was mounted to construction paper. I’m always very proud of the work the second graders put into the sunflower project. They should be very proud too!

First graders have been working on various projects including Rainbow Fish, a project based on Eric Carle’s book Little Cloud, a Jack-o-Lantern/pumpkin drawing, etc.

Kindergarteners have been learning about the elements of art: line, color, shape and texture. These are basic concepts in art. The projects have included a city scene, using texture plates, making a monster with accordion-fold legs etc.

We are having fun and enjoying the art room once again this year

Mrs. Gay


We have enjoyed meeting with so many parents during conferences. It is a great opportunity to hear from you about your children and to learn how we can better support reading at home. One question that we are often asked is how to support reading “at the right level” at home.  Sometimes kids are really strong readers and parents want them to be challenged.  Our mantra on this topic is “Just because you can read War and Peace in second grade doesn’t mean you should read it in second grade.”  Reading skills do not have to be constantly challenged with more complicated text to grow.  A steady diet of age/developmentally appropriate material will feed your child even if the decoding is fairly easy.  They will still be doing the comprehension and vocabulary work, which is the heart of reading.  On the other hand, what can you do for kids who want to read books that are just too hard for them-right now?  If you judge the subject matter to be appropriate, there is nothing better than to read great children’s books (fiction and nonfiction) to your child and to talk about what you both understand.  Watch this space for information about the return of the fabulous Ross Reading Buffett in the coming weeks!  Happy Reading!

Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Romeo

Physical Education 

Where is the time going this year?  We have been very busy in the gym during P.E. class.  The fifth grade finished their soccer unit with an indoor soccer tournament.  They will move on to badminton.  Skills that the classes will be working on are the serve (underhand), the lob shot, the smash and the drop shot (a soft hit over the net).  We have used these skills in several game formats.  We will learn about scoring in a badminton game where each student gets the opportunity to serve and not be in the same position.

The second and third graders will be working on their badminton/ striking skills as well.  They will learn the serve, drop shot, lob and smash.  They use a birdie to volley back and forth to keep the action moving.  The foam paddles allows the children a larger and slower target to develop their skills with more opportunities to strike the birdie.  The third graders will use these skills in a four net game to keep the birdie moving.

The kindergarteners and first graders will use balloons and birdies to work on their striking skills.  The children will work together with a partner or small group to keep the balloon in the air and over the net.  The balloon allows the children plenty of time to track the ball and get ready to strike it with their paddle.

As the snowy weather fast approaches, just a reminder that sneakers are the safest for all the activities that we do in P.E. classes.  If the weather is inclement just have the children bring their sneakers in their book bag to change into for P.E. classes then change back after class.  As always, thank you for your continued support of the P.E. program here at Ross School.

I continue to emphasize skill development, teamwork and enjoying being active in my classes.  With the wide variety of activities that we cover in my class the students may discover a new activity/sport that they would like to pursue beyond my gym class.

Mr. LaFerriere


5th and 4th graders finished up their blog posts on our classroom blogs through  They can comment on either other posts and add pictures and create an avatar.  In 3rd grade we have looked at the online encyclopedia through Thayer Public Library. They picked a topic of interest to them and opened a google doc to write three facts and add a picture. We have learned about author and illustrator Tomie DePaola in second grade and first graders learned about Eric Carle. We have talked about what the Caldecott Medal is and how both have won one.  Kindergartners have learned about Mo Willems checked out his website too.

Good Reads does have a site for children's books if you want to read about a book and make a reading choice.

Mrs. Thynne

Ross Health

Hello and happy fall to all!

Vision (grades K-5) and Hearing (grades K-3) screening is ongoing.  Notices will come home ONLY if there is a problem result after a second screening.   In other words, “no news is good news”!

Fourth grade physicals are due.  Please send in a copy of your fourth grade child’s physical dated within the past year

 As the cold weather is upon us please remember to send your child to school with a warm coat, hat and mittens if necessary.  It is important for the children to get out in the fresh air for recess.  Unless it is inclement weather, recess is outdoors.  Your child will enjoy this much needed break if he/she is properly dressed and warm.  

Grades K, 1 and 2 have morning recess and snack.  Please remember to send in a healthy nut free snack with your child.    Their small bodies need that recharging as their next opportunity for nourishment is not until lunch at 12:10 and 12:30.   If you are unable for any reason to provide a snack please call me at 781-380-0240 ext. 6530.  No child will be left hungry.

Braintree Holidays:  Please note the deadline date for Thanksgiving applications and mail in your form. If you would like an application please call, e mail or send me a note.  I will confidentially send you a form.

When should I keep my child home from school?

1.       When your child has a temperature of 100 degrees or above.

2.       When your child has a contagious illness such as chicken pox, strep throat,   or the flu.

3.       If your child has a skin rash, or condition not yet diagnosed by a doctor.

4.       When your child is vomiting or has diarrhea.

5.       When your child has conjunctivitis, with red, itchy, draining eyes.

Also, please remember that your child should be fever free (temperature below 100.4) for 24 hours before returning to school.  School policy requires a note from your child’s doctor for any absence of 5 days or more due to illness, or if your child needs to miss gym class due to illness or injury.

Please remember to call your child in sick to the absentee line (781-380-0240 option 1).    It is very important to us to know that your child is safe and accounted for.  We are concerned about your child’s safety.

The Nursing Director for Braintree Public Schools is currently looking for substitute nurses.  Please contact the Director of Nurses, Jean Afzali at Braintree High School (781-848-4000 ext. 7840) for further information.


Nurse Heidi


It is hard to believe we are beginning unit two of our Reading Street series, titled “Look at Us!”  During the month of November, we will continue to review alphabet letter recognition, letter naming, and matching uppercase to lowercase letters. We continue to build upon phonemic awareness in kindergarten, as we explore initial, medial, and final sounds in words. Phonics lessons will offer practice with matching alphabet letters to the sounds they make. We will master sounds /a/ spelled Aa, /s/ spelled Ss, /p/ spelled Pp, and /k/ spelled Cc. Our kindergarten high frequency words to practice this month are have, is, we, my, and like. We continue to develop our comprehension skills, reading about and discussing comparing and contrasting, setting, main idea, realism and fantasy, as well as retelling. Kindergarten cares about “conventions,” learning about nouns for more than one, proper nouns, and adjectives. We are writers, working on labels, lists, notes, and poems.

During the month of November, kindergarten looks forward to some super, matching quantities to numerals, 2-dimensional and relative position of numbers. Our students are becoming adept at subitizing.  Subitizing is “instantly seeing how many.” This is a crucial skill in the development of number sense. Math lessons incorporate several manipulatives, games, and activities to engage students as they practice important skills.

Kindergarten delights in the study of Trees, plants, and animals. We have taken several walks in order to observe schoolyard trees. Students have learned the parts of a tree and the function of these tree parts. We are reading about and discussing what a tree needs to live. We observe and record the unique shapes of trees. We will explore leaves, classifying them by shape and color.

In social studies we anticipate our own mock elections. We will discuss that we are citizens, who work together in a community. We will read about and discuss veterans and their contributions to our country. Finally, we look forward to study of the first Thanksgiving.

Second Step is a program we use to help students develop learning skills and improve upon social skills. Our kindergarteners enjoy our interactive lessons. We continue to review Skills for Learning. This month we will focus on Empathy. We practice feelings, and identifying anger.

Mrs. Rupprecht

Grade One

October certainly flew by!   We have been working hard on becoming more independent readers.  We finished up Unit R in Reading Street and are beginning Unit 1.  Unit 1 explores how people and animals are important to one another.  This unit includes a mix of fiction and non-fiction selections.  The comprehension strategies we will practice include monitoring and clarifying, summarizing, visualizing, story structure, and text structure.

In Science, we have been learning about the sun, moon and stars. This year we are using a new science curriculum and so far the children love all of the engaging activities.

In Math, we learned about the “count-on” and “count back” strategy.  We have been using these strategies to add and subtract our number facts quickly!  Math fact flash cards will be going home soon, please make sure to practice them with your child.

November is sure to be a busy month!   We will be learning some Thanksgiving songs that we will be performing for you on Wednesday, November 21st in the gym. We will continue to grow as learners and look forward to some fun holiday activities!

Mrs. Gavrailov, Mrs. Monteiro, Mrs. Swanson

Grade Two

In second grade, we are THANKFUL for so many things!

Three hardworking, respectful, bucket-filling classes

Home-school connection and wonderfully supportive families

Acceptance of everyone around us

New science experiments that delight our young learners

Kids who persevere, even when things are challenging

Fabulous specialists and teachers who support all of our students

Understanding what it takes to be a serious second grade student

Learning for all - children and adults alike!

Mrs. Malcolmson, Mrs. Joseph, Ms. Hoelscher

Grade Three


The third grade students have been working hard in math this year! In addition to place value students were introduced to multiplication. Students were introduced to strategies for solving multiplication facts that have 2, 4, 5, and 10.  They were taught to double numbers when multiplying by 2 and to double, double when multiplying by 4. Multiplication strategies were introduced to students, including repeated addition, making groups, and drawing arrays.


We have just completed the first Unit of our Reading Street program.  In Unit 1 the students were thinking about the big question “Which skills help us make our way in the world”?  Some of the reading comprehension skills we have practiced are background knowledge, literary elements, visualizing, sequencing, summarizing, and author’s purpose.  Each week the students learn vocabulary words that go with the weekly reads.  We have also been learning different phonics skills for our weekly spelling words.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, third graders are learning all about what defines history, and how we study history. We discussed studying history by using biographies, artifacts, historical sites, and asking questions.

As we continue in Social Studies we will focus on our local history, the history of Massachusetts! Students will learn about the towns, land and people of our state. In upcoming weeks, we will be beginning a unit on the Wampanoag, the first people of Massachusetts.


This year we are using a new Science program called STEMscopes. This program is aligned to our state standards and includes engaging, hands on activities. We have begun our study of Objects and Motion by completing fun activities together. Students will learn that objects push and pull each other when they collide or are connected. Push and Pulls can have different strengths and directions. Pushing or pulling an object can change the speed or direction of its motion and can start or stop it.

Ms. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Almada

Grade Four


Our fourth grade students have finished reading Owls in the Family. Students worked very hard on mastering the skill of activating schema (background knowledge) and monitoring for meaning by applying several comprehension strategies to explicitly navigate through the story. Next, our students will read fantasy novels such as A Cricket in Times Square, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, and The Indian and the Cupboard. Our focus will be to understand the character’s traits and growth as the story unfolds. They will focus on using sensory and emotional images to create pictures in their minds based on what is happening in the text. We’re sure they will delight you with the characteristics of fantasy by describing the characters’ unique qualities. They might be able to share ways in which foxes think and plan, how cats, mice, and crickets explore Times Square, and how nine year olds take care of action figures that come to life. It’s always a great time for parents to read aloud books like Charlotte’s Web and\or Stuart Little to their children.


We have begun practicing for Next Generation MCAS. Our students are learning how to write an introduction, detailed paragraphs, and a conclusion. Our 4th grade students have been gathering information and facts from our non-fiction text, A Tiger with Wings, The Great Horned Owl, and from our owl visit from the Trailside Museum. They are learning how to present this information in an essay to inform their audience of the life of a great horned owl. They also put together a persuasive essay convincing their audience of whether Billy and his friends should have won first place for the Pet Parade. Encourage your children to use their persuasive techniques when they’re trying to convince you of something. Our students are also working on some Narrative writing using many techniques they have learned from Author’s Craft.


Since September our fourth grade students have had a basic review of third grade concepts with added challenges.  The concepts include place value, rounding, algebraic expressions, and advanced addition and subtraction. We’re currently studying multiplication. Common Core expects 4th grade students to master the multiplication table up to 12 x 12. Being confident in these facts is crucial when trying to understand and recognize multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers, and multiplicative comparisons.


Science-Students will make observations to provide evidence that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, light, heat, and electric currents.

Social Studies

To start off the year students reviewed basic geography skills, such as identifying the major differences between a map and a globe, recognizing the seven continents and four oceans, and knowing the key elements of a map. We have finished that unit and will start studying the Northeast Region of our country. We will touch on the landforms, people, culture, and geography of the region we call home. We will also be focusing in on committing our capitals of the Northeast to memory.

Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Eddy, and Mr. Keaney


Grade Five


Students worked hard in October mastering standard algorithm multiplication and learning the order of operations. In November we will be learning division strategies based on place value with up to two digit divisors (not standard algorithm division, this is a sixth grade skill). We will also be reviewing some basic fraction concepts and start adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators.

Social Studies

Students had a great time researching, learning about, and presenting the Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations to their classmates. We will be setting sail and learning all about some important European explorers and the Pre-Columbian Exchange of the Americas!


Students will be working on narrative/memoir writing assignments. “Memoir is the writer’s effort to say something big and important about himself or herself.” (Calkins, 2011). Writers of memoir will use the literary techniques that they have practiced in previously taught narrative units in order to construct tight, detailed narratives that reveal something enduring about the writer.


Students enjoyed learning about how energy is transferred throughout a food chain. Students have completed various games and creative projects that demonstrate how energy gets transferred through different organisms in food chains and food webs. In science we will continue with our life science unit. The students will learn about fossils, survival of the fittest, environmental changes as well as an introduction to matter!


Students are continuing their reading of Number the Stars and their learning about the Holocaust.  We have been engaged in learning about characters “driving” our understanding of what is happening in the story. This month we will also be comparing and contrasting Number the Stars to Patricia Polacco’s The Butterfly. We will pay close attention to author’s craft and character development. Students will continue on collaborating with classmates and having thoughtful discussions about their reading! Please continue to encourage your child to read every night with a book of their choosing and complete their reading logs.

Mrs. Connolly, Ms. Kenney, Ms.Reid

Ross Picture – Retake Day

Hayward Photography will be at Ross School on Friday, November 2nd for picture retakes.  If you would like your child’s picture retaken, please return your original package to school on the retake day and ask your child to give it to our photographer.  You may keep the class picture. If your child was absent on the original picture day, he or she may be photographed as well.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (617) 698-1840.  Thank you.

Early Release Days

The following are early release days, with dismissal at 12:10.

November 21, 2018            January 29, 2018               May 24, 2018

December 6, 2018              March 7, 2018                  

December 21, 2018            March 25, 2018                 

Please note that there will be NO SCHOOL on November 6, 2018.

Teachers will have a full day of professional development.

Ross School Calendar

Please be sure to check out the Ross School Calendar on line at:

Ross Elementary School breakfast/lunch menu

A copy of the Ross Elementary School breakfast/lunch menu can be found online at:

Ross PTO News

Meadow Farms and Usborne Cards for a Cause: The PTO is collecting orders for Meadow Farms and Usborne Cards for a Cause. Flyers and order forms have been sent home (extras are available in the office) and orders are due Friday, November 2nd. Thank you for supporting Ross PTO!

Bake Sale on Election Day – Tuesday, November 6th :The PTO will be hosting a Bake Sale on Election Day, November 6th at the school from 8am-5pm. We need donations! Baked goods: cookies, pies, breads scones, cupcakes, pastries, cakes, candies, etc. (individually wrapped please) Items can be dropped off on Monday, 11/5/18 all day or bring your donations in early on that Election Day Tuesday…thank you!

PTO Meeting – Thursday, November 15th at 7pm in the gym.  All are welcome! Babysitting is provided for school-aged children. We will discuss more about our fall fundraisers and start planning our Ross School Holiday Fair: this event is held to give children the opportunity to do holiday shopping for family and loved ones. On Friday, December 7th, students will have time to browse and shop during their school day. There are tables with gift items for children, adults, holiday ornaments, pets and a White Elephant Table. The Fair is supported by generous donations of materials and time from Ross families eager to contribute to the school community.

Thanksgiving Pie Fundraiser will take place this month: flyers will be distributed and orders for delicious pies from Montilio’s Bakery in Braintree will be due by Friday, November 16th. Pick up your pies on Tuesday, November 20th right in time for Thanksgiving!


October 2018

September 2018

The Ross Report

Greetings Ross Families and students! I hope your summer break was filled with family fun and adventure. The Ross faculty and staff members are excited to welcome our students for a year of learning and growth.

There has been a great deal of activity at Ross School this summer. The entire roof was replaced over the summer.  I am sure many of you have seen the contractors at work, high above our school. Energy efficient lighting has been installed.  Other work at Ross includes repairs to our gym floor and abatement work beneath the school.   A thank you to Director of Finance and Operations Ed Cronin, Superintendent Frank Hackett and our supportive school committee for continually working to improve Ross and all Braintree Schools.

While all the contractors have been working on major projects to improve our school; teachers and staff have been working to prepare classroom spaces for our students. A thank you to our hard-working custodians, Bob O’Toole and Tara Phipps. They have been busy cleaning, washing and waxing, painting and preparing our school for the arrival of staff and students.  The routine summer cleaning and maintenance was arranged and completed around the schedule of the various contractors. We again wish to thank Frank Sullivan and the Skinner Overlook employees for their work in beautifying the landscape of Ross School by generosity spreading mulch and touching up the garden beds in front of our school. 

Many teachers have taken courses to improve their craft or develop curriculum in preparation for the new school year.  We look forward to partnering with parents to foster the enthusiasm and love of learning within each child.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please join us in continuing to encourage a “Growth Mindset” with your children. Individuals with a Growth Mindset embrace challenges and see mistakes as a natural part of the learning process. Students and adults alike have enormous potential, hard work and effort are a path to achieving growth and success. Mistakes are viewed as an opportunity to learn rather than an obstacle to be feared.  Developing a process and resilience to meet challenges is just as important as the end result.

As of the first day of school, we have 270 students at Ross. We have 15 classrooms in grades kindergarten through grade five.  We have a median class size of 18. Due to enrollment numbers, we have just two third grade sections this year.  Changes to teaching assignments are listed elsewhere in the newsletter. Welcome back, we look forward to seeing students and families back at school.

Frank McGourty

Upcoming Events

¨    Sep. 3 – NO SCHOOL, Labor Day

¨    Sep. 4 – Open House for Ross students and families 4:00-6:00

¨    Sep. 5 – 1st Day of School grades 1-5

¨    Sep. 6 –Kindergarten Story Time

¨    Sep. 7: Professional Development – No School

¨    Sep. 10– 1st Day of Kindergarten,

¨    Sep. 10– Instrument Pick-up, 6:00-7: 00 p.m. BHS

¨    Sep. 11– Instrument Demonstration @Ross, 10:00am, gym

¨    Sep. 11 Instrument Pick up@ BHS, 6-7pm

¨    Sept. 12 – School Share 2:15pm

¨    Sep. 14 – Picture Day

¨    Sep. 20- Mindset Mission Assembly 1:45 – 2:30. 

¨    Sep. 24 School Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm @ BHS

¨    Sep. 25: Professional Development Early dismissal, 12:10pm All students

Traffic Policy Reminder

There is no parking in the driveway in front of the school at any time.

In the morning, parents may pull into the driveway to drop off their children but must proceed out of the driveway after their children have left the cars. Teachers will be there each morning to assist students. Children should not be left at school before 8:25.  Supervision is only provided in the West lot beginning at 8:25.  

In the afternoon, no cars are allowed to enter the driveway from 2:45 to 3:00. Parking is allowed in the west parking lot, but cars need to park there before 2:45. Cars should line up according to the arrows and lines painted in the lot. A crossing guard will stop traffic at approximately 3:00 to allow cars to exit the parking lot

Ross Back to School Open House

Please join Ross faculty and staff as we start our school year with an open house for students and families on Tuesday September 4, 2018. Families may drop in between 4:00-6:00 p.m.

This format replaces the previous curriculum nights which were attended by parents and guardians without children. The new format will give the students a chance to see their classroom space and also inform parents about curriculum and classroom procedures. We will send a reminder as the school year approaches.

Students new to Braintree or Ross will receive an invitation to join the principal and some PTO members for a tour of their new school at 3:45, just prior to the start of the open house.

We look forward to seeing you all as we embark on a new school year together!

About Cell Phones, Electronics and Toys

Students may not use cell phones during the school day. If there is a pressing need to reach your child during school hours, please contact the office.  Students who bring cell phones must turn them in to their teachers at the beginning of each day. Teachers will return cell phones at dismissal.

Students should not bring toys, including electronic games and music players, to school. While teachers always welcome donations of games and recess equipment to their classrooms, personal toys should remain at home. The trading of any toys or cards is not allowed at school because of the potential for misunderstandings and conflict. Thank you for your support!

Ross School Calendar

Please be sure to check out the Ross School Calendar on the Braintree Public Schools Website at:

Attendance and Absences

Students arriving after 8:45 are considered tardy. We urge parents to make every effort to get students to school on time, as it is unsettling to children to arrive after lessons have begun.

If your child is absent, please call the main number 781-380-0240 press 1 and provide information requested by the prompts.  Please be prepared to include child’s name, telephone #, child’s teacher and reason for absence.

Notes are required for every absence

We urge parents to make sure that students are on time each day. It can be unsettling for students when they arrive after the rest of the class has begun lessons. Classes begin immediately after morning announcements, and every minute counts. If your child struggles with getting ready on time for school, please contact Mr. McGourty or Mrs. Sullivan for help and support.

Braintree Alerts

Braintree Alerts is our school-to-parent telephone communication system. All schools in Braintree are on this system, which allows the principal or the Superintendent to send out recorded messages and emails about upcoming events or emergencies. The Braintree Alerts system was updated with our 2018-2019 enrollment information.

Please notify the office whenever your phone number (including work or cell) or email address changes, or if you are not receiving the calls.

Important News about CORI Forms

If you are thinking of volunteering for any school event this year, including field trips, you must submit a completed CORI form by November 2, 2018.  A CORI form only has to be filled out once every 3 years.  Please check with your student’s homeroom teacher to verify if a CORI is needed, before sending one in.  Look for a copy of the CORI form in the PTO packet sent home with your child.  Forms may also be obtained in the school office.

Please remember that you must submit a clear photocopy of your license with the CORI.

No adult will be permitted to volunteer at Ross School unless they have submitted a CORI form.

School Breakfast/Lunch

You will find the current school lunch and breakfast prices listed below.

Lunch (includes milk and fruit), $2.75 ($0.40 reduced price)

Breakfas, $1.25 ($0.30 reduced price)

Milk and juice, $0.50

Water and yogurt,  $0.75

Cheese, fruit, and sunflower seeds, $0.50

Second helping, $1.50

We encourage families to use the prepayment plan, if possible:

To comply with Massachusetts’s Wellness law, no outside food will be allowed in classrooms, including treats for birthdays and holiday celebrations. We strongly discourage families from sending candy or pastries as snacks or desserts at lunch.



for the Ross School Community

Show respect for
people and property.

Act responsibly

Keep yourself and
others safe.

Try your best.


Welcome New Staff to Ross and Grade Level Assignment Changes

Below is a list of staff including grade level assignment changes.

Please join us in welcoming new staff members to the Ross community!

  • Ms. Camellia Bekemeyer - speech pathologist
  • Nicole Callum – music teacher
  • Nicole Reid – Grade 5 (science focus)
  • Ms. Kenney – Grade 5 (reading focus) Long Term Substitute for Mrs. Laffin (through mid-December)

Grade Level Assignment Changes for the 2017-2018 school year:

  • Ms. Almada is returning after being on leave last year, she is teaching third grade.
  • Mrs. Hoelscher will be teaching second grade this year.

Early Release Days

The following are early release days, with dismissal at 12:10.

September 25, 2018                        December 6, 2018                           March 7, 2018

October 24, 2018                            December 21, 2018                         March 25, 2018

November 21, 2018                        January 29, 2018                             May 24, 2018

Please note that there will be NO SCHOOL on November 6, 2018.

Teachers will have a full day of professional development.

Health Notes

Mrs. Heidi Olson is Ross’ school nurse. Feel free to call her with any health concerns about your child. You can reach the nurses office by dialing the main number 781-380-0240 and selecting option 3.

In order to take any medication in school, written permission from the doctor and the parent, along with the original prescription bottle, is required.

The nurse is the only person allowed to receive medication from the parent or guardian. Under no circumstances should a child be allowed to carry his/her medication to school. We cannot accept it.


Trait(s)/Value(s) of the Month

There are countless traits or values we demonstrate which together guide us as individuals.  Below are important values featured in the Braintree Public Schools Strategic Plan. We seek to work together with families to teach, recognize and discuss the importance of these values to the development of individuals as kind, thoughtful, compassionate contributors to society.

We will take some time each month to discuss and focus on the featured trait(s) in class and through announcements and School Shares. Our monthly newsletter will also feature the Trait Value of the month. Students will be selected to receive awards recognizing the trait/value at our School Share meetings. These awards will replace the Dream, Reach, Succeed awards Ross students and families are familiar with.

September Trait/Value - Responsibility

Responsibility means doing what needs to be done to take care of yourself, your family, your friends, and the greater community. Being responsible means that others can rely on you, that you follow through on your promises. In school being responsible includes completing assignments to the best of your ability, being a good listener, contributor and classmate. Please discuss with your child what being responsible means in your home and family.  When we are responsible, we put ourselves and others in a better position to learn and achieve our goals.

Featured Traits/Values


Achievement              Creativity                   Inclusivity

September- responsibility                                           February- respect

October- perseverance                                               March- empathy

November- acceptance                                               April- honesty

December- kindness                                                    May- cooperation

January- courage                                                        June- fairness

School Pictures

School pictures will be taken on Friday, September 14. Pictures are prepaid before that date; information will be sent home soon. Hayward Photography is the company that takes the pictures, and the school receives a commission on the number of picture packages sold.

If you need financial assistance in paying for a package, please call school principal Frank McGourty at 781-380-0240.

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