Academic Support

Accelerated Reader Tests:

If you have been invited to participate in this program, please click on the link: ACCELERATED READER

  • Choose “I am a student”
  • Find story
  • Take quiz
  • Do your best!

If the student scores a 90%-100% on the quiz, they can then come to either Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Matakanski, or Mr. Riordan with their quiz grade andwe will qualify for the Fun Friday incentive. Any questions, contact Julie Murray, Reading Specialist.

Need practice with Math skills?

This online program is open to all.

Simply click on the link below:


This is a great way to prepare for Math Olympics!

Morrison’s Math Madness Month

May 2017

Dear Morrison Families, Teachers, Students, & Staff,

The following activities are taking place throughout the month of May:

1.Math Game Night: May 25th 6-7pm

Please join us for some family fun as you and your child play a variety of math games. PLEASE RSVP if you will be attending. Complete the form!

2.Poster Contest:

Each grade level is invited to participate in a themed poster contest. Prize: One winner from each grade level will be able to “be Mr. Riordan or Mrs. Petrelli” for half of the day. To be eligible to win, students must follow the poster contest rules and regulations. See math packet for additional details or Morrison’s website. Poster Due: May 19th

3.Calendar Activities:

If participating, students must complete 20 activities and turn in the calendar with work attached and signed by a parent by June 1st. All students that turn in the math calendar with the work completed will earn the opportunity to participate in an outdoor Water Fun Activity. (Water day will be in June)


1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

5th Grade

4.Math Joke/Parent Share:

Each morning during the month of May Mr. Riordan will read a math joke or family member’s job description and how they use math in their everyday life. This is a great opportunity for students to learn that math has meaning beyond the classroom. OR work together with your child to create (or google) a math joke. Please return the attached math joke/parent share form ASAP.

5.Fact Olympics & Number Day: May 26th – wear clothes with numbers!

Students will be participating in our version of the Olympics…FACT OLYMPICS!

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals will be awarded to the top 3 Fact Olympians from each grade level.

6.Estimation Candy Jar:

Students will test their estimation skills by guessing how many pieces of candy are in a jar. The student with the exact guess or closest guess will win the jar filled with CANDY to share with their classmates.

7.Greg Tang’s Spring Math Challenge Due: May 26th

Students that complete the online math challenge and turn in with a parent signature will earn a homework pass.

Happy Math Month,

If you have any questions please contact Meredith McDonnell

Morrison’s Math Madness


About the contest:

Students are invited to participate in an at-home poster contest to increase their overall awareness of math in their daily lives. Examples of posters completed in the past will be shared with students in their classrooms. Posters will be returned in June.

Grade level themes (The rubric is in the links below):

Kindergarten – Numbers are Everywhere

1st Grade – My Life in Numbers (For example: I have 2 brothers. I have 16 stuffed animals. I have 8 basketballs. I have 9 cousins, etc.)

2nd Grade – MathBall (Math & Sports)

3rd Grade – Math at the Mall (Math & Shopping)

4th Grade – Cooking with Math (Math & Food)

5th Grade – Fractions in the Real World (Show how fractions have meaning outside of the classroom)

Contest deadline:

All posters MUST be turned in by May 19th to Mrs. McDonnell. Posters can be submitted earlier.


  • 1.Posters CAN NOT be larger than 22” x 28.” NO foam poster boards.
  • 2.Grade level, name, and theme title must clearly be written on the FRONT of the poster.
  • 3.The rubric must be attached (stapled) to the bottom of the poster for proper scoring and the theme must be followed to earn the maximum amount of points. Please make sure your name is on the rubric. See attached rubric for specific grade level rules.
  • 4.Please do NOT roll posters. Posters will be returned in June.


Morrison teachers & staff


Who wants to be the principal or secretary for the day? One winner from each grade level will be able to “be Mr. Riordan or Mrs. Petrelli.”

Good Luck!

If you have any additional questions please contact Meredith McDonnell