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At the Morrison School we are proud of our students, staff, parents and programs. Along with academics, we believe that students should love to come to school. Beyond academics we have a very involved PTO, our parents support our students in a number of ways. The combination of dedicated staff, students and parents is what we believe makes the Archie T. Morrison School an exceptional place to learn and grow!

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Students are recognized on a monthly basis for exemplary achievement in citizenship and academics.

School Pride Events Special days throughout the year that promote school spirit!

Archie Todd Morrison Sr. 1891 - 1967

Archie Todd Morrison was born in Glasgow, Scotland on January, 25, 1891. He came with his family to the United States in December 1909. Their first home was in Dorchester, MA. While living there he graduated from Fisher Business College. In 1912 the family moved to Braintree. On November 26, 1913, he married Mary Strathdee of Braintree. They had four children and fourteen grandchildren.

Mr. Morrison was always interested in the education of Braintree's children, and served on the Braintree School Committee for 18 years. He was chairman of the building committee when the addition and gymnasium were constructed for the old Braintree High. He was a Braintree town meeting member, a trustee of Thayer Academy, a trustee of South Shore Hospital, a past president of the Quincy rotary Club, and a 32nd degree Mason and member of the Delta Masonic Lodge. When help was needed to move and restore the Sylvanus Thayer House, he volunteered his time and effort. He was also active in the establishment of the Braintree Golf Course.

Mr. Morrison lived in Braintree until his on October 13, 1967, at the age of 76.

From the files of the Braintree Historical Society, Marjorie P. Maxham, Librarian

Archie T. Morrison School Student Mission Statement

(Authored by the students of the Morrison School - 1997)

Our Mission as students at the Morrison School is to be kind, courteous, and cooperative. We should be respectful to our teachers and classmates as well as our school property. We should use our best effort, and work hard by listening, thinking, paying attention, following directions, and being responsible. We should set goals and look forward to success in these areas for the rest of our lives. All students should be happy with their own achievements.