School Psychologist

From Our School Psychologist, Ms. Kidd...

April, 2019

Despite March coming in like a lion, we have enjoyed meeting in our lunch bunches during the month. March lunch bunches have been focused on continuing our work with identifying size of the problem, the size of our reaction, and being active problem solvers.  Thank you for your support, and for sending your children in with peanut free lunches for lunch bunch.

We have had fun learning about and flexing our problem solving muscles, through games and role plays with our friends Puppy and Snail.  We have also shared some stories, including a few from our buddies Elephant and Piggie!

As our kindergarteners test the waters with their independent problem solving skills, our support will help build their confidence.  Helping our students to identify the size of the problem; small (I can solve it myself), medium (I need a little to some, support from an adult), or big (this is a problem for grown-ups to work together to solve), and then expressing a “you can do it” attitude, will help our students develop their confidence and independence in problem solving.  Sharing stories together, and discussing size of the problem, as well as how the characters were independent problem solvers, is also a great way to promote both reading and problem solving skills.  

In April, we will be working on inviting friends to play.  It is such a pleasure working with your children. Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or concerns.

Ms. Emily Kidd, School Psychologist