School Psychologist

From Our School Psychologist, Ms. Kidd...

December, 2018

November has been a busy month for our kindergarten friends! We are enjoying our time together in lunch bunch, and have settled nicely into our routines. Thank you for your support, and for sending your children in with peanut free lunches for lunch bunch.

During the month of November, we have been working on identifying different feelings, how some feelings are comfortable and some feelings are uncomfortable, as well as managing strong feelings. We have enjoyed songs and games together talking about our feelings, as well as some fun shared activities on managing our strong feelings. You may hear your kindergartener talking about being “stiff as a pencil”, and relaxing to a “loose yarn”, as we practiced being the boss of our muscles and relaxing them.

As our kindergarteners work on developing self-awareness of their feelings and managing those feelings, it can be overwhelming. You may see an increase in this during the holidays. There is so much fun and excitement, which is wonderful, but this can sometimes lead to big feelings. Finding a quiet moment to talk about what special family holiday events you will be participating in, and what to expect during those times, can help your child to enjoy these events even more. These quiet moments are also ideal for practicing managing feelings as well. Modeling deep breathing, relaxing our muscles, and other strategies such as counting or positive self-talk, can make it much easier for your child to engage these strategies when having a big feeling.

In January, we will be working on handling accidents, and demonstrating empathy through compassion.  It is such a pleasure working with your children! Please feel free to reach out at any time. Thank you for your collaboration in your child’s educational experience.

Ms. Emily Kidd, School Psychologist