School Psychologist

From Our School Psychologist

Fall is here!  Our new kindergarten friends are settling into their school routines as we move into the beauty of the changing season.  During this time, we will be beginning our lunch bunches and snack bunches.  I am excited to offer these sessions to our students.

Lunch/snack bunch is offered once a week during lunch/snack for students.  We work on being a good friend, a successful student, and managing our feelings.  Our lessons complement the Second Step curriculum, being shared by our classroom teachers.  The group is meant to be a fun learning environment, which empowers our students to become independent in using their “toolkit” of strategies for successfully navigating their school day.

As we start the school year, one of the initial challenges many of our kindergarteners face is separating from home, and their very important caregivers.  Oftentimes, this can feel overwhelming for our students, and can be upsetting to us as parents, too!  Happily, as our students get busy with their day, they are quickly caught up with the excitement of learning. Having predictable routines for the transition to the school day can be very helpful in reducing anxiety for our students.  For example, every morning having a set schedule of helping to get lunch, backpack and jacket together, and perhaps a special hug or handshake to say goodbye.  It can be helpful if our students are also reminded of what to look forward to after school, such as a special activity with their caregiver.  Oftentimes, our students are still working on understanding the concept of the passage of time, so these reminders can be helpful in giving them something to look forward to.

In October, we will be working on using self-talk effectively, being assertive, and identifying feelings.  I am looking forward to working with our kindergarten friends!

Please feel free to reach out at any time. Thank you for your collaboration in your child’s educational experience.

Ms. Emily Kidd, School Psychologist