School Psychologist

From Our School Psychologist, Ms. Kidd...

February, 2019

January has brought chilly weather our way, but that has not stopped us from having so much fun at MSKC! Thank you for your support, and for sending your children in with peanut free lunches for lunch bunch.

During the month of January, we have been working on more strategies for managing frustration, calming down strong feelings, and handling waiting. We have enjoyed visits from Pushy Puppy and Slow Down snail, and some fun books and activities to practice being the boss of our bodies and feelings. We even had fun voting on our favorite calming strategies.

As our kindergarteners are working so hard on their reading and math skills, frustration can sometimes arise. We may see it with our children working through their own challenges, or being patient as a friend is learning a new skill. Talking with your child about how we all have our different strengths and challenges can be helpful in developing empathy and patience with others. Sharing stories of tasks that were once hard for you, or a friend, and how you worked through your own frustration can be a great conversation starter for your own child to share their triumphs and struggles.

In February, we will be working further on managing disappointment, problem solving, and inviting others to play. It is such a pleasure working with your children! Please feel free to reach out at any time. Thank you for your collaboration in your child’s educational experience.

Ms. Emily Kidd, School Psychologist