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A Healthy Student is a More Effective Learner. School Nurses Make it Happen.

The school nurse teaches individual students, parents and staff about health and wellness issues and strives to promote an understanding of student health needs. At the elementary level, school nurses do formal classroom teaching on hand washing, dental health, hygiene, growth and development and Second Step a violence prevention program. At the secondary level, the school nurse works in collaboration with the health teacher to provide information and assist in presentations based on the needs of the student population

Braintree Public School nurses are essential members of the educational team responsible for promoting, protecting and improving the health status of all students. The unique role of the school nurse is to provide professional health care by coordinating services between home, school and community. The school nurse assists in maximizing each child's potential to learn and grow by providing the best possible health care.

Health care provided includes: identifying health problems; preventative health measures; maintaining and promoting health and learning; promoting healthy lifestyles in students, families and staff; acute and emergency care; health counseling; mandated screenings; immunization monitoring and adherence to state regulations; medication administration and evaluation; comprehensive and appropriate health education to students, parents and staff; skilled nursing care and management of children with special health care needs; individual health care planning; school nurse and parent conferences; health input to special education meetings; review and interpretation of medical and health records. Braintree Public School nurses have the professional education and expertise to function successfully in the complex system of education and health.

Massachusetts now offers free or low cost health and dental insurance to all children and teens through age 18. Call your school nurse or the Children's Medical Security Plan at 1-800-531-2229 for more information.


Physical examinations by the student's own physician are required upon entering Preschool, Kindergarten, and grades 4, 7 and 11.


Hearing Preschool, K-12

Vision Preschool, K-12

Height & Weight Preschool, K-12

Postural (scoliosis) Grades 5-9

All screenings are preformed in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations. Students may also be screened at any time during the year at a teacher or parent's request. If screening results indicate the need for follow-up care by a physician, parents/guardian will be notified in writing.