Cultural Arts



SEPTEMBER 20 – Foodplay Productions will perform "Foodplay” – it is a nutritional program that empowers kids with the skills they need to take charge of growing up healthy, happy, active, and fit!

SEPTEMBER 29 – The Blue Hills Trailside Museum and their fascinating Owl Program will be returning to visit our fourth grade to teach them about the animals they read about in the novel Owls in the Family.

OCTOBER 6 – Southwick’s Zoo will arrive with their Zoomobile to present their Animal Ecology Program to our first graders.

OCTOBER 11 – The Bay Colony Educators will be arriving to entrance our fifth graders with tales of early colonial life and times. It will truly make them appreciate their 21st century life!

NOVEMBER 16 – The MARC Program will present their bully prevention program, which helps children develop the appropriate vocabulary to understand and deal with conflict as well as bullying issues in school. Each assembly will be tailored and developmentally-appropriate for the different age levels.

DECEMBER 7 – December just wouldn’t be the same without a visit from our dear friend Sparky and her puppets to our kindergarteners.

JANUARY 11 & 12 – Do you know how to build a tee-pee? Well, our second, third and fourth graders are going to learn firsthand when Dan Cripps and his Native American Perspectives arrives to teach them about the Native American culture.

JANUARY 26 – The Blue Hills Trailside Museum will bring some very interesting animals to visit our kindergarteners! They will investigate the five senses and explore how animals interact with the environment through their senses and use their senses to survive.

FEBRUARY 15 - CBS Meteorologist, Pam Gardner, will be presenting a comprehensive weather program to the second grade students on February 15th. This is the first of two weather programs the second grade students will have this year as they study the many weather patterns across our planet.

FEBRUARY – TBD – All students will be treated to a program this month, details to follow.

MARCH 8 – Our fifth graders will learn how forces create motion, understand what work is, and discover how simple machines help us to perform a large amount of work with minimal force.

APRIL 11 – The Museum of Science will be landing at Hollis with their Starlab. Our third graders will be able to crawl inside to a galaxy of wonder and education as they learn about the stars and constellations.

MAY 3 – The Rainforest Reptile Program is returning for their second year to visit our first grade students. This “portable zoo” will showcase several animals including frogs, snakes, lizards, and an alligator!

MAY 15 & 16 – Our second graders will attend the “Weather or Not” Program, where they will discover the amazing properties of air and air pressure, touch a cloud, and watch thunder and lightning being made before their eyes!