September 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to school!  We began this year with the same  Open House format as last.  It was wonderful to see so  many families visit the school on Tuesday night.  The children really seemed to enjoy coming in and they entered the building on Wednesday with confidence and knew just where to go to find their classrooms. Our PTO officers did an amazing job serving hot dogs!   They are a dedicated group, Ms. O’Connor, Ms. Driscoll, Ms. Bartlett, and  Ms. Drew  and Mr.  Derek O’Connor is just awesome on the grill:)  Thank you for welcoming everyone back to school.

On Thursday we had an instrument demonstration for students in grade 4. If you would like to your child to participate in this program you can pick up instruments on Tuesday, September 11th at 6:00 at Braintree High School. You are also free to purchase your instrument from a different vendor. Instrument lessons will be held during the day on Wednesdays. The schedule will rotate so that children having a lesson will not miss the same subject every Wednesday.  Students are responsible for work that they miss while they have their lesson.

Please note that “Braintree Alert” is the new phone system that we are using to send messages. I will be sending out a message on Thursday, please let us know if you do not receive a call.

E-mail addresses have changed!!  We use to  Our new e-mail system uses our first name as well as last name - example:  You will find all of the teachers first names in the body of this newsletter.

Please mark your calendars for an early release on Tuesday, September 25th. Students at Highlands will be dismissed at 12:10.

Thank you to everyone that sent in their change in transportation forms. I know that parents have a lot of homework to complete with the “back to school” sign off packets that were sent home. Please try to return these to school as soon as possible.

Every Monday is school spirit day! Staff and students are encouraged to wear Braintree blue or you are free to purchase Highlands’ t-shirts and sweatshirts.

School Pictures will be taken on Thursday, September 13th. More information will be sent home.

Please keep bringing clothing  items that are no longer needed to our recycling bins. This is an amazing way to raise money for our school.

We are off to an amazing start and we look forward to working with you and educating your children during the year.


                                                                                                         Dr. Pelletier

Opening Day Ceremony, 9/5/18

Dr. Pelletier’s message to students:

1.      We believe in you. We know that you can do it! Our staff is here to help you.

2.      We’ll never give up on you, even if you give up on yourself. We will keep pushing you to be the best that you can be.

3.      Effort is important. We want you to come to school each and every day and try your hardest, give it your all. Come to school with an “I can “ attitude! Participate in class, listen, share and try to do your best.

4.      Education is important! What we teach at Highlands will help all students to be strong, intelligent, productive members of our community.

5.      Character Trait of the Month “RESPECT.” Students are encouraged to demonstrate respect for themselves, respect to others, and respect for their school and also respect for the great country that we live in.

Braintree Public Schools Handbook

The handbook is on our web page for your convenience to read. If you would like a hard copy please contact the office. You will find the Mission Statement, Values, Beliefs, and Homework Policy. There is additional information and it will give you an opportunity to see what we strive for.

Students Holding American Flags

Meet the Highlands Staff

Last Name                         First Name                         Position

Aiello                                   Karen                                   Grade 1 Teacher

Barcellos                            AnneMarie                         Grade 3 Teacher

Berry                                   Suzanne                              OT

Bregoli                                Donna                                 Para

Brewer                                Jessica                                 Grade 4 Teacher

Champagne                       Leigh                                   Art Teacher

Cook                                    Patricia

Daiute                                 Donna                                 Special Ed Para

Davidson                            Bailey                                  Art Teacher

Donahoe                            Phyllis                                  Grade 4 Teacher

Dunphy                               Kaitlin

Ellis                                      Richard                               PhysEd

Elstermeyer                       Alice                                    Admin Asst

Flynn                                    Megan                                Grade 3 Teacher

Henderson                         Pamala                                Food Services

Herrmann                           Lisa                                      Music Teacher

Higgins                                Pamala                                Food Services

Holick                                  Gina                                     Special Ed Para

Horan                                  Elizabeth                             Para

Hubbard                              Karen                                   Nurse

Hurley                                 Barbara

Hyatt                                   Susan

Joyce                                   Alison                                  Grade 1 Teacher

Judge                                   Jenna

Kayser                                 Joseph                                 Grade 5 Teacher

Kelley                                  Shannon                             Food Services

Kramer                                Steven                                 Senior Custodian

Lawless                               Joan                                     Special Ed Para

Leminen                              Kristin                                  Grade 2 Teacher

Linnane                               Lindsay                                Grade 2 Teacher

Long                                    Lisa                                      IIT  Teacher

Macaleese                         Cynthia                               Grade 1 Teacher

MacDonald                        Allison                                 Grade 5 Teacher

MacDonald                        Erin

Mannix                                Thomas                               Psychologist

McCabe                              Casey                                  K Teacher

Menard                               Heather                              Grade 3 Teacher

Murphy                               Janet                                   Special Ed Para

Nash                                    William                               Phys Ed Teacher

Naymie                               Lauren                                 Grade 4 Teacher

Nourse                                Heather                              Grade 4 Teacher

O'Driscoll                            Brid                                      Para

Peixoto                               Jeanine                               Grade 5 Teacher

Phung                                  Van                                      ELL Teacher

Powers                                James                                  Custodian

Preziosi                               Julie                                     K Teacher LTS

Quinn                                  Alicia                                   Grade 5 Teacher

Scott                                    Wagner                               Custodian

Spaulding                            Denise                                 Special Ed Para

Stanford                             Kimberlee                           Special Ed Para

Sullivan                               Sandra                                 Grade 2 Teacher

Taylor                                  Lara

Trifiletti                               Tara                                     Remedial Math

Umbro                                Shannon                             Grade 2 Teacher

West                                    Beth                                     Grade 3 Teacher

PTO Meetings

Please join us for the first PTO meeting on Wednesday, September 12th 6:30 PM. We welcome all parents! If you are new to our school, this is a great way to meet some new people. Please come and join a dedicated hardworking group of parents who toil diligently for the children at Highlands.

Future date: Oct. 11th

President: Lisa O’Connor
Vice President: Kim Driscoll
Secretary: Kelly Drew
Treasurer: Julie Bartlett

School Advisory: Michele Curran


Our web site:


School Hours

Grades K-5


Reminder: Children will not be allowed in the building until the first bell which is at 8:35 A.M.


School Pictures

Students will have school pictures taken on September 13th. You will receive a picture packet soon with more information.

Super Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to assist classroom teachers by copying, stapling, laminating, and collating papers. If you are able to donate one or two hours of time each week on a regular basis, please contact Dr. Pelletier. You will receive training on all the machines in the copy center. We are hoping to have 1 volunteer in the AM and 1 volunteer in the PM every day.

You will not just be copying for your child’s teacher, you will be assisting the entire school.

Thank you for considering this volunteer position!


You Make the Call:

If your child is absent, please call 781-380-0190 press option 1 and leave requested information child’s name, teacher, date, reason. If you don’t call us we'll call and verify absence.


Dismissal Procedures

Please help us to ensure that your child is safe at dismissal time. We have routines in place to insure that our students will arrive safely at their after school destination. At the start of the new school year we have each child classified as a walker or a bus student. These lists are provided to classroom teachers and bus drivers each day noting any changes to the child’s normal routine. If your child has a change to their end of the day schedule involving transportation, we require a note. Often times we hear, “My mom said not to go home on the bus today. She said she would pick me up.” Please drop us a note if you a change in your child’s transportation.

Back Door Dismissal

Please send in a note to let us know if you are interested in the back door dismissal. This must be done Monday—Friday so that children don’t become confused at the end of the day.

If you select this pick up procedure I ask that you back into a parking spot either against the building or  at the end of the blacktop area. You must come to the end of the ramp to pick up your child.

Drop OFF

We now have a crossing guard for drop off.   If you plan to drive your child to school, please adhere to the following procedure to insure the safety of all of our students:

1. Drive into the parking lot along the fence

2. Proceed to the sidewalk where you can drop off your child

3. All traffic must exit RIGHT on Wildwood Ave.


Early Release Days

Student Dismissal at 12:10

September 25, 2018

October 24, 2018

November 21, 2018

December 6, 2018

January 29, 2019

March 7, 2019

March 25, 2019


Communication - Braintree Alert

Please make sure to contact Ms. Elstermeyer if your phone number changes. This also includes changing your carrier.

Several automated telephone message have been sent out already. Please contact the office if you did not receive the messages. Most often messages are also sent out in a text. Again, please contact Ms. Elstermeyer if you are not receiving these communications.


The Highlander

Hard copy of the September newsletter is sent to all families. Please complete the “Going Green” form that was in your sign off opening packet to agree to view the newsletter online. If you still decide you need a hard copy we will send one home.  Highlands School is making an effort to help out the environment. Thank you!


Summer Math & Summer Reading

We will be collecting the Summer Math & Reading Bingo Packets until September 27th.

All children that submit a packet will be recognized in the October Newsletter.


CORI Checks

Only Available Through October 25th

If you are planning on volunteering, assisting on a field trip, or helping out in your child’s classroom you must fill out a CORI Form and turn it in to Mrs. Elstermeyer. We need to include a copy of your license and this has to be processed before you will be able to enter the classroom. Please make sure to do this early in the year so that we don’t have to turn anyone away and we can avoid disappointment.


Please label all of your child’s items including their lunch box.


With Thanks!

Thanks go out to our custodial staff, Mr. Kramer, Mr. Powers, and Mr. Wagner, for all of their hard work getting our building cleaned for our staff and students. We also had assistance from Brian Carney, a former student at Highlands, and he did a great job.  They take great pride in their work and strive to have Highlands clean for our students!

Our staff spent numerous hours getting classrooms set up as well. Ms. Elstermeyer was busy getting all of our new students registered as well organizing “everything” for the new school year. Thank you!!!

Welcome Back to Highlands – From the School Nurse, Mrs. Hubbard

I hope everyone had a safe and healthy summer.

Please help me to continue to meet the health care needs of your child(ren) by keeping me informed of any changes in your child’s health or emergency contact information.

Please keep in mind the following policies regarding medication administration in school:

Braintree Public School policy requires that a physician or nurse practitioner sign an order for medications to be given at school every year. A parent must also sign a consent form.

All medications must be brought to school by a parent or guardian (NOT A CHILD) in the original prescription container, and delivered directly to the school nurse. No other staff member may accept medications!

If your child needs to take medication during school hours, please contact Mrs. Hubbard at 781-380-0190 ext. 4530 for the necessary forms.


Some additional reminders:

All 4th grade physicals are due!! Please submit a copy of a physical as soon as possible, if you have not done so already.

It is a state law that all 4th graders have a physical completed within 1 year of entry into the 4th grade.

Also, “The Massachusetts Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening Program for students in grades 1 and 4 will take place at the start of school. BMI is a number calculated using a child’s age, gender, height and weight. Your child’s screening will be conducted by a trained Physical Education teacher. Please know that your child’s privacy will be respected at all times. The results of your child’s height, weight, and BMI measurements are strictly confidential. You may waive your child’s BMI screening by submitting a written notification to the school nurse.”


School Breakfast & Lunch

Breakfast is served every morning - anyone is welcomed.

Breakfast price—$1.25

Reduced price—$0.40

Lunch price—$2.75 If seconds are ordered the cost will be $1.50.

A full lunch consists of an entrée, up to two sides (fruit, veggie), an additional bread or snack (if offered with the meal), dessert (if offered with the meal) and a milk.

Water is $0.75

The price for reduced lunch is $0.40 .  Milk can be purchased for $0.50

Healthy snacks available at lunch time for $0.75 cheese sticks are $0.50. Healthy snacks include: fruit, yogurt, carrot sticks with ranch dressing, raisins and sunflower seeds.

Heritage Day 9/16/18

October 2018

Contact Information:

Highlands Elementary School
144 Wildwood Ave.
Braintree, MA  02184
781 380-0190
Principal: Dr. Nancy L. Pelletier

Administrative Assistant:
Ms. Alice Elstermeyer

School Psychologist:
Mr. Tom Mannix

School Nurse:
Ms. Karen Hubbard


Principal’s Page

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are already settled into daily routines and students are engaged in their learning!  Students are entering school each day with big smiles on their faces which is the way we like it.  Our students are getting to know new friends and they are building a nice classroom community.

Our first grade students and kindergarteners have already been to their first assembly this year.  Megan, from Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center (MARC) which is located  at Bridgewater State University, came to Highlands to present an assembly on bullying prevention.   

Megan also met with second and third graders and included information on cyber-bullying; stressing the importance of not posting inappropriate messages online.  We are finding that many students have access to cell phones and they are also engaging in online gaming where they are able to text  with others.

We will continue to focus on kindness, respect, general care of others, and other characteristics that promote positive behaviors at school. 

Boston vs Bullies will be visiting with our fourth graders starting in October and Melonie Bennett, director of Health and Wellness for the Braintree Public Schools, will be meeting with fifth graders. 

Many thanks go out to Ms. Fitzsimons for organizing our cultural arts programs for this year. We have some great performances for our students.  Pumpernickel Puppets will be presenting to Kindergarten and first graders on October 1st. Please make sure to ask the children about the show.

We are off to a great start and are looking forward to partnering with you this year.

Dr. Pelletier

Math Summer Enrichment

Mrs. Trifiletti recognizes those students who worked hard to complete Braintree’s summer math enrichment.

Grade 1:              

  • Abigail C.            
  • Rachel H.            
  • James R.                            
  • Ethan W.            
  • Kendall O.              
  • Luvena T.                           
  • Ava B.                  
  • Zoe Y.                  
  • Leile D.          

Grade 2:              

  • Madelyn B.         
  • MacKenzie M.   
  • JoJo Y.                                
  • Lyla Y.                 
  • Vaishnav M.                           
  • Ryan A.               
  • Ethan B.                             

Grade 3:              

  • Cole H.                
  • Sadie R.               
  • Juan S.                 
  • Rileigh M.           
  • Jack L.                 
  • Carrie H.                            
  • Sophie L.             
  • Dylan H.              
  • Cameron B.

Grade 4:              

  • Sarah D.              
  • Mahit S.              
  • Owen C.                             
  • Molly F.               
  • Daniel M.       
  • Lydia L.               
  • James L.              
  • Stephen B.                         
  • Gavin O.              
  • Erica B.               
  • Tristan S.                           
  • Jacky C.               
  • Erica H.

Grade 5:              

  • Kaelyn M.           
  • Sophia D.            
  • Bianca C.

Please let us know if your child’s name was not included in this recognition for completing summer math.

If your family missed this challenge, don’t worry because there will be plenty more throughout the year!!!

Greg Tang’s Games are some of the best online resources to help develop your child’s number sense and flexibility.

Pumpkin Fest/ Family Day

The Friends of Pond Meadow Park will hold a Pumpkin Fest-Family Day on Saturday, October 13th with a rain date of Sunday, October 14th, from 11:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at the park.

Hayrides, face-painting, games, pumpkins and decorations and food will be available.

Come, decorate your pumpkin, and enjoy the beauty of the park as a family.

Additional parking at Morrison School with direct access to the park.

Contact Pond Meadow Park for any further information at 781-843-7663.

Halloween Parade

Every year Highlands has a Halloween parade and students participate in a parade. Students bring their costumes to school and put them on just before the parade. Weapons of any type should not be brought to school.  This year our parade  will be held on October 31st, Wednesday, at 1:30.  This event will take place behind our school and parents and guardians are welcome to attend.  Students line up in parade format and end up sitting in a large circle.  Each grade is called up to “strike a pose” and then music is turned on.  Students have an opportunity to showcase some fancy moves and pose for pictures as well.  We hope that you can join us and view our spook-tacular parade!

PTO Meetings

Please join us for the second PTO meeting on Thursday, October 11 @ 7:00 PM. We welcome all parents! If you are new to our school, this is a great way to meet some new people. Please come and join a dedicated hardworking group of parents who toil diligently for the children at Highlands.

President: Lisa O’Connor
Vice President:  Kim Driscoll
Secretary:  Kelly Drew
Treasurer:  Julie Bartlett

School Pictures Retake Day

Lifetouch will be at Highlands on Thursday, October 18 for picture re-takes. 


If you plan to drive your child to school, please adhere to the following procedure to insure the safety of all our students:

1. Drive into the parking lot to the fence

2. Proceed to the sidewalk where you can drop off your child

3. All traffic must exit RIGHT on Wildwood Ave.

News From Nurse Hubbard

I hope everyone has settled into the new school year!

Hearing (K-3) and Vision (K-5) have been completed. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s hearing or vision please contact me.

Fourth grade parents/guardians: MA state law mandates that a student have a physical exam (within one year entry to 4th grade ) on file at the nurse office. Please send in a copy of your fourth grade student’s most recent physical. Thank you!

The Flouride program will begin in November for students in grades 3, 4, & 5. Permission slips will go home this month. Please return your permission slip with a yes or no reply.  Flouride is the most effective way to reduce the incidence of tooth decay.  Mouth rinsing with fluoride solution in school has proven to be both effective and economical.

Our Web Site highlands-elementary-school

School Hours

Grades K-5


Reminder: Children will not be allowed in the building until the first bell at 8:35.

CORI Checks

Only Available Through October 26th

If you are planning on volunteering, assisting on a field trip, or helping out in your child’s classroom you must fill out a CORI Form and turn it in to Mrs. Elstermeyer. We need to include a copy of your license and this has to be processed before you will be able to enter the classroom. Please make sure to do this early in the year so that we don’t have to turn anyone away and we can avoid disappointment.

No School - Columbus Day

Monday, October 8, 2018

Early Release Days

Student Dismissal at 12:10

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Absent Calls

Just a reminder!

Please remember to call the school in the morning before 8:00AM if you know your child is going to be absent.

Call 781-381-0190 press#1 and leave date, child’s name, and teacher’s name on answering machine.

Thank you!


The winner of the Street Sign Raffle is: Liam Oniskey

Trunk or Treat

Saturday, October 27, 2018
(Rain date Sunday October 28)
4:00-6:00 PM
Highlands Elementary School,
144 Wildwood Ave., Braintree, MA


Arrive at 3:00 – don’t be late Pop your trunk and decorate!

Classically spooky or creative and cute, Trunk or Treat at Highlands is always a hoot!

Hand out treats as kids go car to car, Show our community how great you are!

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Event opens at 3:00pm for set up All cars must be in place once “trunk or treating” begins at 4:00pm Cars will be allowed to leave at 6:15 when the event is safely over

Please ask “Community Members” to host a trunk!  Would your dentist like to join in the fun?  How about a car dealership, bank, dance studio, karate studio, the list is endless…. your family, friends, neighbors, baseball team, it doesn’t hurt to ask…. More trunks - MORE FUN!

Hosting a Trunk

To join the fun, please complete the below and return to


Contact Name:                                                            



We will host a trunk:        YES      or      NO  (circle one)

Donation (if applicable):  _______________________________________________


Local businesses Host a “Community Trunk” at

Highlands Elementary 4th Annual

All are Welcome!

Highlands Elementary School 4th Annual


Have you ever heard of “Trunk or Treat?”

At Highlands Elementary, it’s pretty neat!


Decorate your cars and SUVs

Make them funny or spooky, as you please


Arrive at 3:00, don’t be late

Pop your trunk and decorate!


It’s time to get the costumes out

 And with our school pals, “Trunk or Treat” we’ll shout!


DJ, bouncy house, great prizes and more!

At Trunk or Treat, there’s lots of fun in store


Can’t host a trunk this year?

$10 per family to join the fun – never fear


A sign up sheet will be sent home soon



Media Volunteer Sign-Up

 *CORI required*

Calling all volunteers! Mrs. Long is looking for volunteer assistance in the library. If you are interested in helping out, please complete the following,

Please check all the areas you would like to help in the media center
□ Organize, straighten library shelves (can be done before or after school)
□ Assist students in grades K & 1 with book borrowing (during media class)

* If you selected to help with book borrowing, please choose a time(s);  if not, go on to contact information section below.

□ Wed 1:20- 1:50 pm (gr. 1 MacAleese)
□ Th 12:15- 12:45 pm (gr. 1 Joyce)
□ Th 12:50 -1:20 (gr. 1 Aiello)
□ Th 1:25- 1:55 pm (gr. K Preziosi/McCabe) Contact Info

Contact information:

Your name                                                 

Student(s) name                                      




Please return this form to your classroom teacher.

Thank you! Someone will contact you shortly.



Congratulations to the following students for completing Reading Bingo!


  • Jackson M. 
  • Joseph O 
  • Flynn O 
  • Aiden K  
  • Sophie T

Grade 1:

  • Abigail C 
  • Zoe Y 
  • Maeve D
  • Ava B 
  • Luvena T 
  • Tyler D 
  • Vincent G
  • Rachel H 
  • James R 
  • Leila D
  • Savannah H   

Grade 2:

  • Jack M  
  • Alyssa C 
  • Madelyn B 
  • Lyla Y
  • Jojo Y  
  • Mackenzie M   
  • Vaishnav M 
  • Ryan A
  • Josie B   
  • Avery F  
  • Sam O

Grade 3:

  • Cy G    
  • Juan S   
  • Chloe K   
  • Nathan N
  • Rileigh M   
  • Izzy L   
  • Peter O
  • Gabriel R  
  • Tyler L     
  • Carrie H    
  • Cam  B    
  • Dylan H  
  • Bobby A  
  • Sophie L
  • Shane G    
  • Olivia W  
  • Sadie R    
  • Cole H

Grade 4:

  • Molly F  
  • Daniel M 
  • Emma M 
  • Lydia L 
  • Stephen B
  • Eoghan T  
  • Serena F  
  • Haley C  
  • Sofia O
  • Owen C   
  • Ava W   
  • Mahit S  
  • Gavin O
  • Izzy R  
  • Marissa S  
  • Aidan O  
  • Jacky C
  • Erica H 
  • Tristan S 
  • Sarah D  
  • Keith F
  • Georgia O   
  • Stella L   
  • Anikait M
  • James L

Grade 5:

  • Arianna K   
  • Gianna D    
  • Sophia R
  • Ashley K  
  • Sophia D   
  • Arya P  
  • Kaelyn M
  • Kevin F    
  • Francesca H 
  • Jasmine B
  • Bianca C

Please let us know if your child’s name was not included in this recognition for completing summer reading bingo.

November 2018

Word Doc Dear Parents & Guardians,

It was wonderful to see so many of you during conference time.  Highlands’ staff members are an amazing group of people that work tirelessly to support your children.  Each classroom has created an atmosphere of trust, respect and collaboration.  Students are taught that their words and actions can build people up or they can pull people down.  At Highlands, our goal is to build people up and we all work as a team to make this possible.

Several messages have been sent out under the heading, “Highlands Happenings”.  A text messages might include some basic information about a school spirit day or early release.  The text may also state, “please check your email for more information”.  Please contact our office if you have not received e-mail messages from Highlands so that we can make necessary changes.  Communication is IMPORTANT!  We want to make sure that you know what is taking place at school.

Many thanks go out to Ms. Branco, Ms. Chiaramida, Ms. Driscoll, Ms. Dolan  and other members of the Trunk or Treat team for putting on a great event for our students.   A little rain did not stop us from having a spook-tacular time. Everything worked out well for Sunday!  Sending out a HUGE Thank you to SHAWS for the donation of candy for our event.

Our students are participating in “Operation Holiday Cards”.  During rainy recess days or free time, students are decorating cards and including messages for our troops that will not be home during the holidays.  This act of kindness will surely put a smile on many faces.

Please make sure to mark your calendar for December 12th for our MATH NIGHT.  More information is provided in the newsletter.  Please take a moment to RSVP so that we can plan accordingly.

Please make sure to read through the newsletter for information about the Holiday Bazaar, book fair, and our Thanksgiving performances!

We are off to a great start and we are looking forward to working with you during the coming year.

Dr. Pelletier

Absent Calls

Just a reminder!

Please remember to call the school in the morning before 8:00AM if you know your child is going to be absent.

Call 781-381-0190 press #1 and leave the date, child’s name, and teacher’s name on the answering machine.

Please let Mrs. Hubbard know if you are in need of any help for the holidays.  The Marge Crispin Center can provide help this year, as in past years, and there are additional resources that Mrs. Hubbard would be happy to discuss with you!

The vision and hearing screenings have been completed for all grades. If you have not received a referral notice for your child, then he or she passed the screening. A child's vision or hearing can be rechecked at any point during the year, so if you or your child's teacher has any concerns please let Mrs. Hubbard know.

4th grade parents - By law, all 4th grade students need to have a current physical submitted to the school nurse. Current means that the physical can be within 1 year of entry into the 4th grade, 9/17-present. 

They are overdue! Please submit a physical for your child as soon as possible.

3rd grade parents - it is never too early to submit physicals.  If your child has a physical at any time during third grade, please submit it.  It will count for the 4th grade physical.

New Books

Many thanks to the Gardeners’ Guild of Braintree for these wonderful new books for our library!

No School Dates

  • Tuesday, November 6 - Teacher workshop
  • Monday, November 12 - Veterans’ Day Observed
  • Thursday, November 22 - Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday, November 23 - Thanksgiving Break

Early Release Day

  • Student Dismissal at 12:10pm
  • Wednesday, November 21


Highlands Holiday Bazaar – Friday December 7, 2018

Highlands School will again be hosting the Annual Holiday bazaar for students.  This event will give students an opportunity to purchase low cost ($1-$3) gifts for the holidays.  We invite parents and guardians to join their child(ren) and help them shop during their designated shopping time.

Please mark your calendars for this festive event.  A notice will be going out soon containing class shopping times, volunteer signup and more event details. 

We hope many of you can spare some time to help make this event a success.

Once again this year we will be hosting "A NIGHT OF GREENS" where families can purchase wreaths and other greens for the holidays.  The "NIGHT OF GREENS" will be held outside the school on Friday November 30, 2018 .

Lastly, we are requesting donations of NEW, UNOPENED TOYS to be donated to our raffle table. 
Donations can be left at the school.

If you are interested in getting involved with the bazaar please contact the Highlands PTO or event chair:  Nicole Kirwan at


Thanksgiving Show

Please mark your calendars!

  • Monday, November 19th at 9:30

    Kindergarten and Grade 1

  • Monday, November 19th at 2:00

    Grade 2, Ms. Nourse & Ms. Donahoe

  • Tuesday, November 20th at 9:30

    Grade 5

  • Tuesday, November 20th at 2:00

    Grade 3, Ms. Brewer & Ms. Naymie

Parents & guardians are invited to school to view  class presentations with a “Thanksgiving” theme.  Come and  listen to songs, poems and you may even see some amazing dance moves.  The performance will only be approximately 30-40 minutes long.  We had to separate the performances as it is usually standing room only for our shows.   Hope that you can join us. Please bring a non perishable food item for the Braintree Food Pantry if you are able!  We will make a basket and deliver it to them on Thursday!

School Spirit Wear

Are you interested in ordering spirit wear? An order form will be coming home soon. There will be a quick turn-a-round on the first order.  An additional order will be placed in December.  Keep on the lookout!

5th Grade Committee Meeting

November 5th at 7:30pm in the Cafe

Summer Reading Bingo

Congratulations to the following student for completing Reading Bingo!

  • Grade 3    Keith F

Street Sign Raffle

Congratulations to Liam Oniskey for winning the street sign raffle!  Be on the lookout for the sign unveiling!

Yankee Candle

Thank you for your support with our fundraiser.  
We also appreciate that many of you have opted for the “alternate” fundraiser and we appreciate your generosity.

Operation Holiday Cards

Check out these amazing cards that were made by the students in Ms. Aiello’s first grade.

Braintree Fire Visit Highlands

Students had a great visit from the Braintree Fire department on October 25th.