We are working to incorporate technology in an elementary-appropriate way here at Flaherty.

Every student in Braintree has been given access to a Google account. In Flaherty grades 4 and 5, students use it independently; additionally, grade 3 uses it with teacher support throughout the year. The nice thing about Google accounts is that kids can access them from any computer anywhere, and teachers can collaborate with the students right in the documents. The 4th and 5th grade portfolio days will be all online this year.

4th grade parents should know that kids will take MCAS online this year, and ELL will take access testing online as well, in January.

Classroom TechnologyCurrently we have 2 Chromebook carts of 30 Chromebooks each; 1 iPad cart with 30 iPads, 1 iPad bucket for kindergarten with 6 iPads, and 2 Netbook carts.

All classrooms have short throw projectors and ELMO document cameras, and most teachers now have Phonic Ears to amplify sound in the classroom.