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Flaherty School Garden

Flaherty School Garden












The Flaherty Elementary School Garden is part of the Mary P. Struzziero Outdoor Learning Center, named after the former school Principal, which also houses an outdoor classroom.

The garden consists of 18 raised beds which are planted each spring and fall by the students and yields vegetables such as tomatoes, lettuce, garlic, beans, green peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers, peas and various herbs much of which is served to the students in the cafeteria. This year, the school partnered with Holly Hill Farm in Cohasset to bring educators to the garden during the growing season to help with the planting and harvesting. Parent volunteers are essential to the maintenance, weeding and watering of the garden throughout the year. Since 2013 the garden has been a source of excitement and hands-on education that is invaluable to the Flaherty students' school experience.

Flaherty families are invited to join our Garden Group on Facebook to stay up to date on our garden goings-on.

Pumpkins in the Flaherty Garden

Flaherty Garden

Flaherty Garden Vegetables