Ingrid Gay

Ms Gay enjoys providing varied, creative art lessons for her students. Her philosophy is to provide structured lessons, which are creative and fun! Students enjoy exploring various media and techniques in art class. The goal of Ms Gay's classes is to make every student shine.

Library & Media

Canice Thynne

The Flaherty Library & Media site can be used to find book recommendations, access our school catalog and see your child's work. We also have resources for good sites for each content area in school. There is also a password area only where you can see picture of your children during media time. Please check regularly to see what is going on in Media!

Flaherty Library & Media Site

Life is busy, but it is important to save a few minutes to read each day. Help your child practice reading at home by reading a book together. When you share a book with your child you can model good reading habits, like identifying new vocabulary words. Readers of all ages and abilities encounter new words while reading. Good readers are able to pause and acknowledge a new word, infer its meaning, and check their understanding of the new word in the context of the passage. While reading with your child highlight new or interesting words, make connections to other words or phrases they may already know that have the same meaning, and try to use the new word in casual conversations around the home. The more interactions your child has with a new word the more likely they are to own that word and use it successfully in their reading and writing.



Tiffany Smith

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” -- Plato

Flaherty's Music program is full of very talented and lively performers in every way. I am Ms. Smith and this is my third year of being at Flaherty - I am so excited for all that we have going on. Each grade level is working hard to learn the general music skills needed to help them excel in and beyond elementary school.

In order to showcase what we do, each grade level does special performances each year. The first grade and kindergarten practice singing and rhythms with me and their classroom teachers prepare performances; our second graders have a performance of Seussical Junior in the early spring (near Dr. Seuss's birthday!); the third grade have a well practiced recorder concert in April before vacation; in early December, our fourth graders are invited to perform at a Providence Bruins game; and January and June bring joyful music by our fifth grade chorus (and our band/orchestra students) at our winter and spring concerts. We are busy with music making and I am always amazed at their excitement and readiness to learn.

Physical Education

The Elementary Physical Education Program (K-5) is aligned with The Massachusetts Comprehensive Health Curriculum Frameworks & National Standards, which de-emphasizes competition, and re-emphasizes skill attainment & self-accomplishment, with every student involved at all times: physically, mentally, & socially. Students will learn the language of movement, so that they may apply basic strategies and skills to a variety of sports and wellness activities.

Physical Education and Adaptive Physical Education Teachers

Academic Support

At Flaherty, everyone gets what they need. This could include 8-week small group math instruction on a particular topic, or extra help with phonic skills, or help making friends / social skills. Additionally, through RTI (Response to Intervention), we are able to provide children with small group instruction throughout the year.

Reading and Math Specialists

  • Marissa Sinclair
  • Sheila Ilynskii
  • Danielle Molinari


  • Mary Nelligan

Special Ed Support

  • Liz Wroblewski
  • Lora Mullin

Speech & Language

  • Angela Pierce
  • Leaf Maggio
  • Laura Larkin


  • Krista Nashawaty


  • Annie Davis

Physical Therapist

  • Cori Fennell

Occupational Therapist

  • Tracey Goodwin