Handbook & Policies

Preschool Students Play, Learn & Grow Together

We are very excited to begin a new learning adventure with your children. The high school students have been working diligently to plan a year filled with interesting, fun activities to help your child develop their social, cognitive and physical abilities.

We would like to thank you for sharing your children with us. This is a special opportunity for the high school students that could not take place if we did not have your support.


Melonie Bennett, Director
Haley McAuliffe, Lead Teacher Preschool Lab I and Lab II
Kelly Fox, Preschool Lab I teacher
Braintree High School Students

2018-2019 Handbook Word Doc

4 year olds- October 10th-May 10th
3 year olds- October 11th- May 9th

Preschool File

The preschool has a file on each child. Included in the file are the following:

  1. Application forms
  2. Informational sheet filled out by parents
  3. Written evaluations by students
  4. All correspondence to and from parents

Important Calendar Dates

There will be no school on the following days:

    • October 24 - Professional Development
    • November 6 - Professional Development
    • November 12 - Veteran's Day
    • November 21-23 - Thanksgiving
    • December 6 - Professional Development
    • December 24-January 1- Holiday Break
    • January 21 - Martin Luther King Day
    • January 23-25 - High School Exams (Tentatively)
    • January 29 - Professional Development
    • February 18-22 - Winter Break
    • March 7 - Professional Development
    • March 25 - Professional Development
    • April 15-19 - Good Friday/Spring Break

Important Telephone Numbers

  • Preschool Lab: hmacauliffe@braintreema.gov, x7173 VM- x7475
  • Braintree High School Main Number: 781-848-4000
  • Ms. McLarnon, Administrative Assistant: x 7017


For the Child:

  1. To provide a supervised environment to meet the developmental needs of the child.
  2. To help the child transition from home to a formal school experience.
  3. To help the child build his/her self-esteem, to participate with others and learn to deal with his/her feelings in a positive way.
  4. To expose the child to new experiences and to enrich their understanding of the world.
  5. For the child to feel safe and comfortable in a school environment.

For the High School Student:

  1. To help the students understand growth and development of children.
  2. To allow the students to work with the children and understand the values of learning while doing so.
  3. To allow the students to practice methods of guidance.
  4. To practice teaching skills.
  5. To gain a better self-understanding as they work with and observe the children.


The Braintree High School Preschool Program provides a variety of activities and opportunities for learning. The following are a few examples:

Active Play:

  • Classroom activities – ex. Bike riding, marching
  • Games in the gym – ex. Duck, duck, goose
  • Outside adventures - ex. Nature walks, walking on the track, chalk drawing

Dramatic Play:

  • Doll area
  • Kitchen area
  • Dress up area

Creative Materials:

  • Paints, clay
  • Blocks
  • Our own sandbox

Language Arts:

  • Reading time
  • Circle time
  • Pre-reading skills

Math Skills:

  • Number and shape identification
  • Classification


  • Singing and dancing
  • Musical instruments


  • Plants and animals
  • Weather and seasons
  • Dinosaurs


  • Beads for bracelets
  • Puzzles and board games
  • Lacing cards
  • Unifix shapes


  • Letter recognition
  • Comprehension

General Information


The preschool is located in Room 173, on the first floor of Braintree High School. Drop off and pick up will be at Door 24. YOU MAY USE THE ACCESS ROAD FOR PICK-UP. Even if the cones are out, you may go around them to line-up for dropoff and pick up.


The preschool meets from 8:15am-11:15am. Please be prompt in bringing and picking up your child. The children become very anxious when parents/guardians are not here at dismissal time. If you are arriving to school late, please call the preschool so your child’s buddy will wait for you or enter the school through the main entrance.


Parent/guardians are responsible for ALL transportation to and from school. If a child is to be transported by any other person (other than the parents/guardians); the school must be notified in writing. This is important whether it is a temporary or permanent agreement. You may send a note to school if necessary. Identification is required for any substitute driver. Since our schedule rotates, there may be a different teacher in the classroom during pickup and drop-off, so we need this communication.


  • Please do not block the access road when dropping off or picking up children.
  • Park only on the side of the road closest to the school, or in the main parking lot.
  • Please be aware of handicapped parking spaces.


  • Four year Olds - Monday/Wednesday/Friday Mid-October to Mid-May: $750 payable in three installments
  • Three Year Olds - Tuesday/Thursday Mid-October to Mid- May: $500 payable in three installments
  • At the time of acceptance into the Preschool Laboratory Program, a $50 nonrefundable fee will be charged and credited toward the final installment.



The preschool is under the direct supervision of an instructor who works with the children and students. The students in the school are high school juniors/seniors who have had basic instruction in child development.

No School

  • In the event that Braintree High School cancels school because of inclement weather of some other emergency, the preschool laboratory program will also be closed.
  • Should driving conditions be poor, the decision to transport your child is left to your judgment.


  • If Braintree High School has a one hour delay, preschool will be delayed from 8:45-11:45.
  • In the event of a two hour delay, preschool will be cancelled.


Due to the increase in food allergies, we are asking parents to provide their child with a healthy snack and drink each day. We respectfully request no snacks containing peanut products be sent to school. Please label all snacks.


If you wish to celebrate your child’s birthday during school, we request only nonfood items to be sent in. This is due to the number of food allergies that have increased significantly over the last few years.

School Visits

  • Parents/guardians are welcome to school whenever they have time to visit. It will give parents/guardians an opportunity to observe their child in the preschool experience as well as to observe the activities of the preschool.
  • When visiting, please leave all disciplining to the preschool teachers.
  • Parents/guardians should not bring other children with them if they come to observe.
  • Parents/guardians wishing to come and observe must sign in at the main entrance of the school. Advanced notice on the day you are coming, would be helpful, to let the security staff plan on your visit.

Children's Dress

  • Children should come to school in play clothes. New clothes are not always practical; old clothes are more comfortable. Be sure that the child is dressed to play outside. All children should wear a light sweater to use inside depending on the temperature of the room.
  • All children should have rubber sole for outdoor play. Please, no flip flops.
  • All children should bring in an extra set of clothes to leave in your child’s backpack. This should include a shirt and undershirt, pants and underpants, plus a pair of socks. Please label all individual items and place in a labeled plastic bag.

Bringing Toys to School

Please do not allow your child to bring toys to school unless requested to do so. The school cannot be responsible for loss or breakage.

Observations and Evaluations

  • During the year, the teacher will confer with the parents concerning any problems that may arise.
  • During the year, all high school students enrolled in the preschool program have a child they observe closely. The high school students will make a formal written evaluation concerning behavior and development patterns.

Health Services

Health Services

Children will have a vision and hearing screenings this year. More information to follow.

When children attend school regularly, social, emotional, and academic growth are significant. We understand that children are sometimes ill. Please refer to the list below when considering whether or not to send your child to school.

  • If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or above.
  • If your child has a contagious illness such as chicken pox, strep throat or flu.
  • If your child has a skin rash or condition not yet diagnosed by a physician.
  • If your child is vomiting or has diarrhea.
  • If your child’s eye is pink or red, itchy and/or drainage from the eye is present.
  • If your child has head lice or nits (eggs).

Please contact the high school nursing office if you have any questions about your child’s health or a contagious illness.

Nursing Office

  • 781-848-4000 x7032
  • Peggy Ciulla - Preschool nurse

Tuition Payment Schedule

Bring payment to school when you drop off or pick up your child.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Session:

  • Payment 1- $250.00 due Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Payment 2- $250.00 due Wednesday, January 16, 2019
  • Payment 3- $200.00 due Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Tuesday- Thursday Session:

  • Payment 1- $170.00 due Thursday, October 18, 2018
  • Payment 2- $170.00 due Thursday, January 17, 2019
  • Payment 3- $110.00 due Thursday, March 21, 2019