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The Guidance Counselors

What is a Guidance Counselor? Do I even have one?

Of course you have one! Every student at East Middle School has a guidance counselor. Students are assigned a counselor who will follow them through their middle school career. Who your counselor is depends on your last name.

What we do in the guidance office is a bigger question. Actually, we do a little bit of a lot of things, such with parents, help out with scheduling issues or concerns, support students when they are going through a hard time, celebrate the steps toward academic and personal achievement, hold lunch groups, and simply be there for our students, their families, and teachers.

How do I know if I need to see my Guidance Counselor?

Am I overwhelmed? Something is happening at home and I need to talk to an adult confidentially. I'm lost...where is the lunch room? I'm having issues with friends and/or classmates. I can't open my locker. I don't understand my schedule or something is wrong. I can't wait to show my guidance counselor my science project! All are great reasons to see your guidance counselor. There are many more instances and reasons to come visit us and we look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

What are some of the most common things students and counselors talk about?

WOW, good question...what do we talk about? Counselors meet regularly with students via individual appointments, group sessions, and classroom-based activities and workshops. Here are a few things we help with:

  • Academic planning, progress, and course selection
  • High school options
  • Personal strengths, interests, abilities
  • Social or personal concerns

Organization is the key. The secret weapon in staying organized is an ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK. Use this book and your academic experience will be off on the right foot.

Friendships. Middle school is a roller coaster ride of change. Some changes we handle very well on our own and for some, we may need a little support from Guidance. Friendships can be one of those times when a counselor can be very supportive and helpful. Some of you may maintain the same friendships throughout your three years at East Middle School. However, many of you will experience some degree of change in your friendships. This can feel uneasy and exciting at the same time. You will have incredible opportunities to meet new people and begin forming new friendships. One of the best ways to go about this is to join a club after school. You never know...

Rumors can be tough.We are all vulnerable to be part of a rumor, whether the rumor is about you, about a friend of yours, or even if you help spread the rumor. Because all of us share this vulnerability, ALL of us can help HALT the rumor by simply not passing it along to a classmate.

Family stuff. We all have it. Counselors, teachers, and families work hard together to make your experience at East the best ever. Parents and guardians often meet with your counselor and/or teachers to seek help in working through a range of concerns that may be impacting you. Below are a few scenarios:

  • A scheduling issue.
  • A family is going through a hard time and it's affecting their child's school work.
  • A parent/guardian would like an update on how their child is doing in class.
  • A student is having a hard time balancing school work with outside activities.
  • A teacher(s) have noticed a drop in their student's grades and have the guidance counselor schedule a parent conference with the parent/guardian and teacher(s).

Well that's a brief overview of what we do in Guidance. We see lots of kids for lots of different reasons.. no issue is too small or too big. The goal is to always support our students to help ensure a positive East Middle School experience for everyone.

Students or parents should feel free to contact their counselors at any time during the school year.