Our Preschool Program

Our Preschool Follows the Little Treasures curriculum produced by the MacMillan Publishing group. It is a great program that incorporates all of the Massachusetts Early Childhood Frameworks in all content areas with its focus on early literacy.Please feel free to visit the website: http://treasures.macmillanmh.com/prek-little-treas...

Content areas of our preschool include but are not limited to pre-readiness, phonological awareness, language arts, math, science, social studies, music, art, fine motor, gross motor and social skills.These areas will be incorporated into our daily routine.

We are also focus on a social skills curriculum.This curriculum teaches classroom rules, understanding and coping with feelings as well as problem-solving skills.

Unit 1:Who We Are

    • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness: Initial letter and sound in our names, syllables, rhyming
    • Letters:Introduce Alphabet, sing songs, Upper case versus Lowercase
    • Science:5 Senses, Exploring Pumpkins, Discrimination
    • Social Studies:I live in America, Our Flag
    • Math: Attributes; Colors, Math All Around, Size Discrimination
    • Stories: Hooray for Pre-K, Eyes , Nose, Fingers and Toes, ABC, I Like ME
    • Songs:Merry Wore her Red Dress, My Thumbs Are Starting to Wiggle, Listening Games

Unit 2: Making Friends

    • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness: Initial letter and sound in our names, syllables, rhyming
    • Letters:A (week 1), M (week 2), S (week3)
    • Science:Rocks, Predicting, Sorting and Classifying
    • Social Studies: Friends Around the World, Sharing, Following Rules
    • Math:2D & 3D Shapes, Textures
    • Stories: Friends All Around, Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan, ABC and You and Me
    • Songs:Looby Loo, Merrily We Roll Along, Gigue,(From sonata for violin and continuo by Arcangelo Corelli)

Unit 3: Families

  • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness: Initial sounds, Syllables, Rhyme
  • Letters:P (week 1) T (week 2), I (week 3)
  • Science:Magnets, Plants, Day/Night
  • Social Studies:My Home, Around the World, Thanksgiving
  • Math:Alike/Different, Sort/Classify
  • Stories:Flora’s Blanket, Bee-bim Bop, Uno, Dos, Tres: One, Two, Three
  • Songs: If You’re Happy and You Know It, Hush Little Baby

Unit 4: Food

  • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness: Syllables, Initial Sounds, Alliteration
  • Letters:N (week 1) C (week 2), O (week 3)
  • Science:From Seed to Sprout, Matter Changes, Plants We Eat
  • Social Studies: From Farm to Table, Food Jobs
  • Math:Position, Ordinal numbers, Directions
  • Stories:Apples and Bananas, Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow, Festival Dance

Unit 5:Our Neighborhood

  • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness:: Blend Syllables, Segment Words (Syllables), Rhymes
  • Letters:F (week 1), H (week 2), D (week3)
  • Science:Mini Landforms, Trees and insects.
  • Social Studies:Neighborhoods, Buildings and Police Station.
  • Math:Five Frame, Count 1-5, Make sets of five and zero
  • Stories:Bear About Town, Kimberly Maddox and Cassie’s Word Quilt
  • Songs:The Mulberry Bush, London Bridge,Allemande Tripla, Jingle Bells Around the World, Holiday Music

Unit 6: Transportation

  • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological AwarenessSegment words by onset & rime, Alliteration
  • Letters:R(week 1), E(week 2), B(week3)
  • Science:Weather, Calendar, Ground to travel on, Ocean or Lake
  • Social Studies:Here to There, All types of Vehicles, A Fire Station
  • Math:Patterns, Create Patterns, Extend Patterns, Introduce Ten Frame
  • Stories:I Love Planes, Clickety Clack, Boats
  • Songs: The Wheels on the Bus, Engine, Engine, Number Nine

Unit 7: : Animals All Around Us

  • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness:Initial Sounds. Identify letters in print, Size words. Blend words, Distinguish letters from numbers, Rhyme, Match letters and sounds
  • Letters: L (week 1), K (week 2), U (week 3)
  • Science:How Do Animals Grow?
  • Social Studies:Taking Care of Animals
  • Math:Numbers to 10
  • Stories:Moo Moo,Brown Cow, Clifford the Small Red Puppy, Farms ABC
  • Songs: Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Bingo, Funeral March ofa Marionette

Unit 8: Nature

  • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness: Initial sounds, Match letters and sounds
  • Letters:G (week 1), W(week 2), X (week3)
  • Science:All parts of nature.
  • Social Studies:Holidays in every Season.
  • Math:Measurement
  • Stories:Spring is Here, Growing Like Me, What Makes the Seasons
  • Songs: Rain, Rain, Go Away.Hop, Hop, Hop.Muss I denn. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Unit 9: Animals in the Wild

  • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness: Initial Sounds
  • Letters:V (week 1), J(week 2), Q(week3)
  • Science:Fly, Swim or Walk?
  • Social Studies:Where Do Animals Live?
  • Math:Data and Graphs
  • Stories:Over in the Grasslands, Moving Day, Miss Spider’s ABC
  • Songs: Six Little Ducks, Sing A Song of Sixpence, Tortoises, 1,2,3,4,5, Caught a Fish Alive

Unit 10: Health and Fitness

  • Alphabet Recognition/Phonological Awareness: Initial Sounds
  • Letters:Y (week 1) Z (week 2) Review the alphabet
  • Science:Planting seeds and watching them grow.
  • Social Studies:Where do ocean animals and insects live?
  • Math:Arithmetic/Numbers
  • Stories:From Head to Toe, Yao Ming, Dr. Seuss’s ABC
  • Songs:Teddy Bear, Mi cuerpo, Gogo, Minuet II