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❝One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.❞
‒Frank Smith


The Department of World Languages offers a wide array of courses from the first year of language study through Advanced Placement in French and Spanish. All courses are aligned with the Massachusetts Frameworks in Foreign Language Study and develop proficiency in Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, and Communities.

Advantages of World Language study:

  • Understand other cultures and peoples
  • Communicate well in other languages and better in your native tongue
  • Improve critical thinking skills and mental flexibility
  • Enhance career options

Foreign language teachers at BHS are dedicated educators with a love for language and a passion for different cultures. Our teachers include experienced veterans and exuberant young faculty members who share teaching strategies and ideas in order to ensure top notch professional education. These linguists provide their leadership and skills in numerous after school activities such as sports, clubs, and music.The foreign language department looks forward to helping their students grow into confident multilingual speakers.

Director of World Languages

Gail Ward

Phone Numbers:
School: 781-848-4000 ext. 7850
Please contact World Language Director, Gail Ward, with any questions

World Language Teachers


Hillary Carpinella

Mercedes Gutierrez Garcia

Melissa Heller

Kathryn Holt

Anny Jameson

Kevin Jameson

Jeanine McKinnies

James Nichols

Jessica Noone

Abigail Nunez

Micaela Palermo

Cristina Young


Hillary Carpinella

Maria Cortez

Melissa Heller

Meghan Murphy