Program of Studies

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To Parents and Students:

On behalf of the faculty, staff, guidance department and administration, we are proud to offer parents and students this comprehensive description of course offerings and services available at Braintree High School.

We encourage families to review the course descriptions, prerequisites and appropriate levels of expectations listed under each curriculum area.  Our fundamental core values at BHS call for us to provide a rigorous curriculum that all learners can encounter and master according to their individual strengths and needs.  Accordingly, we believe that the courses outlined in this Program of Studies supports educational excellence for all students.

The wide range of opportunities listed in this Program of Studies may be difficult to navigate at times; please contact the Guidance Office if you have any questions about individual courses or the process involved in selecting them.

Best wishes for continued success.

Dr. Christopher Scully

2018-2019 Braintree High School Printable Program of Studies

Click here for the 2017 - 2018 Braintree High School Program of Studies

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TV & Video / Broadcast Journalism

Social Studies

Soul of a Nation

Global Issues


Contemporary Law

AP Psychology

History of Sports


Public Speaking

History of Braintree

AP European History

AP Government & Politics

AP Human Geography


Astronomy / Astrophysics


Computer Science

Family and Consumer Sciences

Preschool Laboratory

Human Development & Parenting

Nutrition and Fitness



Music Technology

Fine Arts

Design 1 & 2

Media 1&2

Fine Arts 1&2

3D Design