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1 March 2019

March can be a challenging month in schools, given inclement weather and the uninterrupted stretch of weeks between February and April breaks.  And so weekends like the one coming up are important, both for raising spirits and for showcasing the many and varied talents of BHS students.  In the next 48 hours alone, 

  • Girls basketball play their second tournament game, against Mansfield, here in Herget Gymnasium
  • The Theatre Guild travels to Case High School in Swansea to perform in the first round of the Massachusetts State Theatre Festival
  • Boys hockey opens their tournament run, taking on Barnstable in Bourne
  • Two BHS singers perform with the All-State chorus, in Symphony Hall
  • Girls hockey plays in the next round of the tournament, facing off against Boston Latin in Canton
  • Dance and Cheer look to continue their recent successes, competing in their state and sectional championships, respectively

Obviously this one weekend's worth of events is a small sample of what BHS students are up to.  To give a sense of everything else going on at the school, during the past week:

  • Over 50 students returned to BHS after a highly successful trip to Austria and Germany over February break, sponsored by the History department and chaperoned by BHS faculty members
  • The guidance department presented to over 200 parents at the annual 8th grade parent orientation
  • The state released BHS's dropout and graduation rate data, both of which which remained incredible.  2018's dropout rate of 0.5% was the lowest in eight years, and a fraction of the state average.  The graduation rate continued to be excellent: almost 95% of BHS students graduate with their class, and over 98% of students who enter BHS as ninth graders graduate within five years of starting high school.

This is just a sample of the good news that we experience every week here at Braintree High School, and we're looking forward to this weekend resulting in even more.




31 January 2019

It has been an incredibly successful artistic and athletic winter season here at BHS.  Below are just a sampling of the many honors, accolades, and qualifications earned by BHS students:

·        Brendan McMullin and Anthony Samuel have been accepted to the All-State Chorus and will perform in Symphony Hall in March.

·        The girls hockey and girls basketball teams have qualified for their respective state tournaments.

·        The following track & field athletes have qualified for the state meet:

                              Jack Collins – long jump
                              Molly Joyce – 300m
                              Ella Tenney – 600m
                              Kaitlyn O’Rourke – 1000m, mile
                              Samantha DePaolo – one mile and two mile
                              Cecilia Hafferty – one mile and two mile
                              Shallen James – shot put

·        As well as the following relay teams:

                              4 X 800m     Kaitlyn O’Rourke, Ella Tenney, Ava Morrissey, Olivia Corbo, Cecilia Hafferty,
                                                   Samantha DePaolo
                              4 X 400m     Kaitlyn O’Rourke, Ava Morrissey, Caroline Coughlin, Ella Tenney
                                                   Mary Kate Higgins, Molly Joyce
                              4 X 200m     Shallen James, Mary Kate Higgins, Molly Joyce, Caroline Carey,
                                                   Kathryn Martin (members of which broke the school record!)


·        Rob Martins was named courageous football player of the year by the Massachusetts Football Coaches Association

·        Boys hockey players Jeremy Souza and Aidan Flynn, and Girls hockey players Abby Holland and Delia Lee all named to play in the Senior Shriners All Star game

·        Several Coaches also reached milestones or earned accolades:

o   Girls Basketball coach McDonnell won her 200th game here at BHS

o   Wrestling coach Dundon won his 200th career match

o   Baseball coach O’Connell was named Northeast Coach of the Year by NFHS

9 January 2019

BHS Families:

On Thursday, January 17th, Braintree High School will implement a significant change to our campus traffic pattern.  On that day, we will relocate all car drop off and pick up from its current location in the front student parking lot to the traffic circle in the rear of the building.  This shift, developed through consultation with the Braintree Public Schools central office and the Braintree Police Department, is intended to make car drop off and pick up safer and more convenient for families and students, as well as to relieve some of the crowding in the front parking lot that has resulted from ongoing construction-related activities.

Below is a summary of the changes that will go into effect on that day:


  • All car drop off and pick up will take place in the rear of the building; no drop off or pick up will be          allowed in the front parking lot
  • The rear traffic circle will become one way, moving in a counterclockwise direction
  • The newly-built roads from Town Street to the rear circle will open to traffic; each will be one way, similar to the roads that connect the front circle to Town Street
  • Please note that the rear circle will still be accessible from Franklin Street via the LeRoy Way access road; those who use that route for drop off and pick up may continue to do so


Student drivers should note that while entrance and exit patterns in the front parking lot will remain unchanged, additional traffic barriers will help mark out exit routes

While the BHS administration is excited about the increase in safety and convenience that these changes will bring, we also acknowledge that a change of this significance will require ongoing monitoring.  To that end, administrators, security personnel, and Braintree police officers will assist in making sure that the first several days of the new pattern go smoothly for all drivers.  At the same time, we encourage anyone driving to campus – whether to park and enter the building themselves, or to drop off a passenger – to give themselves extra time during the initial implementation.

Along those lines, here are a few reminders intended to help the transition to the campus’s new pattern go well:


  • Please remember that the rear circle will become a one-way rotary at all times; travel on the side closest to the rear faculty parking lot will only be toward LeRoy Way and away from Town Street
  • Please do not use neighborhood roads, such as Town Street and Glendale Road, as drop off or pick up areas; doing so slows traffic for everyone, inconveniences neighbors, and can be unsafe
  • Please pull all the way forward when dropping off in the rear of the building, so that as many cars as possible can let out their passengers at the same time
  • Consistent with past practice, we encourage anyone picking up students in the afternoon to do so after 2:15, once all buses have left campus; at that point, both the front and rear circles will be open to car traffic


If you have any questions about the new traffic pattern or its implementation, please do not hesitate to contact your housemaster’s office.





19 December 2018

BHS Families:

On behalf of the entire administrative team here at Braintree High School, I wanted to thank everyone for their cooperation during yesterday’s early dismissal.  When the water supply to the building became interrupted and forced us to institute an early dismissal, students, staff, and families all reacted quickly and efficiently.  As a result, what could have been a difficult situation was handled with a minimum of disruption.

Yesterday's dismissal also served as a “dress rehearsal” of sorts for the upcoming change to our campus traffic pattern.  Many of you were able to utilize the new access roads in the rear of the building, which were opened to traffic and allowed cars picking up students in the back of the building to enter from and exit onto Town Street easily and quickly.  Early in the new year, we will relocate all car drop off and pick up to the rear of the building; once school resumes in January, and several days prior to the implementation date, we will provide students and families with directions and diagrams detailing the changes. 

And speaking of the new year: as we approach the winter break and the festive time that accompanies it, all of us here at BHS want to wish the entire school community a joyous and restful vacation, and offer our best wishes for a wonderful New Year!




7 December 2018We rightly celebrate many different achievements here at Braintree High, and the variety that can be found among the many honors that our students win demonstrates the variety of their talents, interests, and gifts.  Acknowledging the many things that BHS students achieve publicly - performances, community service projects, athletic contests - is a joy for all of us, but it is challenging to acknowledge the quiet, daily effort that goes in to students achieving in the classroom.  And so it is with great pleasure that I get to share this recent photo, of all the students who made Honor Roll during the first term.  Great job, and congratulations!


16 November 2018Most every day here at Braintree High is a special one, but some stand out as examples of how this institution is so important to the lives of the adults who work here, the community at large, and, most importantly, to the students who work so hard each and every day.  This past Friday, November 9, was just such a day.  On that day, the students of BHS demonstrated through their actions how they embody the principles that make this school so great.  Here are just a few:

  • Members of the Veterans Appreciation Club hosted several dozen speakers, all of them veterans, and many from the ranks of BHS faculty.  Over the course of the day, these speakers spread out throughout the school and shared with hundreds of students their experiences as members of various branches of the armed services.  
  • Almost thirty students in our MVP program received training on how to be mentors in violence prevention.  These students engaged in difficult conversations about challenging topics, and learned how to recognize and prevent relationship violence when they see it.  In doing so, they not only became experts on the topic, but also made themselves an invaluable resource to their peers and their school.
  • Two members of the BHS swim and dive team were recognized at the MIAA's first ever swimming and diving recognition breakfast.  These BHS student athletes were honored not only for their outstanding athletic performance, but also for being leaders on their team and in their school.
  • And finally, nearly one hundred student artists participated in the third performance of the Theatre Guild's production of "Applause," which over the course of its run played to over a thousand audience members.  Both the onstage performances and the backstage technical elements were outstanding, as evidenced by the enthusiasm of the company and their audiences alike.

While this particular day might have been an exceptional one, it wasn't by much: every day of the school year, in their academic, artistic, and athletic pursuits, as members of the school community and as citizens of the broader community, BHS students are doing amazing things.






26 October 2018The past several weeks have seen a tremendous display of spirit, achievement, and excellence here at Braintree High School.  BHS students have demonstrated their skills as students, as artists, as athletes, and as involved citizens of the world.  Just a few highlights include:

  • Students had their BHS pride on display for Spirit Week, particularly for class colors day and for Friday's Blue and White.  A big crowd turned out for the football team's homecoming game, and then the week ended with one of the most-highly attended Homecoming Dances in recent years.  The Student Council did a great job with planning the week, and the Athletic Department put on a much-enjoyed dance.
  • The National Art Honor Society hosted a number of area schools for a Saturday conference, during which students not only learned about their field but also created alongside their peers from other communities.  Attendees also heard from a BHS alum who is now a working artist in the area.
  • Members of the BHS SADD chapter attended a conference in Quincy with their peers from that city's two high schools, at which they presented on best practices from the past year.  A few days later, nearly one hundred members came together for a photograph celebrating Red Ribbon Week, during which students and families pledge to live safe, healthy, and drug-free.
  • Multiple athletic teams qualified for playoff and post-season play, including the Football team, the Boys' Golf team, and the Field Hockey team.
  • Members of the Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra gave rousing performances at their fall concert, with pieces from both classical and contemporary composers.  Students demonstrated keen ensemble playing skills, as well as great enthusiasm for their music.
  • Finally, ten BHS students were recognized as Commended Students by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation for their outstanding performance on the 2017 PSAT exam.  Only 50,000 students out of 1.6 million test takers earn this distinction across the country, with Massachusetts being the most difficult state in which to qualify.

As you can see, Braintree High School students achieve at incredible levels almost as a matter of course.  Congratulations to all of the students, teams, and organizations listed above!





5 October 2018

Last night, the guidance department offered an orientation program for the parents of first-year students.  Mr. Garofalo organized the evening and spoke on a number of topics, while Dr. Ford-Clark talked about helping students to make the many social and emotional transitions that high school entails, and I had a chance to highlight some of the elements of BHS that support our mission of PRIDE.  

The presentation included useful information about both academic and extra-curricular activities here at the school, and is included here for the parents and guardians of first-year students who missed the evening and even for the parents of students already at BHS who might be interested.


First-Year Parent Orientation Presentation

20 September 2018We're in the middle of a terrific PRIDE week here at BHS, during which we celebrate the essence of our mission as a school.  Today we talked about Diversity, the D in PRIDE, and thought about both the evolving face of our school and about how better understanding difference can help bring about unity.

The Cultural Awareness Club put together a brief presentation that we watched as a school during homeroom period.  The presentation provides some interesting facts about BHS, as well as a short film that brings alive some of today's key ideas.



11 September 2018Below is the message that was read prior to BHS observing a school-wide moment of silence this afternoon:


Seventeen years ago today, on September 11th, 2001, a terrorist attack took the lives of nearly 3000 Americans at the World Trade Center in Manhattan, the Pentagon, and rural Pennsylvania.

Today, on this September 11th, Americans join together across the country in solidarity not only to mourn the loss of these lives and support their loved ones, but also to commemorate the many acts of courage and heroism that arose that day.

On that day and immediately afterward, police, firefighters, EMTs, military personnel, and citizens from all walks of life demonstrated humanity and bravery in their efforts to serve and help others.

On this day, a National Day of Service and Remembrance, we renew our belief in what those who lived, died, and served on that day taught us: that in the face of fear and tragedy, we have always and will always stand together as a nation to show love, compassion, patriotism, and the resilience of the American spirit.

At this time, I ask everyone to join in a brief moment of silence.


Back to School Night

This coming Thursday, September 13, 2018, BHS will host our annual Back to School Night, which gives parents and guardians a chance to meet their children’s teachers.  Our entire faculty looks forward to introducing themselves and sharing with you their expectations for the upcoming school year.

The evening begins in the gymnasium at 6:00 p.m. and will conclude at 8:00 p.m.  In between, you will have a chance to follow your child’s daily schedule, attending classes for ten minute periods.  Teachers will review the course syllabus, grading procedures, classroom expectations, homework, and various types of assignments given in their class. 

Because the structure of the evening does not allow for individual meetings with guidance counselors, they will instead be available at Parent Conference night later this fall.  In addition, counselors run a series of evening programs for parents throughout the school year, starting with the Grade 9 Parent Orientation on Thursday, October 4.  On Back to School Night, our director of guidance, Anthony Garofalo, will be available in the guidance office to answer questions and address concerns. 

Being new to the building myself, I am also looking forward to meeting many of you on that night.  I will be located in the main lobby throughout the evening, and encourage you to come by to say hello during a study period or any other open time.

Below you will find a blank schedule that your child should fill out with the room number and the name of the teacher for each of their classes.  On the evening itself, members of the National Honor Society will be available throughout the school to direct you to your classrooms. 

We look forward to collaborating with you throughout the school year and hope you are able to attend Back to School Night!



Back to School Night schedule template

Student Schedule template

SCHEDULE FOR DAY 1                      STUDENT’S NAME:  _____________________

                                  Course Name                  Teacher’s Name             Room Number


A Block



B Block



C Block



D Block



E Block



F Block



G Block (from Day 2)


6 September 2018

What a terrific start!This week was a great opening for BHS.  On Tuesday, teachers returned for a full day of preparation and setting up.  That night, nearly every member of the class of 2022 attended our second annual Orientation night for first-year students.  On that night, freshmen had a chance to hear about the coming year, meet teachers, and find their classrooms with the help of dozens of student and faculty volunteers.  The night was topped off with ice cream in the cafeteria, setting the tone for what will be a great four years.

(As I mentioned to the class of 2022 when we all gathered in the gym at the start of the evening, this is my first year, too.  If they ever feel a little lost in their new school, they should remember that their Headmaster might be feeling the same way!)

On Wednesday, school began for all students in grades 9 - 12.  Students followed a modified schedule that allowed them to meet with all of their teachers and attend important meetings with their Housemaster and the guidance department.  In addition, homeroom teachers held sessions specifically tailored to the needs of students in each grade, ranging from introductory lessons on important technology tools to workshops on being a leader in the building.

Today saw teaching and learning in full swing.  Classrooms throughout the building were abuzz with excitement and engaging lessons.  A short walk down even one hallway saw creative design projects, Spanish students conducting class in their target language, challenging writing assignments, new vocabulary, and cooperative work on math problems. Even with the warm weather, everyone was focused and already diving into their course work.  

Great start, BHS!

29 August 2018

Just a week to go until the start of school!

Just a week to go until the start of the school year, and things are coming into shape for the first day.  Multiple construction projects are wrapping up, including the ceiling tiles and lights in the hallways and the entire re-painted cafeteria ceiling, and teachers have been busily preparing their rooms and lessons for next week.  Just today, BHS hosted the district-wide New Educators' Orientation, at which a dozen teachers, counselors, and support providers who will be starting at BHS learned about how our school works.  The three Housemasters created an engaging presentation for the new staff members, who were all excited to get started on the new year.

Speaking of that start: Here is a quick reminder about next week's schedule, which many of you may have recently received in an email:

  • Tuesday, September 4th:             

Freshman Orientation will take place from 5:30 – 7:00.  This event, for incoming students only, will begin in the gym lobby and give students an opportunity to meet their guidance counselors, find where their homeroom and classes meet, tour the entire building, learn from returning BHS students about how to get involved in their school, and generally become prepared for the start of classes.  The event culminates with an ice cream social in the lobby itself.

  • Wednesday, September 5th:

Again this year, all students in grades 9 – 12 will report to BHS at 7:35 on Wednesday.  Students will start the day in their homerooms and then have an opportunity to meet with all of their classes.  In the middle of the day, students will attend brief sessions specifically designed to give them information students in their grade will need for the year.

  • Thursday, September 6th:

All students in grades 9 – 12 will have a regular school day, starting in their homerooms and meeting with all of their classes.

  • Friday, September 7th:

There will be no school on this day, as all Braintree Public School staff will be attending a district-wide training

Below I've also posted a letter about the Petersen Pool project, which will bring to the campus both an incredible new facility and, at some point in the fall, some changes to its traffic pattern.  For the start of the year, all arrival and dismissal procedures will be the same as they were at the end of last school year.  If you have any questions about getting to and from school, feel free to contact your housemaster.

This week's heat has made it feel like the middle of summer, but the calendar tells us that September - and the start of the school year - is right around the corner.  The energy and the excitement in the building is growing each day, and we are all looking forward to next week.




Communication about the Petersen Pool Project

Petersen Pool Project

                                                                                                                        August 29, 2018

BHS Students and Families:

As many of you have likely heard, the town of Braintree recently gave final approval to the eagerly anticipated Petersen Pool project, which will feature two ice rinks and a competition-sized pool.  Once opened, it will be an incredible resource not only for the entire town of Braintree, but also for the many BHS student-athletes who compete on teams that will use the facility. 

It is anticipated that construction on the project will require modifications to campus traffic patterns.  Crews have already blocked off a section of the student parking lot nearest to the stadium as part of their preliminary work. They have also begun the process of increasing access to the campus, and should complete multiple improvements shortly. 

As a school, we have worked with town and district officials to develop plans to mitigate the effects of the construction.  As the needs of the project evolve over the course of the year, we will provide timely notification to the BHS community of any changes to our existing traffic patterns.  Modifications that may be implemented in the coming weeks include additional or alternative locations for student parking and expanded access for parent drop off and pick up. 

In the meantime, we wanted to share with everyone the campus’s current traffic flow.  Last year, BHS implemented new procedures that significantly increased the efficiency of both arrival and dismissal.  Here are some guidelines:

Student Drivers:

  • As in past years, register your car by filling out a parking permit application during the first week of school in homeroom
  • Use the front parking lot, and fill available spaces nearest to the athletic fields first; only when these are full should students park in the spaces closest to Town Street
  • Travel in a counter-clockwise direction; in other words, all traffic should turn right after entering the parking lot from Town Street.  During dismissal, all traffic should travel towards the far end of the parking lot, follow the perimeter of the construction area, and then turn left towards the exit to Town Street

o   Cars will not be able to exit by driving in “reverse direction”

o   Barriers will limit travel to the directions noted above


Parent Drop Off and Pick Up

  • From 7:00 - 7:30 and from 1:45 - 2:15, the front bus loop will be open to bus traffic only; no parent drop off or pick up is allowed in this area at those times
  • Parent drop off and pick up will be available in two locations:

o   Rear of the school, via John Leroy Access Road: Please pull all the way forward to the second rear entrance to the building before stopping

o   Front student parking lot, via Town Street: Please pull all the way forward to the far end of the lot, adjacent to the playing fields, when dropping off.  When exiting, travel towards the far end of the parking lot, follow the perimeter of the construction area, and then turn left towards the exit to Town Street.

o   Please do not use neighborhood streets around the school for drop off and pick up

We recognize that any future changes to the current traffic patterns or to student parking procedures may cause some families to adjust their schedules.  With that in mind, we are committed to giving the BHS community ample notice before any future changes are implemented. 

In closing, I’d like to emphasize two points.  In the Petersen Pool project, Braintree High School will be getting a world-class facility for its students’ use, and while we recognize that construction will result in some hardships, we all remain grateful for both Capt. Petersen’s initial bequest and the town leadership that has made it a reality.  Even more importantly, we want to assure the entire BHS community that student safety remains, as always, our first priority, and we assure you that any changes to the existing campus traffic flow will be made with that in mind.

If you have any questions about the project or the upcoming changes, feel free to contact your housemaster’s office or my office directly.


Dr. Christopher Scully

14 August 2018Greetings from Braintree High School!It seems hard to believe, but we are nearly half-way through August and just three weeks away from the start of school!  Around the campus, however, it feels like things never stopped: in the two weeks since I officially became Braintree High School's new Headmaster, the level of activity has been amazing.  SAT classes, extended-year programs, strength and conditioning workouts, pre-season practices - on many days, the school has felt like it was already in full swing.

The building has also been busy with a number of exciting renovation projects.  On the outside, a re-constructed parking lot, new curb cuts and walkways, and targeted landscaping have brightened and updated the approaches to the building.  On the inside, several projects are coming to a conclusion and changing the look of the school itself.  Hallways and the Media Center are receiving new lighting and new ceiling tiles, new bathrooms are being constructed in the gym area and existing bathrooms are being renovated, the cafeteria ceiling is being painted, and a new security grate is being installed between the gym lobby and the main building.  And during all this, our own custodial and maintenance staffs are working extra hard to make the building shine and have it ready to open in September.  The changes look fantastic, and I think returning students and staff will be amazed at how fresh BHS looks.

Again this year, first-year students will get the first chance to see how the building looks at our Orientation Night, to be held on Tuesday, September 4th, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.  You can read more details in the letter below.  The first day of school for all students will be Wednesday, September 5th.  A letter for returning students is also included below.

Whether you are reporting for the start of practices, wrapping up your summer reading, getting ready for a challenging course, or just picking up some new school supplies, this is always an exciting time of the year.  Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we'll see you all soon!


Dr. Christopher Scully


Back-to-School Letters for Students and Parents

First-Year students and parents

                                                                                                                        August 8, 2018

Welcome First-year Students and Families!

Back to school is always about new beginnings – new teachers, new classes; new teams, new productions – but for students entering high school, everything is new.  Here at Braintree High School, we’ve all been working hard to get the school ready for the start of the year, and to welcome a new ninth-grade class into the BHS community.  We are also eager to share the school’s many new changes, including additional teachers, new support staff, and multiple renovation projects throughout the building.  And, as someone in their first year at BHS myself, I am truly looking forward to sharing the experience with the Class of 2022.

To help make sure everyone is ready for the year, we would like to invite all entering ninth graders to a student-only evening program on Tuesday, September 4th, from 5:30 to 7:00.  Students will begin the program in their homerooms, where they will receive schedules and locker assignments, before being taken on tours of the building by current student leaders.  The evening will conclude with small-group sessions led by teacher volunteers and the always anticipated ice cream social in the main lobby.  Students who are unable to attend will receive their schedules and locker assignments the next day in homeroom.

On the official first day of school, Wednesday, September 5th, students will meet with all of their classes, along with their guidance counselor and housemaster.  In addition, they will attend brief sessions on important technology skills and on peer leadership.  We are excited about the chance to welcome the Class of 2022, and have designed these orientation activities to alleviate any anxieties associated with starting in a new school. 

A few other points about the start of the year:

·        Bring Your Own Device:  This year will be the second of our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative; more information about BYOD is available on the Technology page of the BPS website.  To prepare for the start of the year, we encourage all ninth graders to bring their personal devices to a set-up session in the Media Center, offered on August 20, 22, 29, and 30, starting each hour, on the hour between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

·        Emergency Card:  Enclosed with letters mailed to parents and guardians is a card that we ask be completed and returned to school.  These cards will be held in the BHS nurse’s office and consulted only in the event of an emergency.

·        Summer Reading:  BHS summer reading is student-centered and engaging. Students who have not yet completed their summer reading can find assignments under the Student Life tab of the BPS website.

·        Back to School Night:  Once again this year, we invite all parents and guardians to attend our Back to School Night, on Thursday September 14th, from 6:00 to 8:00.  During this time, you will have an opportunity to hear from BHS administrators and meet your child’s teachers.  Parents and guardians report finding the evening very helpful, and we hope to see you there!

Enjoy the rest of the summer, welcome to BHS, and please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.


Dr. Christopher Scully

Returning students and parents

                                                                                                                        August 8, 2018

Greetings from BHS!

Back to school is about new beginnings: new teachers and new classes, but also new teams, new productions, and new challenges.  This fall at BHS there will be plenty that is new – a whole new class of ninth graders, incredible new faculty members, expanded technology initiatives, and multiple renovation projects that will completely revitalize how much of the building looks.

And, as many of you know, I’ll be new as well.  In the short time since I became Braintree High School’s new Headmaster, it has been amazing to see firsthand the spirit, enthusiasm, and pride that students and adults alike have for our school.  Even during this supposedly quiet time of the year, I’ve had a chance to meet students engaged in academics and athletics, teachers and administrators already preparing for the new year, custodians working extra hard to get the building ready for the first day – all signs that the upcoming year will be truly fantastic.

The start of the year for students in all grades will be Wednesday, September 5thAs with last year, on that day all students will report directly to homerooms at 7:35 a.m., where they will receive new schedules and important information about the coming year.  Over the course of the day, students will have an opportunity to meet with all of their classes as well as with school administrators. 

A few points about the start of the year:

·        Emergency Card:  Enclosed with letters mailed to parents and guardians is a card that we ask be completed and returned to school.  These cards will be held in the BHS nurse’s office and consulted only in the event of an emergency.

·        Summer Reading:  BHS summer reading is student-centered and engaging.  Students who have not yet completed their summer reading can find information and assignments under the Student Life tab of the BPS website.

·        Back to School Night:  Once again this year, we invite all parents and guardians to attend our Back to School Night, on Thursday September 14th, from 6:00 to 8:00.  During this time, you will have an opportunity to hear from BHS administrators and meet your child’s teachers.  We hope to see you all there!

Enjoy the rest of the summer, good luck on the upcoming year, and please don’t hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions.


Dr. Christopher Scully



Important Dates 17-18 

Academic Term Dates 17-18 

Friday, June 22, 2018

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2018! We wish you all the best and look forward to hearing about your future successes!
  • Best of luck to students on final exams.  Any student who missed an exam due to an excused absence should contact their housemaster to schedule a make up time and date.
  • Term 4 report cards and 2018-2019 preliminary schedules will be available via Aspen on Friday, June 29.
  • Remember to go to the "Summer Assignments" section of the website (under academics) for details on summer reading assignments and on work for students taking Advanced Placement classes.
  • We enjoyed meeting the Class of 2022 at Grade 8 Move Up Day this week.  We look forward to welcoming you to Wamp Nation this fall.  The second part of our orientation program will take place on the evening of Tuesday, September 4.  At that time, incoming freshmen will receive their schedules, lockers, and other important information prior to the first day of school.
  • The first day of school for all students is Wednesday, September 5.  Have a great summer!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Last night the annual Mr. BHS competition took place in the auditorium.  A group of ten seniors put together a wonderful evening of entertainment and laughs, showing off their school pride.  Congratulations and thank you to all who participated or attended. 

  • The winter athletics season came to a close last week.  Congratulations go out to Mr. Denise and all of our athletes and coaches on another fantastic season.  There were many individual and team accomplishments that should make everyone proud to be a WAMP! 
  • Spring MCAS testing begins next week for our Grade 10 students.  These are important tests for our students and attendance on these days is crucial.  We encourage students to get a good night sleep the night before in order to perform to the best of their ability.  The testing schedule is as follows:
  • Grade 10 English: March 28, 29, April 5
  • Grade 10 Math: May 23 & 24
  • Grade 9 Science: June 6 & 7
  • As we head into spring, there are many school events in the coming weeks and months to celebrate the successes of our students.  Please make sure to check out the Important Dates document at the top of this page to learn about all the different activities taking place.

  • The end of Term 3 is quickly approaching.  The final day of the term is Friday, April 6.  Report cards will be issued to students on Friday, April 13.

  • Our spring PTO meeting will take place at 7:00pm on Tuesday, May 1 in the BHS Media Center.  That evening, BHS housemasters will give an overview of end of the year activities such as the Junior Prom, Senior Prom, and the All Night Grad Party.  In addition, our Braintree Police Department School Resource Officer Lisa Fahey and Norfolk County Juvenile Probation Officer Erin Lynch will present to parents on important topics such as social host laws, operating under the influence, and the school’s memorandum of understanding with the Braintree Police.  Please set aside this important date, as we encourage all parents to attend.   

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

  • The last day of Term 2 is Tuesday, January 23. Midyear exams will be given on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week. Please be aware that students will have an early dismissal each day. More information can be found by clicking the links below
    • Midyear Exam Information Letter


    • Midyear Exam Cafeteria Menu


  • Current Grade 8 Students: We've updated our webpage with information about the 2018-2019 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Initiative. All students in Grades 9 & 10 will be expected to have personal devices for use in the classroom. Please see the following link below for more information. We will discuss this in greater detail at Grade 8 Parent Orientation night on Thursday, March 1st.
  • Students will receive Semester 2 schedules in homeroom on Monday, January 29th.
  • Students will receive Term 2 report cards on Monday, February 5th.
  • The 2018-2019 Program of Studies is now available for students and parents.


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

  • Believe it or not, we have reached the halfway mark of Term 2. This week, students and parents can see updated grades in Aspen. When we return from the holiday break, there will be just over three weeks of classes left until midyear exams (Jan 24, 25, 26).
  • Thank you to all students and parents who have been cooperative as we've implemented our new traffic pattern in the front parking lot this week. We've already begun to see improvements in both safety and efficiency, and will continue to ensure a smooth transition.
  • There have been some great night events taking place recently within the walls of BHS.
    • Earlier in the month students enjoyed our annual Wampstock event, where they get to perform for an audience and show off their musical talents.
    • Last week's 6th Annual Dancing with the Staff was a wonderful evening for all who attended. As a fundraiser for our JV and Varsity Dance teams, groups of teacher teams worked and performed with dance team members to show off their moves to a packed house. Congratulations to the "Gym Class Heroes" (including Mr. Wakelin, Mr. Cooper, and Ms. Laubi) for taking home this year's prize!
    • This week we have our holiday concerts put on by our bands, orchestras, chorus, and choirs. Led by Mr. Buckley, Dr. Sulbaran, and Ms. Hallenbeck, the talents of these students always shine through for all to see!
  • A reminder to all juniors and their parents about the opportunity to take a winter SAT prep course leading up to the March SAT exam. We are offering the course in both English and Math. For those who would like more information, please click the links that follow for a flyer and registration form.
  • A special thank you to Ms. Troy, Ms. Thomas, and our student council for their hard work the past few weeks in organizing our annual Adopt-a-Family drive. Because of their work--and the many generous contributions of students, staff, and families--BHS was able to help local families in need have a truly special holiday! We would like to wish you and your family and safe and joyful holiday and a happy 2018!

Adopt-A-Family Donations



Monday, November 13, 2017

  • Term 1 closed on Thursday. Report cards will be distributed to students at the end of the school day on Friday, November 17th.
  • A reminder to all parents that our fall parent-teacher conferences will take place on Thursday, November 16 (6:00pm-8:30pm) and Monday, November 20 (4:00pm-6:30pm). Please click here to sign up for conferences with your child's teachers.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

  • Fresh off homecoming weekend, students showed their school spirit all week last week. Time Period Tuesday, Character Wednesday, Color Wars Thursday, and Blue & White Friday gave kids the opportunity to get involved in the activities. We concluded the week with our pep rally, homecoming dance, and homecoming football game. 14-0, Go Wamps!
  • Term 1 comes to a close in just over three weeks (Thursday, November 9th). Report cards will be distributed on Friday, November 17th.
  • Make sure to follow us on Twitter @BraintreeHigh for more frequent updates.
  • Theater Guild is gearing up for their fall musical--Monty Python's SPAMALOT. Opening night is Wednesday, November 8th. Go to their webpage here for more information on how to purchase tickets.

Friday, September 22, 2017

  • Today concludes BHS PRIDE Week here at Braintree High School. Each day, student council had a small activity planned to highlight each element of our PRIDE mission statement.
    • P – Partnership
    • R – Respect & Responsibility
    • I – Involvement
    • D – Diversity
    • E – Educational Excellence
  • Thank you to the cultural awareness club who created a diversity lesson presented to all students in homeroom yesterday. Today we wrap up the week with “Wear BHS” day so that students and staff can show their school pride. This was a great warm up to Spirit Week, which starts on October 10 and culminates with the Homecoming Dance on Friday, October 13 and the Homecoming Football Game on Saturday, October 14.
  • We will continue to emphasize the beliefs from our PRIDE mission statement throughout the school year. As a way to stress these core values, all students will attend an assembly program by Dr. Michael Fowlin on Tuesday, September 26. As Dr. Ford-Clark, our school psychologist, states, “Michael Fowlin is an actor, a psychologist, and a poet and he presents a one-person show that deals with the issues of race, discrimination, violence prevention, personal identity, suicide, gender equity, homophobia, and the emotional pain felt by children with physical, emotional and learning difficulties. In a gripping, fast paced, 75-minute performance, Michael slips in and out of nine characters, both male and female, who share their stories in an often humorous, but at times, heartbreaking manner. Our students have been deeply moved by Michael’s presentations and his themes of kindness, acceptance and compassion often resonate throughout the year.”

Friday, September 8, 2017

  • Congratulations to everyone on finishing the first week back. It was great to see our teachers and students back in the building and readjusting to daily routines! We have our annual Back to School Night coming up on Thursday, September 14th from 6:00-8:00pm. See the informational letter and sample schedule below for more information. We look forward to welcoming parents to BHS!

Friday, August 18, 2017