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2018-2019 Meeting Agendas

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School Committee Meeting

Monday, July 30, 2018

Colbert Administration Building


School Committee Present: Cyril Chafe, Jennifer Aborn Dolan, Lisa Fiske Heger, Kate Naughton, Mayor Joseph Sullivan

Administration: Dr. Frank Hackett-Superintendent of Schools, Mr. James Lee- Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Ms. Jennifer Fay-Director of Personnel and Student Services, Mr. Edward Cronin-Director of Finance and Operations

Recorder: Diane Intravaia

I. Call To Order

Ms. Fiske Heger called the meeting to order at 6:36 p.m.

II.  Routine Matters

A.  Consideration of Approval of Minutes:

Open Session, June 18, 2018

Ms. Heger requested a revision to the meeting notes from the Open Session on June 18, 2018.  On page 1, under section II ROUTINE MATTERS A. Consideration of Approval of Minutes: Open Session May 21, 2018. VOTED Unanimously: Upon a motion by Mr. Devin and seconded by Mr. Chafe to approve the minutes for the Open Session of May 21, 2018 (previously stated April 23, 2018).  The remainder of the minutes were correct.

Voted unanimously:  Upon a motion by Mayor Sullivan and seconded by Ms. Aborn Dolan to approve the minutes for the Open Session of June 18, 2018.

Roll call:  Ayes –4

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Mayor Sullivan


Ms. Naughton

B.  Revision of Open Session Minutes

Ms. Heger noted the School Committee Minutes referenced below are being requested to be revised.  Each set of minutes listed have Mr. Kokoros’ name omitted from page 1, “School Committee Present” section.  Mr. Kokoros was in attendance at each of the meetings.

Therefore, Ms. Heger is requesting revisions to each set of minutes to add Mr. Kokoros’ name to the “School Committee Present” section of the minutes. The remainder of each set of minutes is correct.

SC Meeting Minutes to be revised:  11/13/17, 12/11/17, 1/22/18, 3/19/18, 3/26/18

Voted unanimously:  Upon a motion by Mayor Sullivan and seconded by Ms. Naughton to approve the above referenced revision to each set of minutes for the School Committee Meetings on 11/13/17, 12/11/17, 1/22/18, 3/19/18 and 3/26/18.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

Ms. Heger noted Mr. Kokoros has been absent for the last few months, that he has been dealing with a health issue and is under a doctor’s care.  Mr. Kokoros hopes to rejoin the Committee in the soon.  The Committee wished Mr. Kokoros well and looks forward to his return.

C. Communications and Commendations

Mrs. Doreen Wrick and her son Matthew came forward and spoke of the Super Saturdays Program.  Super Saturdays is a social recreation program for kids serviced through the Special Education Department in the Town of Braintree.  The program is completely supported through fundraising, and organized by a small group of parents who do a great deal of work in getting a very large group of individuals and businesses in the Braintree community to generously support the program. Mrs. Wrick added that Super Saturdays hopes to have a website next year, and that currently they can be found on Facebook under “Braintree Special Needs Recreation Program”.

Mrs. Wrick noted Super Saturdays typically does 2-3 major fundraisers a year.  There was the 7th Annual Sprint for Super Saturdays on April 8th, the 19th Annual Golf tournament on June 28th in addition to their upcoming Comedy night at Great Pond Manor on Friday November 2nd.   The Sprint for Super Saturdays and Golf Tournament have already raised $45,000.  In addition to the major fundraisers there are a variety of other fundraisers, such as a motorcycle run, jean’s day, Ben and Jerry’s Cone Day, etc. which all contribute to the program.  Mrs. Wrick noted an upcoming event on August 5th, where you can attend a Paw Sox fundraiser in which you purchase a $10 ticket and $5 will go to Super Saturdays and you will also receive a $2 food credit.  Mrs. Wrick outlined how to sign up for the fundraiser. 

Mrs. Wrick and her son Matthew presented a check in the amount of $130,000 to the Braintree Public Schools to help continue to fund the Super Saturdays Program.

Mayor Sullivan complimented Mr. Wrick (who was present in the audience) and Mrs. Wrick on Matthew being such a tremendous young man.  He thanked Mrs. Wrick and praised her for being “super” in terms of the work she has done with the Super Saturday program and recognized her consistent leadership work over the years has made a tremendous impact on so many.  Mayor Sullivan added that Mrs. Wrick’s efforts have generated so much good will and provided a multiplying positive effect within the Braintree community.  On behalf of the Braintree Public Schools, Mrs. Heger thanked Mrs. Wrick as well.  Ms. Wrick stated that it was only possible because of the incredible team of people that she works with on the Super Saturdays Program.

D.  2017-2018 Braintree Community Continuing Adult Education Annual Report

Superintendent Hackett stated that the Braintree Community Continuing Adult Education Program Annual Report for the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 was in the Committee’s packets. He indicated the report is consistent with what has been presented in the past and programs have remained relatively the same.  Enrollment has declined a bit for a variety of reasons.  The report lists out the staffing, enrollment, financial report, etc.  Dr. Hackett added if the Committee had any questions that he would gladly bring them to Director, Eugene Caruso, or have Mr. Caruso attend the next School Committee Meeting.

Mayor Sullivan asked if other communities still provide Adult Education Programs.  Dr. Hackett stated not too many other communities provide such programs.  In response to a question by Mayor Sullivan, Dr. Hackett indicated the report also includes operating expenses.

Ms. Naughton noted the SAT Prep enrollment was low and inquired as to why that may be.  Mr. Lee stated families are trying to figure out if their students will take SATs or ACTs or both and along with that decision, deciding which test prep class would the student take as well.  As the new SAT test comes on board, families are trying to get acclimated to it and may be a bit hesitant to sign-up.

E.  Gift Approvals (taken out of order at 6:45pm)

All gift approvals were accepted in support of the Mission and Vision of the Braintree Public Schools as outlined below.

1. Braintree High School; gifts to schools totaling $13,494.28

a.  Voted unanimously: 

Upon a motion by Mayor Sullivan and seconded by Ms. Naughton to accept as a gift to schools two checks totaling $12,279.28 (one in the amount of $2,279.28 and one in the amount of $10,000) as a gift to schools from the Wipro Program at UMass Boston to be used by the science department for professional development related to pedagogy and the implementation of 2016 MA STE Standards.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

b. Voted unanimously:

Upon a motion by Mayor Sullivan and seconded by Ms. Naughton to accept as a gift to schools one check in the amount of $1,000.00 from the Braintree Rotary in support of the Braintree High School Theater Guild.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

c.  Voted unanimously:

Upon a motion by Mayor Sullivan and seconded by Ms. Naughton to accept as a gift to schools six checks totaling $215.00 as a donation from the family of preschool student Wally Anderson to be used by the Integrated Preschool Program.  The Anderson family generously donated this money in lieu of gifts at Wally’s birthday party.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

2.  East Middle School; gifts to schools totaling $241.50

a. Voted unanimously: 

Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mayor Sullivan to accept as a gift to schools three checks totaling $36.00 as a gift to schools from the East Media Center Book Obligations.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

b. Voted unanimously: 

Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mayor Sullivan to accept as a gift to schools one check in the amount of $139.50 as a gift to schools from Lifetouch from the East Spring Pictures.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

c.  Voted unanimously: 

Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mayor Sullivan to accept as a gift to schools three checks totaling $66.00 as a gift to schools from East Obligations (textbooks).

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

3. South Middle School; gifts to schools totaling $391.24

a.  Voted unanimously: 

Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mayor Sullivan to accept as a gift to schools one check totaling $391.24 as a gift to schools from the South Middle School Pennies for Puerto Rico Collection.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

4.  Ross Elementary School; gifts to schools totaling $551.56

a.  Voted unanimously: 

Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mr. Chafe to accept as a gift to schools one check in the amount of $200.00 as a gift to schools from Megan Zguro to improve academic and social opportunities at the Ross School.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

b.  Voted Unanimously:

Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mr. Chafe to accept as a gift to schools one check in the amount of $351.56 as a gift to schools from the Ross PTO to purchase various supplies to have a positive impact on the students at the Ross School.

Roll call:  Ayes –5
Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

5.  Bay State Textiles; gifts to schools totaling $163.25

a.  Voted unanimously: 

Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mr. Chafe to accept as a gift to schools six checks in the amounts of $35.50, $17.75, $67.75, $47.00,$27.75 and $57.50 from Bay State Textiles.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

6.  Highlands Elementary School: gifts to school totaling $11,250.00

a.  Voted unanimously: 

Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mr. Chafe to accept as a gift to schools one check in the amount of $11,250.00 from the Highlands PTO to purchase technology (30Chromebooks, 5 IPads, and 6 storage tubs) for the Highlands Schools.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

III. From Superintendent and Staff

A. Consideration of Approval

1.  2018-2019 BHS Student/Parent Handbook

The new Headmaster of Braintree High School, Dr. Christopher Scully, Housemaster, Andrew Delery and Housemaster, Nancy Moynihan came forward to present an overview of the Proposed Changes to the 2018-2019 Braintree High School (BHS) Handbook.  Ms. Moynihan noted Ms. Victoria Joyce an English teacher at BHS was also present at the meeting.  Ms. Joyce is doing her Administrative Internship with BHS this school year and has been very helpful with developing the 2018-2019 BHS Handbook.

Ms. Moynihan stated there were not too many changes to the 2018-2019 BHS Handbook, but rather clarification of language updates.  The following are the proposed changes.

1.     Smoking/Tobacco Products

  • Change language from “tobacco products” to “vaping/smoking/tobacco products” as a way to incorporate dangerous new trend of tobacco free smoking (vaping, juuling)
    • Prior language listed tobacco products as cigarettes, e-cigarettes/vapor pens, cigars, chewing tobacco.  Now list is the following: cigarettes or cigars
    • pipes
    • -cigarettes
    • juul devices or juul pods
    • vaping or vape pens
    • chewing tobacco
    • other similar products not mentioned
  • Removal of required tobacco cessation programs and fine issued by school administrators
    • Program would not typically run until enough students were able to enroll and could be months after infraction
    • Now, educational handout given immediately to parents and students upon infraction
    • Programs offered to all students through PE, Health, and BASHY
    • Instead of fine, want to handle this as a school issue with school consequences where we educate students through programming, informational handouts, and parent meetings.  Suggested programs will be provided to parents, as needed.
  • Addition of language for confiscated items to be tested for drugs by Braintree Police:
    • Many schools are following the same practice
    • These devices can contain marijuana or THC
    • Incident would then be handled as drug offense, if conclusively determined as drugs by police
  • Change in consequences
    • 1st Offense - 1 Extended Day Detention
    • 2nd Offense - 2 Extended Day Detentions
    • 3rd Offense - 3 Extended Day Detentions
    • Subsequent Offenses - Out-of-School Suspension
  • Clean up, clarification, and removal of redundant language


Vaping/Smoking/Tobacco Products: Full New Language

In accordance with Board of Health regulations, Braintree High School has developed the following procedure as it relates to the use and/or possession of vaping, smoking, and tobacco products:

  • Vaping/smoking/tobacco products include the following:
    • cigarettes or cigars
    • pipes
    • e-cigarettes
    • juul devices or juul pods
    • vaping or vape pens
    • chewing tobacco
    • other similar products not mentioned
  • BHS prohibits the use and/or possession of vaping/smoking/tobacco products in school buildings, facilities, school buses, on school grounds, and at school sponsored functions.
  • Administrators will notify the parent or legal guardian and sports and club advisors of each infraction, as an infraction in the area of vaping/smoking/tobacco products is considered a violation of the chemical health policy.
  • Administrators will confiscate the vaping/smoking/tobacco product from the student.  The item will be returned to the violator’s parent or legal guardian upon request, unless confiscated by the Braintree Police.
  • Students found in the presence of vaping/smoking/tobacco products are subject to search and seizure.
  • Students congregating in the presence of vaping/smoking/tobacco products may be viewed as guilty under this policy pending the outcome of administrator’s investigation
  • Confiscated vaping/smoking/tobacco products will be given to the Braintree Police for drug testing.  If the product is found to contain marijuana, THC, or other controlled drug, the offense will be handled as a violation of the school drug policy instead of a vaping/smoking/tobacco infraction.

The consequences for vaping/smoking/tobacco infractions are as follows:

First Offense:

a.  1 Extended Day Detention
b.  Social Probation for a period of 3 weeks
c.  Parent conference with a Housemaster may be requested
d.  Notification to sports and club advisors

Second Offense:

  1. 2 Extended Day Detentions
  2. Social Probation for a period of 6 weeks
  3. Parent conference with a Housemaster may be required
  4. Notification to sports and club advisors

Third Offense:

  1. 3 Extended Day Detentions
  2. Social Probation for a period of 6 weeks
  3. Parent conference with a Housemaster may be required
  4. Notification to sports and club advisors

Subsequent Offenses:

a.  Out-of-School Suspension
b.  Indefinite Social Probation
c.  Parent conference with administration may be required
d.  Notification to sports and club advisors

2.  Make-Up Work Policy

●       Incorporate concept of dropped block into make-up work procedure
●       Addition of new language underlined below

  • Students who have been absent from school have the responsibility to consult with all their teachers outside of class time, in regards to work missed during their absence including the class that is dropped the day they return. Upon returning to school the time limit for the completion of all work, including the work required for the dropped class, will be the length of the absence plus one day.  Work not made up by the given deadline will result in a “0.” Extension of this time limit will be granted at the discretion of the teacher involved or by the Housemaster, if extenuating circumstances have occurred.

Mayor Sullivan thanked Ms. Moynihan for her work on the proposed changes.  He followed-up and asked if she was aware the Board of Health is currently considering a vote in which would require an individual to be 21 years of age to purchase tobacco products.  Mayor Sullivan stated, should that vote pass, it should eliminate any of tobacco related activities at BHS.  Ms. Moynihan stated it should, but very well may not.  Mayor Sullivan indicated if the vote was to pass and an individual was to be in the possession of tobacco and under the age of 21, it would result in some pretty serious ramifications. At this point in time there has only been a Public Hearing to date, there will be a second Public Hearing in August.  Mayor Sullivan inquired as to whether or not the proposed changes to the BHS Handbook are reflective of the possible new changes to the tobacco regulations requiring an individual to be 21 years of age or is the proposed change to the handbook reflective of what the current regulations are which an individual must be 18 years of age.   Ms. Moynihan indicated the proposed changes are written from the current regulations.  Mr. Delery stated the majority of the students caught in violation are under 18.

With regards to the written handbook, Ms. Moynihan noted some formatting changes with the goal of moving more information from the printed handbook to the website.  The printed handbook is now much shorter and includes references to links.  Ms. Heger inquired as to who will get a paper copy.  Ms. Moynihan stated the last few years paper copies have been issued to all incoming freshman, all faculty, the School Committee and upon request.  Mr. Delery stated the entire BHS handbook can be found on the BHS website.

Dr. Hackett introduced the new Headmaster of BHS, Dr. Christopher Scully.  Dr. Scully has been meeting quite a bit with Mr. Delery over the last few weeks in an effort to get acclimated.  His official start date is Wednesday August 1st. As stated by Dr. Hackett, Braintree is excited to welcome Dr. Scully.  BHS will be setting up some opportunities for parents to meet Dr. Scully over the summer and into the fall.   Dr. Scully thanked Dr. Hackett and expressed his excitement for coming onboard at Braintree High School.  Dr. Scully stated he had been to BHS a number of times in July and has meet with Mr. Delery.  He conveyed what a positive and supportive welcome he has received from everyone, and especially wanted to thank the administration for being so welcoming.

Mayor Sullivan thanked Mr. Delery again for stepping up over the past year as Interim Headmaster of BHS. Mayor Sullivan welcomed Dr. Scully and thanked him for joining the Braintree Schools and bringing on a new perspective and objective analysis to the Headmaster position.  He noted that great work of prior headmasters who served BPS very well over the years, and that change is good in that it allows everyone to be reflective. Mayor Sullivan hopes Dr. Scully “never settles in” and always has a sense of urgency about the work that is done within BPS.

Dr. Hackett stated there is an active discussion going on among the Policy and Education Subcommittee in collaboration with the high school and central office administration regarding the BHS Graduation Ceremony.   This past year’s graduation ceremony was threatened by weather related concerns, which once again highlighted the challenges of trying to communicate with families on potential changes to the start time as we tried to avoid rain.  Dr. Hackett noted that BHS graduating classes are increasing larger, making the using the gymnasium for the ceremony extremely difficult.  Concurrent with the graduation ceremony discussion, Mr. Delery is meeting with incoming senior class parents who would be organizing the all-night grad party and starting conversations relating to the timing of the party and whether it makes sense to attach the all-night party to the senior prom versus graduation.  This would allow for the possibility of moving the graduation ceremony to Friday evenings, reserving the Saturday morning/afternoon and, as a last resort, Sunday as options for an outdoor ceremony in the event of inclement weather.   Dr. Hackett simply wanted to make the School Committee and the public aware of the discussion.  The Policy and Education Subcommittee will continue to review this issue and bring it back to the School Committee at a future meeting.

Ms. Heger noted that if the all-night party happens after the prom it would be a weekday.  Mr. Delery stated that in meeting with the parents that was a big concern due to the question of whether they would be able to get parent volunteers to chaperone.  The parents of incoming seniors have started to explore this topic. 

Voted unanimously:  Upon a motion by Mayor Sullivan and seconded by Ms. Naughton to accept the proposed changes as presented to the 2018-2019 BHS Student/Parent Handbook.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

2.  2018-2019 Middle School Student/Parent Handbook

Mr. Rainie, Principal of South Middle School, reviewed the Middle School Handbook updates and revisions for 2018-2019. He indicated there are not any substantive changes to the handbook this year and presented the following:

  • pg. 4 – updated email addresses (@braintreeschools.org), added fax #s, updated School Committee members
  • pg. 8 – updated the calendar for SY18-19
  • pg. 9 – updated marking term dates for SY18-19
  • pg. 9 (and throughout) – removed references to “Connect Ed” (no brand name specified, just “our automated message system”)
  • pg. 10 – Revised language about medical certification required for return to school/activities:  “A doctor’s certificate is required for any student returning to school (or returning to PE class, extracurricular activities, etc.) under the following conditions: a prolonged or acute illness, an operation, an accident, or any restrictions on activity (e.g. sling, cast, crutches). Medical certification may also be required after an absence of five or more consecutive days.”
  • pg. 12 – revised language to indicate that students “may” be excluded from school if EpiPen documentation is not provided.
  • pp. 49-59 – added “Network & Technology Responsible Use Policy” (approved 6/12/2017) and “Website & Social Media Policy” (approved 4/10/2018), replacing prior “Policy on Facebook, Social Networking and Use of Technology by School Personnel” (approved 5/9/2011) Mr. Rainie noted this specific update to the handbook has been made to be sure everyone is clear on the rules that govern our personnel and students regarding social media sites.

Voted unanimously:  Upon a motion by Mayor Sullivan and seconded by Mr. Chafe to accept as the changes as presented to the 2018-2019 Middle School Student/Parent Handbook.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

Dr. Hackett took a moment to thank Assistant Superintendent Lee for his work with all of the principals in consolidating the BPS student handbooks.  Although keeping the handbook up-to-date is most important, part of the updating effort was working towards utilizing technology and creating a more user-friendly handbook for families.  In the process, BPS was able to reduce the amount of paper being used.

3.  2018-2019 Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook

Dr. Hackett presented the Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook proposed changes.  He indicated the changes are not substantive.  The proposed changes are as follows.

  • Cover page: Year
  • Page 4: Removed Dave Ringius from School Committee listing and added Jennifer Aborn Dolan, removed Interim from Jim Lee’s title
  • Page 17: Corrected page number reference under Volunteers and added ““Safety” section” to clarify
  • Page 18: Updated SEPAC’s web reference
  • Page 20: changed Connect-Ed to “automated messaging system” under Emergency Dismissal, Changed ConnectEd heading to “Automated Messaging System”, changed reference to Connect Ed to “Braintree Alerts”
  • Page 21: changed Health Room Policies paragraph with info provide by Laurie Melchionda last year “a doctor’s note/certificate, including when a student can return to PE class,”
  • Page 23: changed CORI form must be done every year to every three years
  • Page 24: changed paragraph 2 web reference to “Food & Nutrition” link and removed Megan Ahrenholz’s name

Dr. Hackett referred to the 5th bullet regarding the automated messaging system.  He stated BPS has been working with Andrew Marron from the Mayor’s office.  Mr. Marron has been doing a fantastic job behind the scenes on the website and social media platforms to ensure all fonts, colors, branding, etc.  are consistent for the Town.  BPS is now working with Mr. Marron on multiple initiatives to develop a more seamless communication and operations approach.  With that in mind, BPS is going away from Blackboard Connect Ed which costs approximately $7,500 a year for the licensing fee and will be using Braintree Alert.  Braintree Alert is the system the town already uses, so there will be no additional cost to BPS.  Dr. Hackett also shared that the Braintree Police Department is replacing CopSync with a system called RAVE.  Meetings have taken place with Police Chief Shastany to plan how the new system will be implemented and rolled out, including staff training.  RAVE is the gold standard of emergency response systems.

Mayor Sullivan stated he is happy to see BPS working closely with the Mayor’s office and the police department.  He noted it has always been a positive relationship and is pleased to see the relationship getting even stronger.  The goal is to have a cohesive plan and although the cost savings is a benefit, he feels strongly it is an overall better program for everyone.

Ms. Naughton raised a few questions regarding the handbook.  She questioned on page 18 of the Elementary School Handbook, why when a student is absent a note is “requested” from the parent explaining the absence but in the Middle School Handbook a note is “required”.  Dr. Hackett stated they will need to review that for consistency.  Mr. Lee stated a phone call goes out to the parent/guardian when a child is absent from school and there is direct contact with the parent/guardian as to the child’s absence that day which limits the actual need for a note. However, when a conversation arises as to whether the school is going to excuse the absences that is when a note from a physician would be required.  Ms. Naughton also noted in the Middle School Handbook there are consequences for excess absences but there are no consequences in the Elementary School Handbook, is that language accurate in both handbooks.  Dr. Hackett stated that is consistent with how it has been in the past and noted the relationship with the parent/guardian at elementary level is different than at the middle school level.  At the elementary level, teachers, students and the parent/guardian work with various student support teams if needed.  Mr. Lee noted if excess absences were to become an issue it would be escalated and at times can end up as a court issue with truancy charges.  In addition, Ms. Naughton noted in the Elementary School Handbook that parents can be fined up to $20 if their child is truant.  Mr. Lee confirmed BPS would not charge the $20 but rather the court could.

Director of Personnel and Student Services, Ms. Fay, stated when the handbooks were originally created they were intended as more of a welcoming type brochure.  As the years evolved the discipline guidelines were added at the middle and high school level and in some cases at the elementary level as well.  The handbook at the elementary level tends to be a little gentler given the audience.

Voted unanimously:  Upon a motion by Mayor Sullivan and seconded by Mr. Chafe to accept as the changes as presented to the 2018-2019 Elementary School Student/Parent Handbook.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

B.  Update on SY2018-2019 Preparations

Dr. Hackett highlighted it has been a busy summer and the amount of work going on in the district is substantial.  There is a tremendous amount of construction and project work going on from the roofs at both South Middle and Ross Elementary, to the ESCO project.  Dr. Hackett shared that the summer started not having all the bids in, therefore, not knowing what the final costs were going to look like hindered our ability to determine how much we would be able to accomplish with the available funds.

Dr. Hackett stated the focus with the Mayor’s annual capital funding has been the high school.  At BHS the back parking lot (out by the tennis court) had its first coat of paving done, the granite curbing is in place, and cuts are being made to allow for accessibility.  Inside the high school the ESCO project is providing new lighting throughout the building, along with new ceiling tiles in all hallways, the media center, and the cafeteria. The two restrooms outside the gym are being completely renovated in addition to two new restrooms being built between the cafeteria and gym lobby.  The new restrooms will be accessible from both the gym lobby and the cafeteria.

Dr. Hackett went on to speak about the roofing projects at South and Ross.  He stated that Marybeth McGrath from the Building Department is managing the projects.  He expects the work to be completed by mid to late August.  The asbestos abatement in the crawl space at Ross will be completed by mid-August.

Dr. Hackett noted BPS has had breakage on some position hires this year.  BPS lost a few individuals we did not want to lose, but we have made some outstanding hires to fill those positions.  The new hires have been a bit lower on the salary schedule and with that differential combined with additional revenue that has come in through Chapter 70 we have been able to address some additional budget priorities.  A Developmental 1 position is being added at Morrison, a new Guidance Counselor at BHS, in addition to a new Science position.  Dr. Hackett indicated we are almost fully staffed with the exception of Special Education and Paraeducators.  He added that Ms. Fay will present a full personnel report at the August 20th School Committee meeting.

Mayor Sullivan thanked our legislative delegation and Governor Baker for agreeing to the Chapter 70 money that was contained in the Senate budget.  Initially, BPS conservatively planned and did not include the additional funding.  When the funds became available, it provided BPS additional funding, which is now being used as noted previously by Superintendent Hackett.  Additionally, Chapter 766 which is Special Education money is in a supplemental budget that Governor Baker filed, and that has not yet been passed by the legislators.  Incorporated in that supplemental budget is money that was due to BPS.  Mayor Sullivan stated both capital and operational funding is available and he believes it will make a noticeable difference.  He wanted to thank Dr. Hackett and Director of Finance and Operations, Ed Cronin, for overseeing the various projects and all the good work being done this summer.

The incoming Grade 1 enrollment numbers at Morrison Elementary are being closely monitored. Last week, BPS put out a notification to some parents who could fall under the Flexible Boundary Policy.   The Grade 1 enrollment at Morrison changed quickly and fast.  In January of 2018, Morrison was looking at 3 sections of Grade 1 with class sizes of approximately 21.  In late spring early summer, BPS saw the enrollment numbers in Grade 1 increase significantly.  Dr. Hackett stated there are options on the table and he has had a number of conversations with concerned parents.  He wanted to be sure the School Committee was aware of the situation and that everyone was mindful of the possibility of the Flexible Boundary Policy option.

Dr. Hackett wanted to be sure the School Committee was aware that the Highland’s Elementary PTO group which is looking to apply for some Community Preservation money for a new playground.  The Highland’s playground would benefit greatly from an update and given the success of the recent addition of the Morrison outdoor classroom and the Flaherty Gaga Pit, Dr. Hackett believes there is an opportunity for some funding.   The Highlands playground is managed and maintained by the town.  Dr. Hackett wanted to be clear this would be a co-applicant/joint project. Historically the school department has not provided playgrounds at the elementary level.  One of the reasons is the complexity of trying to ensure the playground meets the different needs of the school versus or in conjunction with the surrounding community. A good example is the playground located at the Hollis School.  That playground is used all day almost every day by the community, so students are not be able utilize it during the school day.  Dr. Hackett and Dr. Pelletier will be meeting with the PTO group to discuss the process and make sure the PTO knows the proper channels this project will need to go through before filling out an application with the Community Preservation Committee for funding.

Ms. Heger stated she would be interested to see a presentation of some kind regarding the Highland playground, similar to the presentation that was made to the School Committee regarding the new outdoor classroom at the Morrison School.  Dr. Hackett confirmed that is what he would be looking for as well from the Highlands PTO group.

Mayor Sullivan likes the growing relationship of everyone working together.  He has notified Nelson Chin of the recreation department of the potential project.  Mayor Sullivan feels the playground would benefit from being updated, he is excited the Highland PTO group is stepping up, but he wants to be sure there is not only a school benefit but a community benefit as well.  A few examples are the new parking lot at Flaherty benefits not only the school, but also the ballfields up behind Flaherty.  Also the new Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding project which was recently done at Morrison allows for access to Pond Meadow Park which benefits the community.  Both projects were community school projects which, benefits everyone.  Mayor Sullivan stated there is funding available and in fact is looks like the legislature is going to provide a higher reimbursement level this year.  However, Boston as a major municipality now has access to this funding when in past years they did not have access to the funding.  The CPA funding is a large benefit to communities and as long as the funds are used to benefit the community as a whole the funds are currently available.

Ms. Aborn Dolan confirmed with Dr. Hackett that Hollis students do not use the playground at the school during the school day because it is being used by the community throughout the day.  Dr. Hackett feels this is a good time for a discussion with the School Committee, with regards to where do we see the topic of playgrounds going if we see other PTOs starting to make investments especially with the CPA funds available.  Ms. Aborn Dolan agrees the School Committee needs to be prepared for additional questions on the topic.

Ms. Naughton addressed a few questions regarding the new guidance counselor at the high school.  She asked if students would remain with their current guidance counselors or will some students be moved around to another counselor.  Dr. Hackett and Mr. Lee responded and stated there will be some students that will be moved to another counselor.  If there has not already been there will be notification sent out to the parent/guardian of each of the students that will be affected.

Ms. Naughton inquired of Dr. Hackett when East is open and fully renovated (and the 5th grade moves up to the middle school) does he know how many classrooms will be freed up at Morrison. Dr. Hackett stated currently there will be 4 classrooms that will be freed up.  Both Dr. Hackett and Ms. Naughton agree we just have to get through the East renovations to free up some space at Morrison.  Ms. Heger followed up by asking when the East renovations are complete could the Morrison families that are attending Ross due to the Flexible Boundary Policy request to go back to Morrison.  Dr. Hackett stated to the extent to which BPS can accommodate the family’s request they will at the time of the request.  Dr. Hackett feels the Flexible Boundary Policy has been very helpful through the past few years and will remain helpful through the renovations at South as well.

IV. From the School Committee

A. School Building Committee Update

The East Middle School project is running on time and under budget. He stated anything we are able to save with East updates will only benefit us going into the South renovations.  Mr. Cronin confirmed the abatement process has begun and will be completed by the beginning of school.  Dr. Hackett confirmed East will be on a temporary boiler as part of the renovation plans going into the winter.  A more detailed update on East will be provided at the next School Committee Meeting on August 20th.  Dr. Hackett added that there will be a site walkthrough at 4:45pm 8/20 prior to the School Committee meeting and that all School Committee members are invited to attend.

Dr.  Hackett added that he feels the work at South Middle School will be picking up speed quickly.  There was a site visit with the MSBA a few weeks ago and soil testing has already begun in the area.

B. Policy & Education Subcommittee

Ms. Naughton mentioned there will be a meeting on Tuesday, July 31st at 5:30pm at Colbert Administration Building.

C.  Consideration of Approval of 2018-2019 School Committee Meeting Calendar

Ms. Heger spoke regarding the proposed change to the School Committee Meeting start time from 7:00pm to 6:30pm.  The proposed change would conflict with some School Committee member’s work schedules so the start time will remain at 7:00pm.

The proposed draft of the 2018-2019 School Committee Meetings include the following dates:  7/30, 8/20, 9/24, 10/22, 11/19, 12/10, 1/14, 1/28, 2/11, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 5/6, 5/20, 6/10.  Please note there are multiple meetings tentatively scheduled around the time the budget is typically due.  Although it is believed not all the meetings will be needed it is requested the School Committee members plan accordingly.

Ms. Heger noted the 8/20 meeting is at East Middle and the 9/24 meeting is at the high school.  Both meetings will allow the School Committee to see the project progress at each of the location.   Ms. Naughton confirmed these dates for the coming year and noted a lot of planning goes into ensuring her and others can attend the meeting.

V. Public Comment


VI.  Adjourn

Voted unanimously:  Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mr. Chafe to adjourn.

Roll call:  Ayes –7

Mr. Chafe/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/Mayor Sullivan

Time Adjourned:  8:06 p.m.


Documents Provided to School Committee:

  • Agenda
  • Draft Minutes for Approval, 6/18/2018
  • List of Minutes to Revise
  • 2017-2018 Braintree Community Continuing Adult Education Annual Report
  • Gift Approvals
  • BHS 2018-2019 Student/Parent Handbook Proposed Changes
  • Middle School 2018-2019 Student/Parent Handbook Proposed Changes
  • Elementary 2018-2019 Student/Parent Handbook Proposed Changes
  • 2018-2019 Proposed School Committee Meeting Calendar

Lisa Fiske Heger
School Committee Chair


School Committee Meeting

Monday, August 27, 2018

Colbert Administration Building


School Committee Present:  Cyril Chafe, Thomas Devin, Jennifer Aborn Dolan, Lisa Fiske Heger, Kate Naughton, Mayor Joseph Sullivan (Arrived at 6:49 pm)

Administration:  Dr. Frank Hackett, Superintendent of Schools, Mr. James Lee, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Ms. Jennifer Fay, Director of Personnel and Student Services, Mr. Edward Cronin, Director of Finance and Operations

Recorder:  Mary Ann Cuddahy

I.  Call To Order

Ms. Fiske Heger called the meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

II.  Routine Matters

A.  Consideration of Approval of Minutes: Open Session, July 30, 2018

Ms. Fiske Heger shared an update to the meeting minutes of July 30th.  Under Routine Matters, the minutes approved for June 18, 2018 meeting say “Upon a motion by Mr. Devin and second by Mr. Chafe.”  Ms. Fiske Heger explained that Mr. Devin was not in attendance and Mayor Sullivan actually made the motion. 

Voted Unanimously:  Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mr. Chafe to approve the minutes for the Open Session of July 30, 2018, as amended.

Roll Call:  Ayes –4

Mr. Chafe/ Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton


Mr. Devin

B.  Communications and Commendations (Taken out of Order at 6:45 pm)

Ms. Fay invited the School Committee to the New Staff Orientation Luncheon on 8/29 at 11:00 am.  Ms. Fay noted that at that time 38 new educators would be in attendance at orientation.  Ms. Fay also highlighted what would be included in the new staff orientation program.

Ms. Fiske Heger asked how many “Wamps” will be starting in Braintree as teachers.  Ms. Fay shared that there are a number of Braintree graduates returning to Braintree in a teaching capacity.  Ms. Fay also noted that Sara Coughlin, who worked previously in the Food Service Department, will be the new Director of School Nutrition.

C.  Gift Approvals

All gift approvals were accepted in support of the Mission and Vision of the Braintree Public Schools as outlined below.

1.  Braintree High School; gifts to schools totaling $130,000.00

III.  From Superintendent and Staff 

A.  Consideration of Approval of Director of Nursing (Taken out of Order at 6:36 pm)

Dr. Hackett shared that he was happy to have in attendance, Jean Afzali, who was being recommended to the position of Director of Nursing; replacing former Director Laurie Melchionda.  Dr. Hackett asked Ms. Fay to speak to the Committee regarding Ms. Afzali as Ms. Fay had spearheaded the process for filling this position.  Ms. Fay shared with the Committee that Jean Afzali, has worked in Braintree for the past two school years as the Metro West Regional Nurse Consultant.  In the position as Regional Nurse Consultant; Ms. Afzali had been a go-to person for Braintree.  Ms. Fay also shared that Ms. Afzali, prior to her current position, was the Director of Nursing for the Weymouth Public Schools, and brings with her to the position a wealth of knowledge and experience.   Ms. Fay shared that Jean comes highly recommended for the position of Director of Nursing for the Braintree Public Schools.

Ms. Afzali spoke to the Committee and expressed her gratitude and pleasure to be before the School Committee recommended for the position of Director of Nursing.  Ms. Afzali stated that she has 37 years of public school experience, having joined Braintree two years ago as the Metro West Nurse Consultant where she has provided technical assistance to school nurses and school nurse leaders throughout the Metro West and Boston Area.  The position covered regulations, software, monthly reports, input with issues; anything regarding school nursing.  Ms. Afzali shared her prior experience was in the Weymouth Public Schools as a school nurse in the elementary schools, the middle school for several years and as well as the School Nursing Leader for the Weymouth Public Schools.  Ms. Afzali added that the Director of School Nursing in Braintree was an unexpected position for her as she was very happy in her position as the Metro West Nurse Consultant.  However, she shared that there was one critical factor that swayed her to apply for the position of Director of School Nursing and explained that was the Strategic Goal area of Wellness. Ms. Afzali shared that it is her sincere hope, with the use of her expertise, that she can help develop and refine the leadership abilities of all the nursing staff in the Braintree Public Schools.  She acknowledged the many challenges ahead, and that she is looking forward to it.

Ms. Fiske Heger and Ms. Naughton congratulated Ms. Afzali, acknowledging the experience that she will bring to Braintree.

Voted Unanimously:  Upon a motion by Ms. Naughton and seconded by Mr. Devin to approve Jean Afzali as the Director of School Nursing effective with the 2018-2019 School Year.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Mr. Devin/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton

B.  Consideration of Approval – Nursing Appointment (Taken out of Order at 6:42 pm)

Ms. Fay shared with the Committee that the following nurses were being recommended to fill vacancies throughout the district.

  • Sara Crowley, Monatiquot School Kindergarten Center (1.0 Position)
  • Heather Driscoll, South Middle School (1.0 Position - Float nurse -BPS last 2 years)
  • Heidi Morris, Braintree High School (0.62 High School Position)

Voted Unanimously:  Upon a motion by Mr. Devin and seconded by Mr. Chafe to approve the appointments of Sara Crowley, Heather Driscoll and Heidi Morris as Nurses within the Braintree Public Schools.

Roll call:  Ayes –5

Mr. Chafe/Mr. Devin/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton

C.  Projected Enrollment Update

Dr. Hackett shared that the Committee received an updated projected enrollment, and added that Colbert has done a good part of the summer registrations.  He noted that the summer registration process for the elementary level had been centralized at Colbert.  Dr. Hackett shared that we are up approximately 9 students total since this time last year, and that we are down about 16 students from when school ended in June.  There has been an anticipated increase in kindergarten, with an additional FDK section added at Hollis

Dr. Hackett continued by outlining that we are down five students at BHS, up 15 at East and up 35 at South, which was also anticipated.  He reminded the Committee that over the last two budget cycles, we have added staff at both East and South, eliminating shared staff between the two, which has made scheduling more efficient. At the elementary level, class sizes are very favorable across all schools, with a few sections at Morrison and Hollis being monitored.  An additional grade 1 classroom was added to Morrison over the summer due to an enrollment spike over the last few months.  He shared that we are watching class sizes for incoming new enrollments to make determinations as to when we may need to use the Flexible Boundary Zone policy to maintain equitable class sizes. Dr. Hackett summarized that he believes we have a good handle on the numbers at this time.

Mayor Sullivan noted total overall growth district-wide of 9 students, and pointed out the following:  growth at the middle school level of about 50 students; MSKC growth of 21, and a drop at the elementary level of about 55 He asked if we have been using the FBZ policy. Dr. Hackett stated yes and shared that the FBZ Policy continues to be an important tool for managing class sizes, and that without it we could be faced with needing to re-district at the elementary level.

Dr. Hackett also shared that the total PK-12 enrollment is up 47 students from September 1, 2017.  The bulk of this increase comes from the growth at the middle school level, with an additional 15 students at East and 35 at South.  Dr. Hackett shared that this increase was known given the size of the incoming 6th grade class, and was accommodated for with staff additions in the FY16 and FY17 budgets.   He also added that if current numbers hold, BHS will reach a peak enrollment of 1880 students in SY21-22, which is approximately 200 students more than our SY18-19 projection.   The Class of 2025 will be our largest with close to 500 students; 20 years ago, the Class of 1998 had 271 students.

Ms. Fiske Heger asked if the new apartment complex, Landing 53, is having any effects on class size and if they were fully occupied.  Mayor Sullivan shared that it was at 77% occupancy over the summer.  Mayor Sullivan noted that the amount of children will be minimal.  Dr. Hackett confirmed that as of now there are 2 students coming to the Braintree Schools from that location.

Mr. Chafe inquired of Dr. Hackett and Ms. Fay if we still have students from Puerto Rico.  Ms. Fay shared that we do; however, the numbers are down due to relocation and housing changes.  Ms. Fay estimated that we are now under a dozen students from Puerto Rico.

D.  Personnel Update 

Ms. Fay shared that we have filled over 40 positions since last May, processing over 1000 applications using the new Talent Ed Program which was instituted in May.  Ms. Fay recognized Ms. Linda Hallamore, HR Manager’s work in both building and rolling out the new program.  Ms. Fay shared that the true hiring is done by the principals and directors; they do the screening, look for licensure, experience, recommendations, go through three sets of interviews and then the make the recommendation of candidates to the HR Office.  Ms. Fay added that there were not many retirements this past school year and that the majority of the new positions were from the budgeting process.  She acknowledged a number of Braintree residents, former Braintree students, as well as paraeducators who have been able to move into permanent teaching positions.

Ms. Fay highlighted the following leadership positions that have been filled:

  • BHS Headmaster
  • Director of Nursing
  • Director of Food Service/School Nutrition

In addition to the Director of School Nursing position, 6 nurses will have been hired by the start of school.  Ms. Fay acknowledged Jean Afzali’s contribution to the nurse hiring process.  Dr. Hackett also acknowledged how fortunate Braintree is to have Ms. Afzali on board as the new Director of Nursing with the level of experience that she brings to Braintree.

Ms. Fiske Heger asked how many positions total have been filled.  Ms. Fay answered 43 total positions, noting that some of the positions have been reassignments with 39 individuals being new hires.  Ms. Fiske Heger asked how many positions are still open to which Ms. Fay answered 5 permanent positions.  Dr. Hackett noted that the approved FY19 budget did not include some positions from the Level 1 Budget/Maintenance of Effort.  He shared that we were able to add a new guidance director at the high school, bringing the student-to- counselor ratio to the national standard of 250:1.  Dr. Hackett shared that we also able to add a chemistry teacher, as well as an additional grade 1 teaching position at Morrison School due to enrollment growth.  He expressed his appreciation for the support from the Mayor’s Office and the School Committee for these needed positions.

Mayor Sullivan asked if all the paraeducators were listed on the report.  Ms. Fay said they were not, noting that some reassignments have taken place and that there are still a handful of new paraeducators are to be hired.

E.  Update on Opening of School

1.  South Middle and Ross Elementary Roofing Projects:

Both projects have been led by Marybeth McGrath of the Town Building Department.  Dr. Hackett noted that it was a tough summer as the projects battled rain, but that it has been a good partnership with the town to get these roofs replaced.  He also noted that there will still be crews on both roofs when school starts as they work through final completion and punch-lists

2.  Workshops

Wednesday, August 22nd will be a full day principals’ workshop, and a full leadership workshop on Thursday, August 23rd .

Teachers return to school on Tuesday the 4th.  There will not be a general assembly at East due to construction: staff will start in their buildings.  Students return to school on the 5th, and there will be no school on the 7th due to a professional development day for security training in coordination with the Braintree Police Department.  Kindergarten students will start on Monday the 10th.

Dr. Hackett shared a slide show on summer projects.  Each year the BPS receives $1 million from the Mayor’s office to work on capital improvements.  This summer included the ESCO project.  Dr. Hackett shared that the focus this summer was at the high school.  He thanked Mr. Cronin and the maintenance/custodial crews across the district. He shared pictures of the paving of the director’s parking lot at the back of the building, loading dock area, docking station for 2 electric vehicles which the school department received through the partnership with the Town and BELD that are used by the technology department technicians.

3.  BHS Bathroom Renovation & Addition

Dr. Hackett shared photos of the existing men’s and women’s bathrooms and the renovations that have been made.  He noted an epoxy floor was poured, no grout and that it looks outstanding and is durable.  Tiles have been painted from black to white.  Dr. Hackett recognized, Joe Clark, School Department painter for his work on the bathrooms.  Motion detection sinks have been installed.  Ms. Naughton asked if there would be mirrors to which Mr. Cronin responded yes.  Mr. Cronin added that there will be electric hand dryers.

Dr. Hackett shared that two new bathrooms were being installed on the main level, between and accessible from the gymnasium lobby and the cafeteria.  Dr. Hackett noted that they took over the school store space, as well as the cafeteria dishwashing room, for these new bathrooms.  Both the school store and cafeteria dishwashing room have been relocated.

Dr. Hackett shared pictures of the hallways outside the headmaster’s office with new ceiling tiles and lighting, highlighting the difference made throughout the building. Every hallway will have new ceiling tiles and lighting.

Dr. Hackett shared pictures of the new Ross gymnasium floor which had buckled due to water after the roof issue. He also shared pictures of the South cafeteria floor, noting that it had been replaced with new tile.

Mr. Cronin stated that the BHS cafeteria is being painted, and new ceiling tiles and lighting will be installed.  Repair work was done to the 12 uninvents lining the windows down the side.  Mr. Chafe asked if the floors have been replaced and Mr. Cronin shared that the hope is to do it next summer. Mr. Chafe asked if the chain linked security gate on the first floor had been replaced: it has already been removed and we are waiting for the installation of a new door.  Ms. Fiske Heger thanked Mr. Cronin for his work.

IV. From School Committee 

A. School Building Committee Updates (Taken out of Order at 6:48 pm)

Dr. Hackett shared that there had been a site walk late afternoon with members of the School Building Committee, as well as School Committee members who were able to attend.  He shared that Mike Carroll, OPM for the East Middle School Project, was invited to give an update to the School Committee on the building project at East.

Mr. Carroll presented a slide show with aerial views of the building prior to construction, the existing building, highlighting that the glass structure in the back has been removed; structural steel at the main entrance, the courtyard has been filled with structural steel, as well as installation of the saw-toothed roof structural steel over the media center.  The goal is to have all the structural steel in place prior to the start of school.  He shared there has been talk about a topping off ceremony that will include the students, having the students and staff sign a beam.  He highlighted the newer building area that will be worked on over the next 12 months.  He shared information on the new parking lot, which will eventually serve as the staging area for the construction teams.  Another major milestone to be done this fall are the fields, which will be completed and seeded by October 15th.  It will be two years before the fields will be useable in order to allow for grass to establish. Mr. Carroll shared that the construction is currently in Phase 1B:

Mr. Carroll also shared information on Phase 1: Fall 2018.  He noted that all work on the outside of the fences will stop and an area near the existing cafeteria will include a temporary heater to service the building for the winter.  He shared that there will be some temporary work done for guidance offices and the teachers’ lounge with the goal to move them around Thanksgiving.  Another temporary area is where the school store was previously, which will now be a teacher’s office space, and the 6th grade entry has been removed and blocked off for the elevator installation.

Mr. Carroll shared that the addition will be built during this school year.  In terms of impact to the current building, the areas that the contractors will be going in will be the area of the new elevator.  The other area will be the guidance offices and teachers’ lounge, as well as the second cafeteria.  Currently the existing kitchen and cafeteria have remained intact.  Other areas that have been worked on in the existing building are the boys’ and   girls’ locker rooms.

When school opens on day one, bus drop off lane, parent drop off and handicap accessibility will remain the same.  Mr. Carroll reminded the Committee that the one space that they did lose was the 6th grade entrance.  Those students will enter through the main entrance of the building.

Ms. Dolan asked if there is an elevator currently in East and Mr. Carroll answer there is a lift that will continue to give access to all floors.  Ms. Dolan also asked if a wall was built between the locker rooms to which he answered yes. Ms. Dolan asked if the soccer fields have been relocated for the fall and Mr. Carroll answered that some have been relocated in cooperation with Recreation Director Nelson Chin.

Mr. Devin commented that he was impressed to see some of the finishes onsite; the retaining wall, the sawed-tooth roof.  He thanked Mr. Carroll and the groups involved, adding that it is impressive.

Mayor Sullivan thanked Mr. Carroll for his efforts.  He noted the additional benefit of parking once the project is done.  He expressed appreciation to Mr. Carroll, Superintendent Hackett, Mr. Devin and Mr. Cronin and all those who have worked hard on this project.  He is confident that we will get a huge benefit with the realignment of schools, and that we have the right team in place with MDS, Hill and Shawmut.  He did note that the floors are going to be concrete, ceiling tiles will be replaced, and lighting is good.  He noted that we are working to mitigate any negative impact to students and staff during the construction phase.

Superintendent Hackett shared some pictures he took at East while on tour with the School Building Committee.  Mr. Carroll narrated the pictures.

Ms. Fiske Heger thanked Mr. Carroll for his presentation to the Committee, as well as for the tour. Ms. Fiske Heger shared that there will be communication out to the families as to what to expect for the start of school.  Mr. Carroll shared that Hill and Shawmut are confident that over the next couple of weeks, prior to the start of schools, changes will be seen and that the site will be tightened back up, roadways cleaned and the building cleaned.

B.  Policy & Education Subcommittee

Ms. Naughton shared that there are five policies being brought forward for first reading.  Ms. Naughton shared that these will all be brought back to the Committee for consideration of approval in the future.

1. Consideration of First Reading:

a.      IC/ICA – School Year/School Calendar

b.      IKFB:  Graduation Ceremony

         IKFB-R:  Graduation Ceremony Policy Dress Regulations

c.      JJ:  Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities

d.      JJE:  Fundraising

Dr. Hackett pointed out that this subcommittee does a lot of research, has thoughtful conversations and works very hard on all of the policies.

a. Policy IC/ICA – School Year/School Calendar

Ms. Naughton outlined all the policies for first readings and asked Dr. Hackett to speak regarding Policy IC/ICA – School Year/School Calendar.  Ms. Naughton noted that this policy includes the topic of Alternative Structured Learning Options.  Dr. Hackett reminded the Committee that last school year “Blizzard Bags”  were used to make up days affected by the roof issues at both Ross and South, which prevented the need to extend the school year for students beyond the days already used for snow.  He shared that it is currently allowed by state law and there is no policy from the DESE, but there are guidelines.  He shared that Braintree would like to put this into a policy so that it would allow the Superintendent of Schools, after we have used our 5 snow days, to enact this option at their discretion after all five scheduled inclement weather days have been used

b. Policy IKFB/IKFB-R – Graduation Ceremony Policy Dress Regulations

Graduation Ceremony was approved in May of 2018 and there was an amendment adding, IKFB-R, policy regarding dress regulations.   Dr. Hackett added that students will be allowed to wear official standard issued military sashes at the graduation ceremony over their gowns.  The sash will have to be provided directly to school administration by an official of the respective military branch, professionally made, and fit the standard measurements of a sash.

Ms. Dolan commented that she feels it is important to support students and their families who plan to serve in the military, and that Braintree is one of the first districts to adopt this important policy.  She acknowledged the decision a student makes to go into the military is to be heralded and noted that she is proud to have these students in our community.

c. Policy JJ - Co-Curricular and Extracurricular Activities 

Ms. Dolan believes they have made a good step forward with this policy.  She added the requirement for co-curricular and extracurricular activities to outline out-of-pocket and fundraising costs for families is important so that families understand prior to their children committing that there could be both out-of-pocket expenses and fundraising expectations.

d. Policy JJE - Fundraising 

Ms. Naughton spoke regarding changing the wording of fundraising “requirements” to “guidelines”.  Dr. Hackett shared that we want families to be clear on the expectations on the front end prior to signing up for the activity.

C.  School Advisory Board:  Appointment of School Committee Liaison

Ms. Fiske Heger shared that we have a School Advisory Board that meets every other month, and that in order to improve support and communication there is a desire to appoint a School Committee member as a liaison.  Ms. Fiske Heger stated that Ms. Dolan is on the School Advisory Board and would be a great fit for the liaison to the board.   Ms. Dolan shared that she would be pleased to be the liaison to the School Advisory Board.

V. Public Comment

No Comments

Next Meeting 9/24/2018 at Braintree High School

VI.  Adjourn

Voted Unanimously:  Upon a motion by Mr. Devin and seconded by Mr. Chafe to adjourn the meeting.

Roll call:  Ayes –6

Mr. Chafe/Mr. Devin/Ms. Aborn Dolan/Ms. Fiske Heger/Ms. Naughton/

Mayor Sullivan

Time Adjourned:  8:06 p.m.

Documents Provided to School Committee

  • Agenda 
  • Draft Minutes for Approval, 7/30/2018
  • New Teacher Orientation Communication
  • Gift Approvals
  • Director of Nursing Resume
  • Recommended Nursing Appointment (3) Resumes
  • Projected Enrollment
  • Personnel Update
  • Policies for Consideration:  IC/ICA, IKFB, IKFB-R, JJ & JJE

Lisa Fiske Heger

Chairperson, Braintree School Committee