Weekly News

We have 4 messages for the week:

1) Our final PTO meeting is tonight at 7PM.  Babysitting WILL NOT be provided.

2) As you should know, our Fun Run tomorrow will be indoors.  Parent are invited to attend.  Times are 

Grade 2 9:00-9:50 

Grade 3 10:00-10:50 

Grade 5 11:00-11:50

Grade 4 12:00-12:50 

K 1:00-1:50 

Grade 1 2-:00-2:50 

3) Olympic Day is scheduled for Wednesday and thankfully it looks like the weather will cooperate.  Students will be outside for their session so please be sure your child is dressed for activity, well hydrated, and applies sunscreen at home.

4) Friday is our annual End of the Year Party. Be sure to RSVP.  We are still in need of volunteers.  If you have submitted a CORI form and can volunteer, contact Jeff or Mary Keane at jeffreykeane@gmail.com or call/text  781 980-0214.