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Occupational Therapy News from Ms. Sherwin for March, 2020

For the month of March, I would like to discuss the benefits of coloring. I came across this article that describes the benefits of coloring for children. Coloring is not only a classic and favorite pastime for most children, but it is also a simple activity that helps children to develop cognitively, psychologically, and creatively. Coloring can spark imagination, and gives children and adults an opportunity to express themselves. Listed below are some benefits of coloring for children:

1. Improve Handwriting - children need both hand strength and dexterity to manipulate a pencil on a paper with proper pencil grasp. Coloring with a small, 2” crayon helps to develop an appropriate grasp on writing implements. You can start with simple coloring pages.

2. Improve Focus and Hand-Eye Coordination - the act of holding crayons, choosing colors, using 5-8 different colors to color in shapes/characters, help develop hand-eye coordination.

3. Focus, Boundaries, Structure and Spatial Awareness - It has been proven that children that spend time coloring have better concentration and focus skills. The exposure to boundaries will assist with learning and spatial awareness during printing skills.

4. Language Development - Coloring and discussing their creation gives children an opportunity to learn new words and sentences. Children use descriptive words to talk about their feelings when they see different styles of coloring sheets. Engage your child to talk about their drawings. Please remember that every person expresses themselves differently and there should not be a “right” or “wrong” during coloring and expression times.

5. To make coloring a bit more challenging, tape the coloring pages to a wall or refrigerator, and have your child assume a high kneeling position to work on shoulder strength and grasp/grip.

Check out some advantages of coloring pages for your child’s development:


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