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Occupational Therapy News from Ms. Sherwin for December 2019

Happy Holidays to all! I can hardly believe the season is upon us already! For this month, I would like to

suggest some toys for holiday shopping that support fine motor skill development. Please remember to

check for recommended ages of the toys and to consider the developmental stage of your child. Not

every child develops at the same rate, and many toys can be adapted for various uses and be

appropriate for various ages. 

* Construction toys: Lincoln Logs, K’nex, Legos, Erector Sets

* Fine motor games: Barnyard Bingo, Spirograph, Play-Doh, Kerplunk, Ants in the Pants, Don’t Break the

Ice, Connect Four (also comes in travel size), Operation, Perfection, Magna Doodle, Jenga, and

mazes/dot-to-dot workbooks

These are just suggestions and please do not feel that you must go out and buy these toys at all.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at amy.sherwin@braintreeschools.org

Have fun!

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