English Learner Education

Ms. Sherbakov’s EL News for December 2019

The changes brought by autumn have provided the perfect opportunity for Ms. Sherbakov’s students to talk about nature. We have enjoyed reviewing our color vocabulary and practicing our comparing/contrasting skills while talking about the colorful leaves. This past month, we went outside and explored our outdoor territory. The children loved being nature spies! We spotted all kinds of exciting things in and around our play yard, including flowers, birds, squirrels, nests, and many different kinds of leaves. We have also been working hard on building our vocabulary for naming and describing animals. We know which animals can hop, swim, run, crawl, and slither, and we’ve practiced making some of these movements ourselves. As always, we continue to work on letter recognition and mastering the sounds of English, as well as practicing our numbers and building the vocabulary we need to talk about them.