Medication Policy

Braintree Public Schools policy requires that a parent/guardian and a licensed provider (either a physician or nurse practitioner) sign consent for medications (including inhalers) to be given by the nurse during school hours.

  • All medications must be brought to school by a parent/guardian or designated adult in the original labeled container from the pharmacy.
  • An individual medication plan will be developed and must be signed by both parent/guardian and nurse. Only a 30-day supply of medication may be kept at school. No child is permitted to bring medications to school or carry medication in school with the exception of an inhaler, Epinephrine auto injector or if wearing an insulin delivery system (pump). Students may carry their own inhaler &/or Epinephrine auto injector and/or insulin delivery system only after contacting the school nurse and providing a physician medication order form and parental permission form. Call your school nurse for more information.
  • For short-term medications (less than 10 days), such as antibiotics, parental consent is required. However, the prescription on the bottle is sufficient for physician consent.