Grade Three Music Objectives

At the third grade level, it is appropriate to begin developing an understanding of lifelong participation in music. The students' musical growth is nurtured and encouraged through the enhancement of their musical interests and abilities. Students learn to value and respect music by performing in concerts. Students:

  • Sing independently using a clear head tone. Sing in harmony maintaining own part in two and three part canons. Sing and play melodic patterns, intervals, and ostinati to accompany songs or rhythm activities.
  • Express and understand a varied repertoire of music including patriotic and folk literature by singing alone and with others, playing rhythm instruments, moving, and listening.
  • Create and compose simple musical forms (AB, ABA) and responses by employing improvisational techniques and musical notation.
  • Perform simple songs on the soprano recorder using the notes B, A, and G.
  • Identify families of instruments and individual instruments visually and aurally.
  • Compare and discover relationships between music, the other arts, history and culture by discussing how music connects to the home, school, community, and other places and events where music occurs.