Fast Facts

Ross Elementary School is one of Braintree's six elementary schools.


270 students


GenderPercentage of Student Body


Race/EthnicityPercentage of Student Body
African American5.9%
Native American0.0%

Student/Teacher Ratio

 11.3 to 1

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About Ross Elementary SchoolLetter to Ross

$700,000 (roughly $6.3 million in 2015) went into opening the Donald E Ross School in his honor in 1951, where countless generations of students have been educated. While at war, Donald E Ross wrote a letter to Mr. Libby, principal of the Abraham Lincoln School, on January 10, 1944, about how much he missed and appreciated teaching now that he was away.

The longer I am away from teaching, the more value I put into the profession.

-Donald E Ross

Guiding Principals

Show respect for people and property.
Act responsibly.
Keep yourself and others safe.
Do your best.

Please join us in continuing to encourage a Growth Mindset with your children. Individuals with a Growth Mindset embrace challenges and see mistakes as a natural part of the learning process. Students and adults alike have enormous potential, hard work and effort are a path to achieving growth and success. Developing a process and resilience to meet challenges is just as important as the end result.