Ordering Yearbooks

All yearbook orders are due by January 15, 2020.
Orders by November 1, 2019 get a $10 discount!

You can order online and pay by credit card or Paypal
or complete an order form (PDF) and return with your check made payable to Braintree Activities Fund, they can be mailed to:
Braintree High School Yearbook - House 1
Braintree High School
128 Town Street
Braintree, MA 02184

Yearbook Ads

Find out how to submit a yearbook ad


Type of AdDeadline
Recognition or Friends Forever AdsNovember 1, 2019
Business AdsJanuary 15, 2020

Senior Photos by Prestige from Lifetouch

The official photographer is Prestige from Lifetouch. Letters go home in the spring prior to senior year to specify a date and time for senior portrait sessions. Photo appointment times/dates will be posted outside the Media Center prior to photo days. Confirm your appointment online.

For more information, email Beth McGrath ( Prestige from Lifetouch liaison, or call 800-426-9533, ext. 169. If you need help with login information, call Lifetouch staff.

Using an Outside Photographer for Senior Photos

If you select not to use Prestige as your photographer, it is your responsibility to check that the following specifications are adhered to and the photo is correct. Failure to follow these directions and specifications may result in your photo not appearing in the yearbook.

It is possible that your photo may be distorted, pixilated, and/or with very poor quality if you do not follow these specifications. Your photograph should be of the highest quality shot by a professional photographer. If you use an outside photographer there is no guarantee of the printed quality of your photo in the yearbook. All photographs must be submitted digitally.

Outside Photographer Guidelines

  • Strict deadline for submission of a photo is November 1.
  • We will accept digital photographs by email only with subject: Lastname_Firstname_House (ie. Smith_John_343_3).
  • Vertical format only. Horizontal shots do not crop correctly.
  • Frontal shots only. No hats or props (no guitars or sports equipment, etc.).
  • Photo may be cropped if necessary.
  • Leave enough room at the top of the photo for cropping, top of head, approximately half an inch to 1 inch.
  • Best quality photos are formal with simple backgrounds and excellent lighting. Remember the photo is about you, not where you are in the photo.
  • Only high-quality 300 dots per inch (DPI) or above submitted on disc or email.
  • The final printed senior picture in the yearbook may be approximately 3 inches by 2.5 inches or larger.
  • Dress appropriately. Please keep in mind the spirit of our dress code as you select attire for the yearbook photograph:
    • The following are not allowed: 
      • Hats
      • Props
      • Inappropriate graphic shirts/derogatory references to race, color or nationality
    • For boys, ties are not mandatory but encouraged. Collared shirts are appropriate. 
    • For girls, no low cut shirts with cleavage or exposed undergarments are allowed. 
    • Yearbook advisors have the right to reject photos for not following the correct guidelines. If any doubt, please feel free to show/ask Mrs. Smith or Mrs. Roos before submission for approval.