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EFC: Braintree School Lunch Charge Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish age appropriate procedures allowing meal charges so students will not be denied access to a meal during the school day.


Food & Nutrition Services will be responsible for maintaining accurate charge records and notifying the parent/guardian as well as the school district of any outstanding balances.

Parents/guardians and students will receive forms for Free and Reduced Price School Meals and prepayment information from the Food & Nutrition Services prior to the start of the school year. Those forms will also available at each school’s main office, in each House Office at BHS, and online at

Students will be told by the cashier when their balance is getting low. Parents will be notified of a low or negative account balance either by e-mail or, at the elementary level by printed letters (“charge notes”) sent home with the student. These notes will be generated by the Food & Nutrition Services Department and will be given to a child’s homeroom teacher to be distributed.

High School Students

Students at BHS will not be allowed to charge any food service purchases resulting in a negative account balance, unless otherwise arranged through the food service director. If a student needs to charge, he or she must contact the Director of Food & Nutrition Services, and the parent/guardian of the student will be notified that day that the student has charged a meal. The student will be provided a meal of their choice that day, but will not be allowed to charge any ala carte purchases.

Middle and Elementary Students

Students at the middle and elementary levels are not allowed to charge any ala carte or snack items which would result in a negative lunch account balance.Charging for reimbursable meals is also strongly discouraged. However, students may charge up to five (5) meals if needed. If a student has money to pay for a lunch that day, even if a charge is owed, a meal of the child’s choice will be provided that day. Attempts may be made to contact parents/guardians via e-mail, phone calls or “charge notes” when a student has a large outstanding balance.Any payments that come in to the kitchen will be applied to outstanding lunch balance before a student will be allowed to purchase ala carte items. If a student brings in payment for a meal, and that student has a negative balance on their account, any change from that payment will be applied to the outstanding meal balance instead of being given back to the student.


If repeated attempts are made to contact a parent/guardian of a student who owes money, and those attempts do not result in payment of the meal debt, the Director or Manager may notify the Principal at the child’s school. The Principal or his/her designee will then also reach out to the Parent/Guardian to attempt to collect payment.

All attempts at collecting school meal debt may also include encouragement for the Parent/Guardian to complete a Free or Reduced Price School Meals application, and paperwork may be sent home for completion.

In early May, the Administrative Assistants in each House at the high school will be given a list of senior students who owe school meal debt. The debt must be paid prior to graduation. Any student who has positive balances upon graduation may be contacted so they may request a refund or request that the funds be transferred to a younger sibling.