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Library & Media

Hollis students have been working hard down in the library! We continue to share what we have been reading and which we enjoyed the most.

5th grade has been using the interactive whiteboard to study ancient Mesoamerican culture to align with our Social Studies Curriculum. Specifically, we have been exploring the Mesoamerican ballgame which was the first team sport in human history. We are finishing up with completing a fun and integrative assessment of our knowledge using

4th grade has been finishing up their immigrations unit as part of their Social Studies Northeast unit. We recently completed a Kahoot Assessment of our knowledge. This is a fun, interactive way to share what we know.

3rd grade has been studying famous people from Massachusetts to align with our Social Studies curriculum. We have been learning about the great life of Ben Franklin through a timeline of his life, which includes games, video and audio narration.We will continue to learn about famous people and events from Massachusetts history!

2nd grade has been honing their mapping skills by reading the book Follow That Map and map skills games on the interactive whiteboard. We have been playing games where we need to use the compass rose to navigate the whiteboard and locating symbols on a map.

1st grade has been studying animal camouflage to align with their Science Curriculum. We have been exploring nonfiction animal books about animal camouflage. Our current favorite is Where in the Wild by David Scwartz. We enjoy trying to spot animals that are hidden in each picture. We are discovering how important camouflage can be to an animal’s survival!

Kindergarten is continuing to enjoy some great read alouds! Some of our favorites include: Robosauce, The Book with No Picture, and Princess Hyacinth the Amazing Tale of the Girl who Floated.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Hyland