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Kindergarteners have been busy in art learning about lines, creating a design using primary colored lines, on black paper. We also explored the world of Peter Reynolds reading the book "ish", creating drawings that are ish's, house-ish, tree-ish, fish-ish.

First graders are finishing a lesson based on the book, "Elmer" who is made of many colors by using tissue paper and glue to make their own Elmer the Elephant.

Second grade worked on the "color wheel creature", learned about primary and secondary colors, then created a creature. Their next project is based on Mondrian's grids paintings using lines to make a grid then coloring with primary colors.

Third grade just finished a lesson based on Matisse, "Drawing with Scissors", using organic shapes to create an abstract design.

Fourth grade is working on medieval castles. This lesson is about the three elements of a landscape, showing visual distant.

Fifth grade is completing Celtic Design, using Celtic knots, symbols and the Celtic alphabet to draw a design using their own initials.