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This will be updated in late January 2018 for the 2018-2019 school year.

A Letter from Headmaster Delery

Dear Class of 2022 Students and Families,

As you enter Braintree High School this fall, you will be part of an exciting technology initiative that has been years in the making. You may have heard that the town received a 1.5 million dollar grant in 2014 that has allowed for wireless access throughout the district. Braintree High School has been preparing to fully utilize this new wireless technology and has been piloting Chromebooks and other personal devices throughout the school and among its various departments. With teachers becoming more adept with the benefits of having technology instantly available in the classroom, we are ready to continue a 1:1 bring-your-own-device initiative with your class.

The benefits of a 1:1 device scenario in the classroom are vast. As we encourage students to explore learning through the lens of the real world, the ability to bring that world into the classroom is extraordinary. As technology use becomes more pervasive, students are expected to work more collaboratively on projects that depend on information drawn from real-time sources. Isolated facts and rote memorization will be deemphasized as authentic data and information become the tools used for students to produce papers, projects, and presentations. In a recent science class, the teacher had students manipulating data pulled from the US Government GenBank database to explore proteins and genes. As they worked, they supplemented her instruction with short clips from YouTube that reinforced concepts upon which they were relying. Small groups of students worked at their own pace in this lesson, serving as teams that worked collaboratively to solve the broader questions posed. This is only one small example of the opportunity that this technology presents to our school, our teachers, and our students. On a daily basis, teachers pilot the devices we currently have to enrich the experiences of our students and to make learning more applicable and relevant than ever before. We envision an entire grade of students benefitting from these opportunities and the potential of our 21st century technology.

We are encouraging each family of the Class of 2022 to provide their student with a Chromebook or laptop for school. Increasingly, our economy, our educational institutions, and our society are dependent upon such technology to perform successfully in our global environment. It is only fitting that we begin preparing our students for that world; a world in which the effective manipulation of information is essential. Throughout, our students will learn how to navigate our interconnected mediums and to discern credible from unreliable in the sea of information that they will be exposed to in life. Students will be held to the Braintree Network & Technology Responsible Use Policy, as we set clear expectations for what this institutional change at BHS will mean for students. Although we are strongly encouraging families to outfit their child with an appropriate device, we are prepared to assist students who are either unable or unwilling to purchase a device as they enter BHS.

We expect that the way in which both your child and your family interact with learning and our school will begin to change dramatically. Already in our school, we have a preponderance of teachers who supplement their class through Google Classroom, a site that allows students to access assignments, deadlines, collaborative opportunities, and their own progress in individual classes. We have witnessed the evolution of how research is being done and how our students access real world scenarios in their learning. Our technology natives deserve to be placed in position to leverage the rich world of information available and to apply that information in the type of learning applications that mirror what they will be asked to do once they leave the comfort of Braintree Public Schools. We look forward to working with all of our Braintree families as this initiative continues and in ensuring that our decision leads to the type of student-centered learning experiences we feel our school should provide.


Andrew Delery

Interim Headmaster

Braintree High School