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Overview of the Braintree Math Curriculum

The Braintree Public Schools math curriculum is based on the belief that all students will proficiently learn mathematics at a high level, specifically the level prescribed by the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework.

Parents, teachers and students need to be aware that the math curriculum is developed from the standards, and from not any one given textbook. Thus, some parts of each textbook are not included in the math curriculum. Also, math from other textbooks is included in the math curriculum.

The Massachusetts Mathematics Standards, the foundation of Braintree’s math curriculum, are found on the Massachusetts Department of Education Website: This is the best place to find a detailed description of what math is taught in kindergarten through grade 10.

Elementary School Math
In grades K through 5, teachers have developed math pacing charts. These charts give recommended time allotments during the year for teaching the required math standards to that all students can learn.

Currently the textbook used is the MacMillan-McGraw Hill series, except in grade 5 where a Glencoe text is used. The textbook combined with the large amount of support materials are referred to as the math modules.

The pacing charts for each grade are found on this website. Teachers do have the freedom to move topics around according to their students’ needs.

Middle School Math
In grades 6, 7 and 8, the students are divided into two clusters: advanced and proficient. Each cluster has a curriculum based on the math standards for that grade. In the advanced cluster, the math is taught more abstractly and at a faster pace.

The main textbooks used in grades 6 and 7 are Glencoe and the Connected Mathematics Program. Grade 8 uses two different Algebra 1 textbooks.

There are two other middle school math courses. Active Math/Problem solving allows students to work on the math standards using a hands on, investigation approach. Math Connections is taught in each grade to students who are struggling in the proficient cluster.

The pacing charts for each grade are on this website. Teachers do have the freedom to move topics around according to their students’ needs.

High School Math
At Braintree High School all students, in all levels, learn high quality mathematics. Everyone learns the rigorous mathematics required for the MCAS Mathematics Examination. All students learn Algebra, Geometry and Statistics with the appropriate use of technology. Many courses go well beyond the Massachusetts Mathematics Framework.

Level 1 math classes are the most demanding courses. They contain two years of college level math. The 9th grade course finishes a year’s Geometry course in a half year, and then begins Algebra 2. In 10th grade the students prepare for the Advanced Placement Exam in Statistics and begin Pre-Calculus. In 12th grade, they prepare for the more difficult of the Advanced Placement Exams in Calculus: Calculus BC.

Level 2 classes are upper level, challenging courses. They begin in grade 9 with students who did well in grade 8 proficient cluster Algebra or struggled in the advanced cluster. The Level 2 flow of courses allows students in grade 12 to take Level 1 of college level, AP Calculus, or Level 1 Advanced Placement Statistics.

Level 3A students are those students who had real difficulty in grade 8 math. It covers a beginning year in Algebra 1. Students staying in this flow of courses take Geometry and Algebra 2 before graduating. The grade 9 courses are co-taught with the Special Needs Department.

The self-contained programs at Braintree High School (ACES, ARCHERS, School to Work, the Alternative School, the PM School) begin their math programs by concentrating on the topics covered on the MCAS Mathematics Exam. Upon passing this exam, students learn more Algebra and Geometry.

Standards taught in each high school math course are found in this website.

Further Questions?
Feel free to contact the Director of Mathematics, Dr. William Kendall at 781-848-4000 x2234 or at any time if you have further questions.

Suggested Month Module for Kindergarten Math Span Teaching Materials

October GK M1 Positional Words, Sorting and Counting 37 Days Chapters 3, 4, 5, 10, 1 & 2

December GK M2 Comparing, Estimating & Organizing 23 Days Chapters 2, 5 9, 8, 4 & 6
January GK M3 Introduction to Measurement 19 Days Chapter 8
February GK M4 Estimating Measurements, Counting & Money 15 Days Chapter 8, 9 & 11
March GK M5 Counting, Measuring, Adding & Subtracting 22 Days Chapters 8 & 13
April GK M6 Adding, Subtracting & 3-D Shapes 21 Days Chapters 14 & 10
May GK M7 Adding, Subtracting & Money 21 Days Chapters 8, 13, 14, 10, 9 & 11
June GK M8 Attributes & Fractions 8 Days Chapters 8 & 10

Grade 7 Proficient Cluster Book Section: Standards:

Chapter 1 Sections 1, 2, 3 7N5
Chapter 2 Section 1, 7, 8 7N1, 7N4
Filling and Wrapping Investigations 1- 4 7P2
Chapter 5 Sections 1, 1b, 4, 5b, 7 7N5
Chapter 3 Sections 5, 6 7G2, 7G7, 7M3
Comparing and Scaling All Investigations 7N7, 7N8, 7P1, 7N1
Chapter 6 Sections 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 7N1, 7N2, 7P1
Chapter 7 Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 7N3, 7N7, 7N8, 7P1, 7D2
Stretching and Shrinking All Investigations 7N2, 7G2
Chapter 4 Sections 4, 5 7G1, 7G2, 7G3, 7G5, 7G6
Chapter 9 Sections 1, 2 7M1
Measurement Unit All of the unit 7M1, 7M2, 7M3
Moving Straight Ahead Investigations 1,2 7N6, 7P3, 7P4, 7P5, 7P6, 7G4
What do you Expect? All Investigations 7D1, 7D3

Text book is Glencoe Course 3


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