Will I be able to get on the BYOD network?

BPS Technicians are hosting BYOD office hours to assist students with software that allows for devices that meet our technical specifications to connect to our network smoothly and consistently. 

The following dates are currently scheduled:

  • Friday, August 16th
  • Tuesday, August 20th
  • Wednesday, August 21st
  • Tuesday, August 27th

Note:  Sessions will start every hour on the hour from 9 am to 2 pm

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1. Are there minimum technical requirements for the device?
2. Is a smartphone okay?
3. Where should I buy a laptop or Chromebook?
4. What if I can’t buy a device?
5. Will this device work for all four years of high school?
6. What software do I need on the machine?
7. Will I be able to get on the BYOD network?
8. How will internet safety be addressed on this device?
9. What if I forget my device at home?
10. What if I need to charge my machine during the school day?
11. What if my device breaks?
12. What about theft or insurance?
13. What supports will there be for parents/guardians who want to learn more about the device choices and the ways students will use them in the classroom?
14. I’m a twelfth grader. Is it okay for me to bring a device to school for educational use each day in the 2019-2020 school year?