English Learner Education

Ms. Sherbakov’s EL Report 

Spring is such a fun time of year in our EL groups! Our students' language skills are blossoming faster than the flowers in my garden. In May, students enjoyed reading about all sorts of machines and naming and discussing many different kinds of transportation, from dogsleds to double-decker buses. We’ve also enjoyed some hands-on practice describing position and location, building silly structures with classroom objects. I wonder if we might have some future architects or builders in our midst? We have also continued with our practice identifying parts of speech, such as nouns and verbs, and punctuation.

I am so proud of all the progress our students have made over the course of the year. I wish all families a happy and healthy summer, and I encourage parents to provide plenty of opportunities for children to speak in both their home language and in English, so they will feel prepared for school in September!

Andrea Sherbakov, EL Teacher, andrea.sherbakov@braintreeschools.org