A Note  from Ms. Herrmann for December 2019


One aspect of the musical workout I’d like to explain a bit more in this newsletter is Arioso. This part of the class involves students singing on their own to create their own melodies (both with and without words) with their singing voices. To give a context for this very challenging component, the students and I travel (in our minds) to a place called “Arioso Land,” where the people who live there never talk, they only sing. While we’re in Arioso Land, we have to be sure to only use our singing voices without any speaking, because the people there cannot understand us unless we use a singing voice. This encourages the students to explore their own voices without fear of making a mistake, since there is no right or wrong when you’re creating your own original melody. Recently, we started using two hummingbird puppets from Arioso Land that demonstrate how to sing without words using just a humming voice. The students will continue to experiment with their humming, and will get several chances to use the birds themselves to have their own humming conversations with each other as the year continues. This arioso part of the lesson is one of the more exciting parts of the lesson for me as a teacher, to be able to hear the children’s voices develop so much as they continue to experiment throughout the year, as well as to hear the unique and wonderful tunes in their heads being expressed.