A Note  from Ms. Herrmann for January, 2020


This past month has kept the students stepping in time as we have been learning and reinforcing different types of steady beat. In addition, we have been continuing to reinforce what “melody” is (the tune of a song). The students’ ears and voices have been challenged by listening to and figuring out different melodies, as well as singing them, and we especially enjoyed using some holiday themes and songs to help reinforce both beat and melody.

The students’ singing voices have been progressing beautifully! I am excited to see the students more and more willing to use their singing voices each class and to hear how they are growing. We start off each class with a question where each student responds using their singing voice, and the students get better and better with it each class. We also practice “arioso singing” where the students get to create their own melodies off the top of their head to sing for the class. I’m very impressed by what the students come up with!

Lisa Herrmann, K-5 General Music