Clubs,  Athletics & Activities

Semester 2

This semester there are many afterschool clubs and activities from which you may choose. 

Please review the list of clubs posted on the bulletin board in the cafeteria and feel free to select any clubs or activities that you would like to join.

On Mondays, there will be the Dance/Gymnastics Club with Ms. Crane, Dungeons and Dragons Club with Mr. Bache, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance Club with Ms. Weinberg and Ms. Auer, and the Giving Club with Mr. Gonda.On Tuesdays, Chess Club with Ms. Sheridan, Math Team with Ms. Mauro (See Math Team Scheduled Dates), Newspaper Club with Ms. Miller, Science Help Club with Mr. Griffin, Slime Club with Mr. Glover, and Winter Art Club with Ms. Schulze.

Concert Choir with Mr. L. will be held every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

On Wednesdays, there will be Science Help Club with Mr. Glover and Student Council with Ms. Ritland and Ms. Hunter.

On Thursdays, you may join the Cultural Awareness Club with Mr. Stewart and Ms. Tormey, the Robotics Club with Ms. O’Donnell, or the Science Help Club with Mr. Glover.

On Fridays, there will be Painting and Building Club with Ms. Campisano and Wii Club with Ms. Morett.

If any students have any ideas for additional clubs, please collect the names of 10 students who want to join and give it to Ms. Mauro in Room 213.

We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from any activities you choose.