Braintree Public Schools offers a developmental guidance curriculum encompassing responsive services that enhance the academic, career, personal, and social growth of all students. Counseling services foster independent decision-making skills and a positive self-image for all students to fulfill their future potentials.

Available Support

Support is available to all students and parents to help in educational, vocational, and personal decisions. Middle school students are assigned to counselors alphabetically by last name and students are assigned to the same counselors for all three years. Continuing that model, each high school student is assigned to the same counselor throughout the student's high school career. Personal conferences, along with small group meetings, are scheduled yearly with each student to discuss:

  • Abilities
  • Course selections
  • Educational and vocational opportunities
  • Personal or social concerns
  • Student interests

A student should feel free to talk with his or her counselor at any time. Parents are also urged to consult with their child's counselor. Individual conferences may be scheduled with a student and his or her parents to develop specific plans for the future. The Braintree High School Guidance Department also sponsors visits from colleges, military branches, and trade schools.

Levels of Instruction

  • Levels exist to provide the opportunity for students to learn at a rate and in an environment best suited to them as individuals.
    • Level 1 is for the gifted, superior students. This program is extremely rigorous. It is expected that in the junior/senior years the student will be enrolled in the Advanced Placement courses in various departments
    • Level 2 is an honors level for high ability students. Success in Level 2 demands honor roll grades in Level 1 or 2 at the entry level.
    • Level 3 will prepare the diligent student, of above-average and average ability, for entrance to a majority of American colleges and universities.
    • Level 4 is for the student who needs the assistance of small classes and intensive work in the basic skills of academic areas
  • Level placements are reviewed each year by teachers and counselors to insure that the student is working at a level where he or she can experience both challenge and success. Parents should consult counselor and current teachers before approving any change in level.