Electives - Semester Long

Math Strategies (MCAS Preparation)

  • SE 4a and 4b
  • Unleveled 405 2 ½ credits

This semester course meets 3 days in every 7-day cycle. This first semester course is a comprehensive review of Algebra I. The second semester course is an examination of strategies needed to solve problems as well as the mathematics covered in the Massachusetts Mathematics Frameworks:

  • Algebra
  • Discrete Math
  • Geometry
  • Probability
  • Ratios
  • Statistics

Students concerned about MCAS are encouraged to elect this course.

Students Required to Take This Course

This course is required for several groups of students unless they are taking two full year math courses.

  1. All tenth grade students who received a grade of 230 or below on their eighth grade MCAS examination. Other students may enroll as an elective.
  2. All math level 3 and 4 sophomores who have no grade 8 MCAS Math scores in their school records.
  3. All math level 3 and 4 juniors who transfer into Braintree High School. These students may transfer out of the course if their sophomore MCAS score in math is passing.
  4. All juniors and seniors who have not yet passed the MCAS Math Exam.

Math Tutor

  • 464 3 credits
  • SE 4c and 4d

To be considered for this course, students must have completed Algebra I and II as well as Geometry. They also must have the recommendation of their current math teacher. Prospective students will be interviewed by the Director of Mathematics. Those candidates who are qualified will be assigned to tutor students in math during the school day in classes and studies.


  • 1 credit
  • (SAT Preparation) 132 

All Grade 11 students who take the PSAT in October will be assigned to this once-per-cycle course which meets in the computer lab. Students will have access to individualized SAT preparatory instruction in critical reading, writing, and mathematics via online resources from the College Board. This course is co-listed with English; meeting once in the cycle satisfies responsibilities in both departments. (Semester Two)