Health & Wellness

  1. Physical Education
  2. 6th Grade Health
  3. 7th Grade Health

One of the beliefs of the Braintree Public Schools is that all students should have the knowledge, skills, and motivation to achieve a physically active lifestyle. 

Middle School Curriculum

At the middle school level, this is a great opportunity to instill these beliefs in our students.

 One of our goals is for the students to become competent movers in a variety of team, dual, and individual sports. Lifetime fitness activities including yoga, weight training, golf, and running are also included to give students insight on activities they can use as they outgrow team sports after high school. Learning about the importance of a healthy diet and the benefits of living a physically active lifestyle are other goals of the program. 

It is hoped that as a result of the middle school physical education experience, students will develop a positive attitude toward a lifetime of being physically active and understand and appreciate the importance of good sportsmanship.


Physical education is required for all three years of middle school.