Principal's Page

  1. Drop - off Information
  2. Dismissal / Parking Info

There are steps we can take to make morning arrival safe and efficient. Please take a minute to review the procedures below and pass on this information to any caregivers who drive your children to school.

  • Vehicles must proceed slowly, in a single lane, through the staff parking lot, as there may be slippery spots, as well as children crossing through the lot.
  • Please be considerate of one another, especially of cars that are waiting to make a left turn into the driveway. If they have to wait too long, the traffic backs up on Hayward and the cars in the driveway cannot pull out, creating a traffic jam.
  • Children should exit the car only when the car is alongside the front or side of the building, where they may access a sidewalk. Please pull up past the front door to the “Drop Off” sign when possible, this moves the car line along quicker.
  • Please remember that school starts at 8:35, but students may be dropped off beginning at 8:25 (no earlier, unless they are coming for breakfast, which begins at 8:20).
  • If there are major traffic delays because of very poor weather conditions, we will hold attendance for a few minutes after the 8:45 bell. Otherwise, students arriving after 8:45 will be marked tardy.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation!