South Middle

Hello South Bulldogs!

I hope this message finds everyone healthy and well-rested after a few weeks of hunkering down. Hopefully by now you have had a chance to review the Superintendent’s message about Remote Learning, and how we’re planning to make sure Braintree students keep growing through this extended school closure. 

I am writing today to share what Remote Learning is going to look like for South students.

  • By Wednesday of each week, each teacher is going to post a week’s worth of lessons, instructional materials for students to go through, and assignments to complete on their Google Classroom page.  The way this is designed, each student will submit work one time each week, to each of their own teachers.  Students will be working on materials for their own class, and can email their own teacher with any questions about the lessons or the assigned work.
  • All students are required to participate and complete each teacher’s assigned work, in order for these days to “count” as attending school for mandated state reporting.  Teachers will be evaluating the work just as they would on any other school day, so it is important to put your best effort in and to ask any questions you may have so that you can do your best.
  • Work will be assigned on Wednesday and is due again the next Wednesday, at the earliest. 
    • This is designed to put a week’s worth of schoolwork in everyone’s hands, for you to plan out over the course of the week.  Parents & guardians, please help your children plan out their work schedule; this is a skill that needs to be built, and middle school is the perfect age to learn how!  Even if your child is usually successful in school and well-organized, you should talk through their plans with them to make sure they are planning ahead and you know what their week is going to look like.
    • Some kids will want to space everything out and work on each class a little bit each day (more or less), while others might choose to focus on one subject (or a few) each day and complete the bulk of the work that way. Teachers are trying to leave it as flexible as possible because we know families are balancing everyone’s work within one household right now.  Some families have a lot of adult help available, while others are required to work from home or are going out as emergency personnel, and others are trying to balance several people needing to use the same computer at different times of the day.  We are hoping this schedule will accommodate everyone, including our teachers who are doing the same balancing act with their own families.  To that end, teachers may post work earlier in the week, but due dates are still going to fall on each Wednesday so it will be consistent.
  • Special Ed teachers will be reaching out to kids separately to offer support on all of their classwork.  Our special ed teachers and specialists are working closely with their grade-level colleagues to help with planning lessons and modifying assignments as needed to help all kids access the materials.  If your child needs extra help during this time, please don’t hesitate to contact their guidance counselor or myself.
  • Teachers will not be holding “live” video classes or holding videoconferences for their classes.  This is in part due to the challenges of scheduling time and technology-access for all kids in every home, and in part due to the security risks on each platform.

If any student needs their Google login information, please email me or their guidance counselor.  If any student is missing the code for their classes’ Google Classroom, please email their teacher directly or the guidance counselor.  If your family needs any additional support during this time, please contact me or your guidance counselor; although we are not in the building, we can help put you in contact with community resources.

I will follow this email with additional information for families to help all students learn & grow during the school closure.  In the meantime, I hope you all stay well and enjoy the opportunity to access your learning in a different way.  Your teachers are really missing everyone, and we’re eager to get through this so we can all be together again.  While we’re waiting for that day, I hope you enjoy the daily messages being created by staff to say hi to all of you!  You can view these messages on the school’s YouTube channel, or on our Twitter or Instagram accounts: @smsbraintree.

With all best wishes,
Damon Rainie

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