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Guiding Principals

Show respect for people and property.

Act responsibly.

Keep yourself and others safe.

Do your best.

Please join us in continuing to encourage a “Growth Mindset” with your children. 

Individuals with a Growth Mindset embrace challenges and see mistakes as a natural part of the learning process.

 Students and adults alike have enormous potential, hard work and effort are a path to achieving growth and success. 

Developing a process and resilience to meet challenges is just as important as the end result.

$700,000 (roughly $6.3 million in 2015) went into opening the Donald E. Ross School in his honor in 1951, where countless generations of students have been educated.
While at war, Donald E. Ross wrote a letter to Mr. Libby, principal of the Abraham Lincoln School, on January 10, 1944 about how much he missed and appreciated teaching now that he was away.  

Letter from Donald Ross

"The longer I am away from teaching, the more value I put into the profession."
-Donald E. Ross